5 Top Rated Friendship Applications Of 2017

There’s an app for almost everything these days! Whether you’re searching for some new recipes, looking to find a potential...

3 years ago
5 Top Rated Friendship Applications Of 2017

There’s an app for almost everything these days! Whether you’re searching for some new recipes, looking to find a potential date, or whatever it is; you name it, and you’ll get it on Android/iOS mobile app store. 

As we get older, we kinda lose touch with our lifelong friends as they get married, are busy in their own lives or move to some other city or country. You don’t want to replace them but can’t even stay alone. Thanks to friendship applications and social networking sites for coming to your rescue!

While Tinder and Happn have been wildly successful dating apps, new apps are cropping up for making friends for those who aren’t really seeking dates. Try any or all of these 5 friendship applications to befriend someone new in 2017. Tailored to your needs, we’re sure you’ll find them helpful.

1. Tinder Social

Source = Globaldatinginsights

Launched about a year back, Tinder Social is a feature within the dating app Tinder that allows you to make friends, create groups of friends based on your preference. It helps you find a group of friends to go out with at the eleventh hour.  

Similar to a lot of Meetup groups out there, hand-pick a couple of people after creating a group. Update a status and  it’ll match up with other similar group as is typical to regular Tinder. And when your group matches with other group, you can begin texting each other. Then make plans to do something at the very night as the group expires next day’s noon.


2. Cliq

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Want to meet some new people in real life? Then go, install Cliq app and expand your circle. Let you and your group of friends meet another group of friends matching your interests. To get started, choose the topics that interest you and then the app will do its job. It’ll send you “Goodies” as per your interests, suggesting things or places that may click with you.  

Moreover, you can have a private chat members of your Cliq with using its “Huddle” feature. Also, CLIQ allows you to share status updates, photos, videos, and other updates so that your followers know what you’re upto.


3. Squad

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Squad app lets you create your own “squad” by picking up upto 5 Facebook friends and these can be switched anytime. Now create a group name and a update a tagline (which is actually a goal like ‘going to so-and-so club this weekend’). 

You can also check out other squads and swipe left or right. After you’ve matched with another squad, you get 24 hours to message and make plans. And yeah, you can describe yourself using three emojis or can write a bio if you choose to.


4. Skout

Source = Bestandroidapps

Skout is an app that connects people from near and far. Accessible in around 200 countries, it helps adults and teens in making friends and business contacts. After connecting, they can chat, share notes and photos and send virtual gifts. Moreover, you’re free to decide whether you want to connect with someone or not. 


5. Meet My Dog

Source = Meetmydogapp

Meet My Dog is the app to join if you’re a dog-owner and want to meet other dog-owners. Not just you, your dog will also find a companion through this app other than a dog park or randomly on street. 

Make your profile and tell the fellow users about you and your dog on it by posting pictures. When you are at some dog park, you can simply check in so that you can catch up with all of your new app friends and have a sorta play date. You can even send a private message and have a in-person doggie date. Like other location-based apps, you can also check out which dogs are nearby. Besides, you can share information related to vet or park advice with other users and also post cute dog pics. 



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