15 Animal Photobombs That Will Capture Your Heart

These animal photobombers nail the timing and the setting better than human photobombers! See them right away and be flabbergasted!

6 years ago
15 Animal Photobombs That Will Capture Your Heart

Photobombing is the art of ruining people’s photos abruptly without their consent. Humans have been recorded photobombing since the 1970s and the animals since 2008 (roughly!) Well, the animal kingdom does it far, far better than us humans when it comes to photobombing.

But hey, in some cases, the pictures haven’t really got ruined and they only turned cuter and more beautiful! Also, some may even look photoshopped to you, but that’s even okay as long as they make you smile or laugh.

And if you're looking for some awe-inspiring and breathtaking animal action shots, do check out this powerful photo post!

Check out these to know for yourself!

1. “Let ME Take The Selfie!”

Source = Earthporm

2. “Imma Good-dog ;B”

Source = Gunaxin

3. “How Dare You Snap Without Me?” “I’ll Snap You NOW :B!”

Source = Huffpost

4. Happily Terrified!

Source = Wp

5. "I Ain’t a Photobomber, I Just Love Getting Clicked!"

Source = Earthporm

6. “Don’t Be Afraid Ladies, I’m Just Posing!”

Source = Cloudfront

7. “En, What’s Up Doc!”

Source = Ebaumsworld

8. “There’s Time in Race! Let Me See How I Look (:”

Source = Humor12

9. Blessing the Newly-Wed Couple

Source = Delsolphotography

10. And the Award for the Best Animal Photobombing Picture Goes to...

Source = Tqn

11. “We are Family" (Neighs!)

Source = Smosh

12. “How’s Ya, Captain?”

Source = Drowningworms

13. All Smiles :) :) :) :)

Source = Catersnews

14.Boooooo!!!! :P :P

Source = Rover

15. “Didn’t See That! I Was in a Hurry ;)”

Source = Newsapi

So folks, who do you think is the Master Photobomber of ‘em all? Have you ever been photobombed by an animal? Do share with us in the comments section!


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