10 Ways Feminism Is Destroying Our Society

Society is eventually collapsing because of feminism. The impact of it is severe and adversely affecting everyone in the society. Let’s see some of its consequences.

6 years ago
10 Ways Feminism Is Destroying Our Society

Feminism is an evil agenda which must be demolished from the society because God has created women in such a way that she is meant to become the mothers later in life who nurture her children and family both.

Her emotional quotient and intelligence are required to maintain good family constructs. This doesn't mean they should not be independent but the one who can maintain the dignity of the society efficiently in good manners and etiquettes. On the other hand, men cannot do this job as the way women can, Isn't it?

Here is a list of ways by which Feminism is destroying our society are:

1) Makes Women Feel That All They Have To Do Is Just A Show Off

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In this modernized and feminist world, where women want the fruit of life just because they are women. They think that they deserve everything whatever they want to have.

According to them, it's time to take back all the things which they did not get because of male dominating society earlier. They are trying to get all the benefits be it in education, society or in politics.

They are suffering since ages, thus according to them it’s time to revert back partitions. If by chance they do not achieve good grades, good job or relationship. She puts blame on the society and her feminine condition.

2) Makes Her Feel Proud To Be Ugly

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While going for a party in big cities people often find adult women wearing shorts and loose fitting clothes. They have lost elegance and beauty and thinks men will get attracted to them for being intellectual and philosophical which is not true.

The natural phenomena are that men always get attracted towards the beauty first rather than the inner beauty. Although natural beauty and elegance is best but showing off more to be modernized is fairly a wrong approach.

3) Makes Them Argumentative

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Feminism has made women argumentative. Every now and then they indulge themselves in a fight on useless topics. They argue as if they are correct and rest everyone does not have any idea about it.

They have the inner feeling which makes them quarrelsome and difficult to handle many times. They are so aggressive that it seems as if they are fighting in the world war III. Feminism has given them strength to fight even when they are not correct.

4) Makes Them Dependent On Global Corporations For Lifestyle

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There are some women who are totally dependent on Global corporations and media for their income. They are trying hard to empower women and helping them in achieving their never-ending ambitions.

Feminist such as Naomi and Jessica Valenti are putting best efforts to strengthen feminism in the United States. So that everyone respect women and their talent. But women are making wrong use of the rights they have achieved due to feminism.

5) Finding A Life Partner Is Difficult

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Feminism has given money to women but it made them difficult to find a right guy. It is because no women would marry a guy whose income is less than then her.

This is one of the main reason that finding a life partner for both the genders has become difficult in the society.

The women wish to find someone more intelligent who has a more caliber than her. Demands and excuses of women have increased manifolds after feminism.

This has resulted in difficult situations where both of them do not get the right partner for their life.

6) Feminism Hurts Marriage

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Women search for a person who can maintain her dignity, sophistication, identity for a long period of time. But men now only wish to have sex. This is the main reason why feminism is hurting marriage.

The true meaning of the bond has vanished only for self-respect and self-esteem people are getting married which is not lasting for a long period of time.

7) Men and women both require doing work for earning a luxurious life.

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Feminism has increased women’s cravenness for living a luxurious life. They want to live in an apartment which is bigger than their friend with wonderful expensive furniture and all the facilities.

Thus in order to fulfill her growing needs and satisfy both the member go for earning. So that they can maintain the social status among the posh society.

8) Feminist Message Has Brain Washed Men’s Thoughts

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The man has turned their hardcore nature into soft and kinder one because feminist message has brainwashed their power and existence. They now feel that equal rights must be given to females as well.

Few of them are even supporting their wives to come out and fight for justice. Feminism has changed the current scenario. “Men in power” are vanishing into “women in power” in most of the countries.

9) Makes Them Unfit Mothers Who Don't Care For Her children

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Feminism has resulted in making women, an unfit mother who does not care for her children, such that they leave them alone or send them to a hostel where they turn into bad kids.

Being a mother, seeing the deteriorating condition of her children do not have many effects on them. Pity on those children, who have such mothers, who cannot even care for their children. Children are suffering from obesity and health effects. Bullying is another major problem.

10) Emasculates Men

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The condition of men are getting worse day by day. Feminism has made them weak and has reduced their men power.

Now they think, it is better to remain quiet instead of facing the harassment by women. Men feel deprived of their original identity due to feminism.

These are some ways by which feminism is affecting our society badly.


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