15 Can't-Miss Natural Phenomena Pictures Clicked at the Right Moment

These pictures of natural phenomenon tell you the hidden side of nature. Take a look at these perfect shots that would make you wonder if they are real.

4 years ago
15 Can't-Miss Natural Phenomena Pictures Clicked at the Right Moment

It is said that a picture alone can describe thousands of words. Photography is an art; it is a strong medium of communication that expresses several things that words can’t.

If you are having a bad day, a cute picture of a dog, someone helping the needy and twins showing the same expressions are some powerful pictures that can make you smile instantly.

Nature surprises us in many ways. But only a few people are lucky to notice that rare phenomenon with their naked eye. Hats off to the photographers, who click those natural shots with the perfect timing, and share with us on social media.

Take a look at some of the most magical and stunning photos captured by the photographers at the right moment that would make you think if they are REAL.

Several beautiful pictures have been posted on the internet, but I have compiled some of the best shots captured for you. Have a look.

1. The Ground-to-Cloud Lightning That Shines Like a Star

This one is rare. Do you know what this phenomenon is known as? It is called upward-moving or ground-to-cloud lightning.

Wow! Who was the lucky one who noticed this unusual phenomenon? I don’t know but thanks to him/her for sharing this beautiful picture with us.

2. Have You Ever Seen Such a Perfect Lava Sphere Coming Out of the Sea?

Source = Twimg

Many of you will say it is photoshopped. But it is not. If you take an interest in reading about the volcanoes and lava, this post of most frightening active volcanoes might change your thinking because they are undoubtedly the most alarming ones.

You may like this picture as it is showing beautiful lava posing out of the sea, but this Hawaii volcanic eruption shows the other side of nature.

3. Not One But Two Rainbows

Wow! This one is so soothing. You might have seen a rainbow shining in the sky. But have you noticed two rainbows at the same time? It’s rare. But this picture has proved that nature can surprise us anytime and anywhere. I wish I could see this at least once in my lifetime.

Have you ever heard about the rainbow mountain? See how this rainbow mountain in Peru is attracting millions of visitors. Next time, you plan to visit Peru, don’t forget to add this wonderful place on your checklist.

4. Is This a Snow Carpet?

Look at the way, how snow slides down at the windshield. This is amazing.

I looked at the picture twice to see if it's real snow.

5. This is Not a Wallpaper of Any Screen, But the Beautiful Bubbly Lake Surface

Source = Fototripper

The picture is shot at Abraham Lake. The beautiful frozen bubbles of methane locked beneath Alberta’s Lake Abraham are dangerous when popped.

These bubbles look like winter jewels but are frozen pockets of methane, a flammable gas. An ace photographer Darwin Wiggett has helped in popularizing the location.

No matter how dangerous these bubbles are, this picture is expressing completely different about them, and I love it.

6. This Beautiful Bioluminescent Phytoplankton is Taking the Beauty of Beach at Another Level

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"Bioluminescent Stroll" A little late night edit, looking back at the freakish bioluminescent bloom of 2015. While waiting for the Milky Way to rise above the horizon. Armed with a broomstick I went for a walk along the glowing beach of Ralph's Bay on the neck of the South Arm Peninsula in Tasmania. Agitating the water made the already bright bioluminescence glow even brighter! It was an amazing sight to see as I left a trail glowing bioluminescent phytoplankton footprints behind me. — Canon 5DmkIII + 14mm f/2.8 25secs & 3200iso — #discovertasmania #bioluminescence #bioluminescentphytoplankton #milkyway #milkywaychasers #nightsky #longexposure #astrophotography #timeless_universe #earthpix #natgeo #natgeoutdoors #seeaustralia #nightphotography #wildlifeplantet #nakedplanet #nationsgeography #amazing_australia_ #amazing_australia #earthpix #photooftheday #instagood #hubs_united #ig_shotz #instatassie #tasmaniagram #night_excl #nature #universetoday #night_shots #night_shooterz

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The tiny glowing specs of Bioluminescent Phytoplankton witness a special show at night near the beach end. Have you seen water glowing in bright blue and green color? If so, this effect is called bioluminescence.

Do you know what makes the water shine? The single-celled organisms or dinoflagellates are the fireflies of the sea that glows in the night. This alluring blue ray is narrating a story out of a fairytale.

7. Let Us Take You to an Underwater Forest in Capetown

Source = Tripadvisor

Capetown is one of the most beautiful places on earth. But do you know along the shores of the sea, a hidden world floats just beneath the surface?

The African Kelp forest has over 14,000 species. It has the otter, the urchin, the helmet shell, and other dangerous species.

The sea water trusts, with their new book - Sea Change: Primal Joy and The Art of Underwater Tracking, wanted to put the forest on the map as the greatest natural wonders in the world.

This video says all. Don’t you think so?

8. When Europe’s Largest Glacier Shimmers Due to Sunlight Refraction

Inside Look

Source = Junkee

Outside Look

Vatnajökulla is the most voluminous ice cap and the largest in the area in Europe after the Severny Island ice cap of Novaya Zemlya. The average thickness of the ice is 380m, and maximum thickness measured is 950m. This largest glacier cover highland plateau reaching 700-800 altitude.

Do you know under the ice cap, several volcanoes exist? You might not know, but Vatnajökull has over 30 outlet glaciers flowing from the cap. During the sunlight, the cave inside the glacier shimmers blue and leaves beautiful spots of blue all over.

9. Rainbow and Thunderstorm Together Make a Brilliant Shot

You may see a rainbow shining or lightning in the sky at different times. But this combination is rare.

10. The Lowest Point in America, Death Valley Offers a Contrasts of Landscapes

Source = Doi

Death Valley in America is the hottest place on Earth. The average temperature recorded here in July 2018 was 108.1⁰F, including overnight lows.

When it looks like a giant carpet in winter, it comes alive with color in spring. It is popular for its spectacular wildflower displays and a carpet of pink and white flowers.

What are your thoughts about this picture? Doesn’t it look like a white carpet is spread on the floor?

11. This Beautiful Shimmering Sun Halo is Seen Once in a Blue Moon

I have never seen this, but I wish I could someday.

12. This Soaked Dandelion is So Beautiful to Look at

Source = Cdninstagram

13. Shining Needles Under the Meteor Shower?

Source = Earthporm

This is beautiful. It looks like stars are showering their light on to the earth.

14. A UFO or a Highway with a Superpower?

Source = Earthporm

The picture was shot near Arcadia, NE. It is a thunderstorm that is shaped like a UFO, again a rare shot.

15. Sunrise or Sunset - I’m Still Guessing

Source = Imgix

The picture was beautifully shot at lower tide during sunrise.

Final Words

If you are a photographer, you know how difficult it is to capture the right shot with the right angle at the right moment. While many think photography is nothing, but to click the pictures, others, or say a true photographer knows what it takes to capture a WONDERFUL shot.

Have you ever seen a photographer taking these kinds of graceful shots? Here are a few pictures that are shot with perfect timing.

Do you have any picture like this? If so, share the link below. We would love to see the other side of nature.


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