5 Secret Space Programs Operated Under the U.S. Air Force and the United Nations Authority

Wandering about Secret Space Program? Well, It is like really obvious thing, especially in the pop culture. In this article we have covered 5 different secret space programs that are supervised by US authorities, let’s read here

6 years ago
5 Secret Space Programs Operated Under the U.S. Air Force and the United Nations Authority

Although, there is a kind of debate about whether the secret program is real or a myth? However, people need to understand that maybe space operations seem quite secretive, but it can be an illustration. But, not many people understand this, which is why "secret space bases" are a thing in pop culture.

Well, whether it is ancient time or pop culture, it is pretty impossible to hide some space program, especially the programs which are actually based on monitoring alien traffic on the solar system. Now that is something we cannot ignore!

Many agree that there are some space programs operated by the US government and other countries also away from the public eye and without the public knowing that they are even happening. It is something that can bestow us bunch of information.

While on the other hand many people still want to figure out that what is Secret Space Program (SSP)?

Well, the Secret Space Program (SSP) is a categorized operation belongs to U.S. Air Force and the United Nations authority, that has been operating since 1980. (14.1)

They have also been known to merge with different countries, societies, and program, let’s find out some of the Secret Space Program here

1) Solar Warden

Source = Disclose

Solar warden is the popular secret program that has been in operation since late 90’s. This secret space program is run by the U.S. fleet; responsible for monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic or monitoring alien traffic in the solar system. It monitors a specific geographic area and preserves our solar system. The solar warden is also known as Radiant Guardian which is divided into two fleets: a military offensive/defensive fleet and a scientific/R&D fleet.

Although, the program was unknown to the public, the awareness of this program was largely spread by Gary Mckinnon when he hacked into the computers of the US Space Command many years ago and found out the existence of non-terrestrial officers along with fleet-to-fleet transfers under a program called “Solar Warden”. However, later on, he was charged with committing the biggest military computer hack by the Bush Justice Department.

Also, he found that there is approximately 8 cigar shaped mother ships and 43 small scout ships and all the fleets are operated under Air Force Space Command. And It had also been said that the program was operated and tested from a secret military base much like Area 51.

Well, Project Solar Warden has been around for many years and as of yet, has not been successful because of the Directional Nodes "Burning up" as the Solar Waves make contact with them. But, If it is found out to be real then it would change the views on space exploration along with space travel. (14.2)

2) Dark Fleet

Source = Spherebeingalliance

Although, there is debate keep going about the secret space program, and here is another program i.e. “Dark Fleet”. It is the German Secret Space Program. This is a bit different from the In regular US Air Force, in contrast to the regular U.S. Air Force and Navy, this covert fleet of ships and aircraft were all in  “dark” shade, in terms of its protection alliance and security classification. It was a mandatory aspect of this program.

So, it will be good to call it “Dark Fleet” which is what secret space program insider Corey Goode says about it, according to his confidential sources. He says that it is somehow different to another “Dark Fleet” which is a Secret Space Program that operates in Deep Space, having a similar looking Carrier Craft that looked quite like the Star Wars Shaped speeder bikes in the movies.

The insiders of this program worked outside the Solar System. They are very martial and a bit outrageous. They worked alongside the Vader Alliance and are speculated to fight alongside them in their affairs in other systems.

This secret space program works entirely with Draco Federation Alliance but, it worked almost entirely outside the solar system.

More interesting thing is that the different types of directed energy weapons are showcased in the Dark Fleet Secret Space Programs in order to reflect what they look like and how they work. (14.3)

3) Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate

The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC)! One of the secret space program uncovered by Goode, which is now handled by Nazi from Antarctica. This particular space program is mainly focused on evolution and acquisition of technology.

They tend to produce technology in Barter System and store most of the high and advance technology. Basically, it is a wide infrastructure in space that produces extremely high technology for Human Breakaway Civilizations and civilizations from other star systems.

The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) is a combination of corporations (the corporations that have come together, build their resources, and created a vast infrastructure in our solar system) from all over the world that enrich aerospace technologies. Also, there is a  wide barter system in which human trafficking happens in order to gain new technologies.

Surprisingly enough, the ICC has over 100 colonies, bases, and industrial plants on the Moon, Mars and several other moons and bodies in our solar system. That is like really commendable. There are also many free-floating space stations that have personnel crew and are fully operational on a regular basis. (14.4)

4) Global Galactic League of Nations

As we know that a secret space program was created for United Nations members states in the early 1990s that had agreed to cooperate for an alien invasion. It was like an update, we can say Corey Goode identify that the mood on the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) moon base contrasted 180 degrees as compared to on the Mars colonies controlled by the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.

The Global Galactic League of Nations is basically NATO type secret space program. There were too many thoughts allied to this program like Humans that were outside of our solar system that is trying to return back into our solar system through a barrier that was erected in the past. However, all the travel of our solar system has been suspended for the near future while the galactic energetic changes occur.

This is a primary thing about this GGLN space program. The secret space program that was developed for all white countries to have an exchange of thoughts and technology and to encourage the several countries to keep it truly confidential until they obtain the desired outcomes. (14.5)

5) Military Faction

This is like a special access program that was basically had newer technology. There is a specific Military faction to Secret space programs. According to the sources, Government has running the military exercise in order to execute the secret space mission. Also, most of the Military or any security forces were merged with Mixed Military Forces (MMF). What is even more interesting is that the numerous people who served in these military things did not belong to any of the military forces. They were mostly MILAB Program “Members”.

They are very secretive and worked for some of the Secret Earth Governments, Syndicates, and World Military Forces. Along with them, there could be several independent groups in this category which can be part of this mission too. It acts as a logistical support for these factions and also support the millennium falcon (A legendary starship in the Star Wars franchise), and the hoth system (A one time location of the union to restore people’s echo base).

In the ancient times number of people had presented themselves as small-sized creatures to less-developed civilizations. They used to consider the occurrence of SSP. However, it is only a claim, there is no such evidence about this talks. Well, the secret space program we discussed in this article have some actuality in it and some of them are still running. (14.6)


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