15 Perfectly Imperfect Animal Pictures by Alex Cearns That are Pure Love

These imperfect animals are shot by a perfect photographer Alex Cearns. The animals are an inspiration to not only those with disabilities but to all who are facing challenges.

4 years ago
15 Perfectly Imperfect Animal Pictures by Alex Cearns That are Pure Love

Is there anyone who doesn’t love animals? I am not talking about wild animals that look terrifying and can eat human beings. But about pet animals that are the best companions.

Stray animals could always be struggling when it comes to finding a home. They wait for long, but hardly get to spend a good time with a loving family. A 12-year-old-boy from New Jersey took an initiative to help these animals to get adopted much faster. He creates stylish bow ties for four-legged cats and dogs to attract the attention of owners.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a pet or giving shelter to stray animals; every living creature is born to be loved and cared for. But sometimes, these pets are rarely adopted due to their defects. For instance, some dogs don’t have one eye or are born with deformed legs.

People find them cute, but do not adopt them. To change this thinking, photographer Alex Cearns captured several pictures of disabled cats and dogs in a way that nobody could resist their innocence and sweetness.

A dog with three legs is also as cute as a dog with four legs; he only needs somebody to adopt him. Handicapped animals are loveable, but unfortunately, they do not get the same attention from adopters. The photographer Cearns' perfect pictures of imperfect animals prove that beauty lies within.

She said,

“One of my most passionate aims as an animal photographer is to capture the adorable subtleties that make all creatures precious and unique.”

She further added,

“The tenacity of animals to overcome adversity never ceases to amaze me. They make the most out of life, and from them, I have learned so much about seeing the positive.”

Who is Alex Cearns?

She is an Australian photographer and a founder of Houndstooth Studio. Alex has been featured in several books and magazines and television shows. 

Do you know Alex Cearns OAM has won over 250 awards for animal photography, business, philanthropy, and even recognized as the Best Canine Photographer in 2011 and 2013? 

Moreover, she was also chosen as a photo contributor to the book The Divinity of Dogs: True Stories of Miracles Inspired by Man’s Best Friend.

Coming back to series Imperfect Perfection, here’s a glimpse of disabled animals that are pure by heart.

1. This Cute Dog Has Only One Eye

The way how she thinks and clicks the picture is amazing.

2. Jakk was Left in a Dumpster.

Look at those eyes. He looks innocent. He was left in a dumpster. Thankfully someone rescued him.

3. This Cat is Deaf and Also has Skin Cancer on his Ears.

Don’t you think she still looks beautiful?

4. 3-Legged Dog Struggled for 8 Years Until he Found a Family.

Finally! Jaffa is in good hands now. I hope they would take good care of him.

5. Say Hie to Romeo!

This 14 years old Chihuahua is owned by Megan. His right eye was removed after an altercation with another dog in 2008. He still steals the hearts of many.

6. Bali Pip is Bald, But Her Baldness Doesn’t Stop Her From Enjoying Life.

She enjoys every moment and also poses beautifully for the camera.

7. Meet Rupert! She is a 3-Legged Kitten But is as Fast as Other Cats.

She looks adorable.

8. After Severe Eye Issues, This Adorable Dog had Both of his Eyes Removed

Awwww! Scrappy still looks cute. No matter if he has an eye or not, this dog is loved by all.

9. This Pup is Paralyzed But is Happy in her Wheelchair.

Look at Keisha’s courage. Despite being paralyzed, she encouraged others to be strong and confident. Keisha enjoys riding her cute vehicle.

10. Bully Draco Faints Sometimes as He has a Weak Heart.

But I love him.

11. This Adorable Kitten was Born Without Eyes.

She is not different as she sees the world through her heart.

12. This Cat has Crossed Eyes, But she Doesn’t Care about Anybody and Still See the World as it Should be.

I found Neo very cute.

13. Crash was Born Without Eyes But is Now Adopted by a Family.

I am happy that he got a good home.

14. Skye Lost her Eye, But This Doesn’t Slow her Down.

15. She Got her Eyes Removed After Glaucoma, But her Other Senses are All fine.

Final Words

Even if your efforts are small, it means the world to stray animals. This was proved by a Brazilian man who started using old and unused tires to create a comfy bed for stray animals. It feels so good when you get to know that your kindness has changed someone’s life. If you are having a bad day, read these brightening stories that prove humanity is not lost and could make your day.

Like humans, animals are also prone to accidents that leave them disabled. What’s amazing is their potential to accept challenges and to survive against all the odds.

Handicapped animals are often overlooked during adoption, and to change this situation, Alex Cearns series' Perfect Imperfection showed the other side of humanity.

What are your thoughts on this great initiative? I find this effort beautiful and inspirational. Would you adopt any imperfect pet? Yes or No? Feel free to share your views below.


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