10 Ways How Robots Have Already Transformed Into Humans

In the realm of technology, artificial intelligence and robotics are the hot areas of development. And with this rapid evolution, the robots are becoming more human.

6 years ago
10 Ways How Robots Have Already Transformed Into Humans

We all know how robots are incredibly helping us. Created by humans, robots have some incredible strengths of working 24x7. They can easily perform a variety of tasks in a minute and are consistent than any human worker. But beside these strengths, robots also do have some weakness.

Robots cannot emote, they cannot feel and most importantly they cannot love. And this is how we can beat them with our humanity. Unfortunately, this thought is also not more with us as the scientists are continuously transforming the robots more into a human.

As scientists are creating more advanced robots, it can be assumed that robots are ultimately transforming into a human.  While personal assistants like Alexa and Siri are helpful in answering the questions, other robots like Roomba are used in service of cleaning the house.

1. Robots Are Great Artists

Source = Hyperallergic

A Robot e-David at the University of Konstanz has a red arm with 5 paintbrushes and 24 colors. It can create a beautiful painting even without a programmer. If this didn’t surprise you, the robot art contest with 25 robots competing with each other in the US might amaze you!

2. Robots Can Dance

Source = Veltra

Robots are even programmed to dance on live music. A robot dancing on live music is quite common. You can even find a video of the Nao Robot dancing to Gangnam style on the internet. Some of the robots have also bagged the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest robot dance.

3. They Are Now Considered As War Heroes

Source = Army

It is understood that the bond between the soldiers runs very deep and it doesn’t matter when the other soldier is made of plastic or metal. You are probably wrong if you think that robots are just a part of the army because some robots hold a higher rank than any average soldier. Sgt. Talon, a bomb disposal bot, has been rewarded with three honorary Purple Hearts.

4. Robots Can Show Emotions

Source = List25

Well, at this time, robots don’t feel. But a Japanese robot ‘Pepper’ has been created in a way that it can read human emotions and can even respond to it. The day is not far when robots will also show anger like humans. The future robots will feel the emotions and will develop a better understanding of the human feelings.

5. They Can Eat

Source = Adweek

In the UK, a team of scientists created a robot that can eat food and eject it out. Just like us, the robots can fill their stomach and can even eject the food out. The artificial gut in the robot is full of microbes that break down the food. Moreover, the scientists are hopeful that future robots can scour the oceans for pollution and clean it up.

6. They Can Even Become News Anchor

Source = Abc

If you are bored of watching the same expressions and hearing the same voice of news anchors on the news channel, then here is a great for news for you. Japan has discovered the first news anchor bot called Kodomoroid. It is a very lifelike robot which is programmed to read the news. The robot delivered the news of an earthquake for the first time.

7. They Can Be Your Tourist Guide

Source = Jpninfo

Do you take help of tourist guide while exploring new places? Well, if you are going to Japan, you can take the help of Junko Chihira – a lifelike robot created by Toshiba that helps Japan tourism.  The robot can speak three languages and even has speech recognition capabilities to answer your questions.

8. They Can Have Sex

Source = Wp

You no more need a human to have sex, the robotic companies are creating robots in a way that they can even have sex with humans. Dr. Trudy Barber, an expert on this subject, claims that robots doing sex with humans will become normal in the future years.

9. Robots Can Be Your Doctors

Source = Pcmag

At present, some hospitals have been using a robot named Tug as a nurse. Though it doesn’t inject needles, it does deliver food to patients. Now, this can be assumed as a sign of hope that artificial intelligence would help the nursing shortage in the future years.

10. Robots Can Say ‘No’

Source = Bbci

Not all robots are programmed to follow human directions. Scientists think robots should be able to defy human orders especially if their orders are problematic. So next time when a robot refuses your order,  do understand that the robot is not getting your question properly.


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