This NASA Equivalent Turtle Rover Is Up For Grabs On Kickstarter

It is a RC-robot that allows you to mount any equipment on and to record in places such as caves, water reservoirs, and ruins. It also gives you the freedom to add extensions for specific usages.

6 years ago
This NASA Equivalent Turtle Rover Is Up For Grabs On Kickstarter

Turtle Rover is not just another Raspberry Pi based robot but it’s an open platform that provides its user with several modules to adapt it to respective needs. You can convert Turtle into a land drone or add a DSLR camera so that you can  explore bunkers.

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One of the coolest features of this Rover is that you can even configure a  Kinect to make the Turtle follow you.

Use Turtle as a development platform: add your own modules, electronics and modify software. You can get this rover from Kickstarter only, though.

How The Turtle Rover Project Came Into Being?

From 2012, Team Turtle has been involved in the development of Mars rover prototypes at the Wroclaw University of Technology. The rovers performed with top scores during the University Rover Challenges of Mars Society, worldwide. The Rover team took a leap of faith in sending their Project FREDE experiment to the stratosphere with the support of ESA, DLR and SSC. Their team members also helped to design and manufacture electronic enclosures for the DREAM Project that was sent to space with the REXUS rocket.

You Can Even Remotely Control The Rover From Any Part Of The World As A Tester & Contributor

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  • Rover team connects with the Turtle App and shares their computer screen with you so you can take control over it;
  • They give you 10min briefing about the tasks and rover possibilities;
  • You drive for half an hour and get scores for every little task!

Rewards For Contributors

What Does Turtle Rover Offer?

Rover gives an unbelievable battery back-up that allows you to explore for upto 4 hours. You can explore unreachable and wild places with turtle controller app which allows you send/receive instructions to the rover from 200 meters away. The Turtle is waterproof and has a high definition camera which provides you live feed of the surroundings and a robotic arm to assist the bot in picking up things or clearing obstacles.

Meet The Makers

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Simon Dzwonczyk- CEO/Mechanical Designer

Julia Marek- Creative Director

Martin Twardak- Software Developer

Aleksander Dziopa- Mechanical Designer

Justyna Pelc- PR/Marketing

Here is the Kickstarter link for the rover fundraiser.


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