6 Surprising And Shocking Facts You Should Know About Intensive Farming

Intensive farming involves low fallow ratio and higher use of labor and higher crops per unit land area.

6 years ago
6 Surprising And Shocking Facts You Should Know About Intensive Farming

Intensive farming or intensive agriculture is the latest technique used to maximize yields by making the use of excessive amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. This technique is carried out to manage the rising demand for the cheap foods to further prevent the future shortages. Contradictory to this, organic farming bans the chemical inputs and produces less harmful effects on the surroundings and gives expensive food. So here are more surprising things you probably not knowing about the intensive farming.

Source = Agrigator

1) Intensive Farming Produces High Yield

It is an agricultural technique that targets at maximizing the output from the given land. One of the main advantages of using intensive farming is the increased production of the agricultural products such as cereals, milk etc which are highly demanded in the restaurants and food markets. The only way to satisfy the quantities is through intensive farming.

2) Not Good For Livestock

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Though it produces a good amount of products, the intensive farming method is actually a bad source to the animals. As this procedure involves using of growth hormones and chemicals, the result is poor and brings a bad hygiene for the livestock.  Animals living in the dirty conditions will always lead to the diseases and infections.

3) Involves The Use Of Agro Chemicals

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Intensive Farming uses a number of agrochemicals including fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides. When these agrochemicals are used they not only kill the intended targets like weeds and parasites but also adulterate the food. The humans and workers are equally affected by the sprays and the ones who consume the food indirectly, gulp the chemicals.  (11.1)

4) Increased Risk On Human Health

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Do you know the fruits and vegetables that are grown with the intensive farming are full of invisible pesticides? The another shocking fact about the intensive farming is the pesticides get easily stick on the fruits and vegetable and doesn’t get washed away in a simple wash, thus humans easily consume the pesticides. As a result, humans get affected with skin allergy, physical deformity, and other severe diseases.

5) Produces Foods At Affordable Prices

Intensive farming produces milk, eggs, vegetables and other resources available at affordable prices. It is because the intensive farming requires less area and produces more. Plus the product in the excessive amount has helped in solving the world’s hunger problem. While some find this technique not hygienic some find it as excellent method in solving their food problem.

6) There Are Certain Rules To Use Chemicals

There are various agricultural institutes and agencies that have taken an initiative to control the adverse effects of the intensive farming. The institutions have set their rules on the use of pesticides, herbicides and even clarified the methods and measures on how to control and manage the livestock.


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