Top 10 Most Famous Chefs In The World

Do you also think that there is no true love other than the love of food? Absolutely, a true foodie like me believes that food is the only purest form of love.

6 years ago
Top 10 Most Famous Chefs In The World

Your mind and heart are strongly connected with your stomach? Do your favorite dishes delight you in the darkest times? Just like me do you also believe that mom is the best cook in the world, obviously she knows what you love eating and how to best prepare it for you, but have you ever wonder from where she learn cooking? There must be some professionals who possess the strong ability to help them learn how to keep their families happy and cheerful. So here are some of the best chefs in the world who are literally obsessed with the food and related terms.

These top 10 famous chefs in the World Who Differs in Their Cooking Styles and Techniques Making Them Best in the World.

10. Alain Ducasse

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Born in France, Alain Ducasse holds 21 Michelin stars and manages some famous restaurants around the world. He began his career as a chef from De Paris in Monte Carlo and surprisingly with so many branches around the world, his restaurants exceed 17-20 million per year. In addition, he has also opened two different cooking schools for the general public in Paris and for the chefs.

9. Anthony Bourdain

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Starting from being a dishwasher, then a line cook, sous chef and ended up in chef Anthony Bourdain has come a long way. Bourdain has got its very unique technique of tasting and enjoying the food. In his book ‘Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly”, it is proved how much he adores the food and maybe this is one of the reasons why he is counted as one of the famous chefs in the world.

8. Joel Robuchon

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Is there any introduction needed for Joel Robuchon, this man owns a dozen of restaurants and no wonders why he holds 25 Michelin stars. He was titled as the chef of the century by his mentor Gault Millau and is also awarded France’s best Craftsman (Meilleur Ouvrier de France)

7. Heston Blumenthal

Source = Thelordofthechefs

Heston Blumenthal has not only earned 3 Michelin stars for his restaurant ‘The Fat Duck’ but also elected as one of the best in the Top 50’s best restaurants in 2006. He is the only chef who is much passionate about the theory of cooking as avid as he is for food. (12.1)

6. Nigella Lucy Lawson

Source = Weekendnotes

A popular English gourmet, television personality, a beautiful woman, food writer and a journalist Nigella Lucy Lawson started her career as a book reviewer and restaurant critic. Lawson has also won several awards like World Food Media, The Guild of Food writers and much more…Wow! This woman is such a talented personality…

5. Thomas Keller

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Do you know this famous chef has taken no proper experience in cooking? His experiments, experiences, and knowledge have helped him out attaining such a great position in the culinary field. Keller is awarded as the Best Californian Chef in 1997 and has been awarded 3 Michelin star rating.

4. Wolfgang Puck

Source = Thelordofthechefs

You can’t judge what’s special about Wolfgang Cuisine is, because the fact is each and every cuisine cooked by him is crafted by the unexceptional elements and ingredients. He got his training done under his mother guidance (Mothers are the best chef’s agree?). He also wrote several books including Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy, Live Love Eat etc….

3. Eva Arguiñano

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Eva Arguiñano is not only one of the famous chefs in the world instead she is also an author and a TV presenter who prefers preparing desserts. Initially, she started her journey as a chef in a restaurant and appearing in TV shows of her brother Karlos who is also a popular Spanish chef. (12.2)

2. Vikas Khanna

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The chef from India gained his experience in cooking while helping his grandmother in the kitchen. In addition, Vikas Khanna is a popular restaurateur, filmmaker, and a food writer. While helping his grandmother Vikas gained interest in cooking and started developing new recipes and finally ended up being the popular chefs around the world.

1. Gordon James Ramsay

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Gordon James Ramsay is one of the famous chefs in the world who is much recognized for his magic dust in the cuisines. This avid footballer luckily turned to be a chef and thank god who has turned his interest in culinary. Ramsay is the only chef in the UK holding 14 Michelin stars and not to forget there are more to come in his kitty…


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