12 Strangest Scientific Studies That Patently Absurd

Just imagine where would be the world without any scientific studies or research done by scientists? 

7 years ago
12 Strangest Scientific Studies That Patently Absurd

Just imagine where would be the world without any scientific studies or research done by scientists? 

Either it would be very normal, or for some people it would be only a waste of money and they would be living a routine life. But there are countless scientific studies done every year and we have gained much information about the way how world operates. 

1. Internet Trolls Are More Likely To Be Sad!

Source = “toptenz”

Some psychologists analyze some Internet commenters and discovered that those who engage more in trolling indicate the sign of their sadness and psychopathy. Moreover, sadness here means enjoying the harm of others and psychopathy defines antisocial personality disorder. 

Out of 125 that commented on posts, it states that the most decisive thing found in the research is that there was the direct connection between sadism and trolling.

2. Women in red Attracts men More

Source = “mediaresources.idiva”

The study conducted by the University of Rochester NY, revealed that men show different attitudes towards women wearing red color. For this the asked – 

“Imagine that you are going on a date with this woman and have $100 in your wallet. How much would you be willing to spend on your date?” 

Later picture of same women was shown to different men but with different colors. It’s been detailed that women wearing red was more likely to be treated with expensive date. As red depicts the sexually desires than any other colors. The fact is that it could be because of deep biological roots, the non human male primates like chimpanzees and baboons are impressed and attracted to women wearing red.

3. Big Hands, Big Pe***

Source = “viralbender”

As there is no certain research found to measure the length of penis. The University College London, measured 104 men’s feet and their penises. They found the relationship between the length of the feet and the length of the hands. As big as it would be men’s hand (index finger) and feet, the length of the penis would relate with them.  The other measures of hip, waist, etc doesn’t relate with penis length.

4. Sheep recognition

Source = “listverse”

The research was done to analyze the sheep’s ability to differentiate and remember faces of both humans and sheep. 20 sheep were presented with the images of sheep; they concluded that sheep could recognize them in the pictures. The researchers also discovered that they can remember as many as 50-60 other sheep faces upto 2 years. 

5. What If you attach a weighted stick to a chicken’s butt

Source = “businessinsider”

It is to be believed that birds share a lot of similarities with their dinosaur’s ancestors, but what is exceptional is dinosaurs had big tails. They attached an artificial tail to a chicken’s butt and discovered that, that extra weight made chicken’s walk like that of dinosaurs. This was the strangest scientific study ever read. If you wanna see dinosaurs today, try pushing weight to the chickens.

6. There are many biological effects of intense kissing

Source = “da-v4-mbl.digitalbrandsinc.netdna-cdn”

The exchange of saliva reduces a person’s allergic response. Researchers wrote – 

“The subject kissed freely during 30 min with their lover or spouse alone in a room with closed doors while listening to soft music,"

7. Honey bee hurt more in three areas

In this picture you can see the bee stings over the different parts of the body. Michael Smith rated the pain from 1-10 for each body part. After research it was concluded that, bee stings hurt most in the areas like nostrils, penis shaft and the upper lip while, it hurts least on the skull and upper arm.

In 2012, the study found that male athletes experience a great increase in testosterone in their saliva, while performing squats after watching videos containing humorous or erotic content. 

8. Swim in water and swim in Syrup is equal

Source = “i.ytimg”

In 2004, a scientist discovered that it is easy to swim in syrup. Just like as you swim in water, you can swim in syrup too. To prove this, they filled a 25 meter swimming pool with a fluid made of guar gum. The fluid was twice as thick as water, but swimming in the syrup looks same as you swim in the water pool. 

Is that the thing you ever wanted to know? Not really I guess…

9. Married Women drink more

Source = “assets.nydailynews”

It has been assumed that men more often drinks, but a study in 2013 claimed that married men actually drinks less than married women. The professor talked personally with divorced women, single, widowed and married women. Women often control their partners drinking habit, but they drinks more than men. 

10. Black or white kids have Same IQ

Source = “livescience”

The study of the Eyferth revealed that there was no difference in the IQ’s of black or white children. Post World War II, the German women were involved in the test, they slept with American or African member’s f the US occupation forces.  It was revealed that children aged 5-13 had the same level of IQ and it is proved that IQ level are a result of environmental and cultural factors rather than genetic ones. But even now it has been believed that white kids are more intelligent than blacks. 

11. American Breasts are getting Bigger

Source = “metrouk2.files.wordpress”

According to the research the average American bra size has been changed from 34 B to a voluptuous 34DD. They concluded that women are buying bigger bras than they about to buy 20 years ago. There are few reasons for the change one is weight gain and other major reason is increase in the breast implants. 

12. A Strange experiments of newborn

Source = “ Bestpsychologydegrees”

Researches began an experiment on newborn to analyze the changes in blood flow and blood pressure. They used 115 new born ranging in age from one hour to 4 days. A catheter was inserted through the umbilical arteries into the aorta. Their feet were immersed then ice water to test the aortic pressure. In another experiment, up to 50 newborn were strapped onto a circumcision board, to get their blood rushed into their head and BP could be control. 


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