The Untold & Dreadful Stories of Serial Killer-Jack the Ripper

Is there anyone who doesn’t know or hasn't read about Jack The Ripper? I guess no one. He was the notorious serial killer who frightened people more than a century ago.

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The Untold & Dreadful Stories of Serial Killer-Jack the Ripper

This is more than a 100-year old mystery of an infamous serial killer, who was searched by the detectives after he frightened the women of Whitechapel in autumn in 1888. 

On 30th September 1888, police discovered the damaged body of Catherine Eddowes. Her left kidney was removed in London Mitre’s Square. She was a prostitute and was murdered in the city. It was reported that this heinous crime was attempted by Jack the Ripper.

Scroll here and know about this mysterious killer and his untold stories. 

Who Was Jack The Ripper?

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Jack the Ripper terrorized the streets of London in 1888. He killed five prostitutes and damaged their bodies unusually. His murders indicated that he had an idea of human anatomy. He committed gruesome murders 7th August to 10th September 1888. He was responsible for all the murders that took place in the districts of Aldgate, White Chapel, and the City of London. Unfortunately, he was never caught and remained known as an infamous killer. 

Several investigations claimed the identity of the murderer, but his name is still unknown. He sent several letters to London Metropolitan Police Service and even taunted officers about his activities and hinted about murders to happen. Since 1888, more than 150 suspects have been named as Jack The Ripper. London’s East End was the location that was viewed by the people with utter contempt. During that time, the death of a working girl was rarely reported in the society. 

Among the crimes noticed, the most heinous crime was of English prostitute Emma Smith. She was beaten and was raped by four men. She died of peritonitis and is remembered as one of the unfortunate victims who were killed by gangs for money. 

The Speculations About Jack the Ripper

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Some speculated that this serial killer Jack The Ripper was, in reality, Jill the Ripper and female criminal Mary Pearcey, who murdered her lover’s wife and kid on 24th October 1890. The name of the suspects also included the grandson of Queen Victoria- Prince Albert Victor, the father of Winston Churchill & popular author Lewis Carroll. 

The murders shocked England. In the city, the name Jack the Ripper became a threat to the entire society. Anti Semites defamed the Jews of the East End. The rich would blame the poor and vice-versa. 

The Murders in the Late 19th Century

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During the late 19th century, the life of women was difficult. Most of them were working and were domestic servants in the sweatshops. Their daily wages were low. Three-four pence would buy them a bed in the lodging house. Women turned to prostitution, and the streets of London became the destination for the Sex Trade. And the women who were working for their survival became victims of Jack the Ripper. 

Jack The Ripper alone did not terrorize the Whitechapel. The other Whitechapel killers were also infamous at that time. The death of 11 women revealed the difficult times faced by lower-class women. Experts agreed that Jack The Ripper was responsible for the five murders that happened from August to November 1888. 

Mary Ann Nichols, or better known as Polly, was the mother of five was first confirmed the victim of the Ripper. She was the daughter of a blacksmith and spent her life in the poorhouses of the capital. She earned through workhouses and prostitution. 

One week later, a widow and a mother, Annie Chapman was found dead on the streets of Hanbury. Her injuries looked similar to Nichols’, but some of her internal organs were found missing. 

By the end of the month, the killer murdered two more women one night. The Ripper murdered Catherine Eddowes and Elizabeth Stride. All of these victims were the residents of the Whitechapel. They lived in poverty and were unsafe from the predators on the streets. 

The Investigation About Jack the Ripper

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The only thing known about this serial killer was that he acted alone and killed women. According to one of the detectives, Edmund Reid, the five women who were killed were the prostitutes and from the lower class. They lived close to each other and were found dead almost at the same time after the pub closed. 

His investigation also reported that no one heard a scream and came for help. This created doubt about the murders as the area was densely populated. None of the bodies had defense wounds and bruises on forearms. One reported that she saw Annie Chapman with a man early morning (on the same day she was killed). He was accompanied by a man who wore a dark cloak, and she was found dead after an hour. 

The other reported that in all cases, the killer used a knife to damage the dead bodies. Three of the victims were found with their internal organs missing. 

A few days after the incidents, the police and the Central News Agency received a letter claiming it to be from the killer. In the letter, it was written, 

“I am down on whores and I shan’t quit ripping them till I do get buckled.”

Three days later, after the letter was received, the damaged bodies of Stride and Eddowes were found. Hundreds of letters then came and were confirmed hoaxes. Some of the letters were found genuine. One letter enclosed a human kidney, which might belong to one of the victims. 

Lesser Known Facts About Jack The Ripper

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Many of the heinous acts in history have been committed by dreadful killers. They look for their victims and never get satisfied with their bloody actions. 

The first recorded crime dates back to the Roman Empire when matrons were said to poisoned men using a ring. But Jack The Ripper was the one who shocked everyone with his hard-hearted crimes. He frightened the entire London with his crime and is still the most famous killer in history. 

Do you know he used to kill his prey during morning hours and on weekends? Let us know more surprising and shocking facts about Jack The Ripper below. 

1. He Hated Women

It was clear from the clues, which investigators got, that this killer hated women. Although psychologists couldn’t claim more about the person they never met, it was clear that he doesn’t like women. He hated them beyond limits, and this could be the reason why he distorted their faces to hide their identities. 

2. He Might Have Had Medical Knowledge

Many professionals who inspected the cases at that time presumed that he has medical knowledge. The way he damaged the bodies indicated that he had anatomical knowledge. This could be known only to people who are trained. 

3. The Murders Took Place in the Same Area

The murders threatened the entire London. The victims of the murderer stayed near the Whitechapel District of London. The area is located near the East end of London. You could visit the White Chapel today. The place has changed completely, and there is nothing like it was earlier. He knew the area well and might have lived there. Therefore, he killed the victims smoothly without being caught. 

4. The Canonical Five Was the Name Given to the Five Victims That Were Killed by Jack the Ripper

During that time, it was not new for prostitutes to meet an untimely death. The investigators found over 11 deaths, out of which five victims had the same marks. These marks were identified as given by Jack the Ripper, and those victims were known as the Canonical Five. Their organs had been taken out surgically. 

5. Sudden End of the Murders

The sudden end of murders puzzled everyone. Investigators felt shocked how all of a sudden Jack the Ripper stopped murders. Either he had decided to end the crime after the murder of the final victim, or he must have died. No one knows what had happened to him or if he was planning something big. 

6. He Killed His Victims at a Particular Time

You would be shocked to know that Jack the Ripper attack victims at a particular time. After investigating a few deaths, it became clear that he killed victims on weekends and during morning hours. This made everyone believe that he had a job in the day time. Also, he must be single, as married one couldn’t go out undetected. 

7. He Was Mentally Ill

Modern psychologists believed that Jack the Ripper was mentally ill. Although the exact disorder was hard to note, it was sure that he hated both prostitutes and women. He used to mutilate the bodies even after killing them to hide their identity, which shows that he was mentally ill. 

8. There is No Evidence Still 

This is shocking to know that until today, no one knows who was behind these dreadful murders. He left no evidence and witness for police to any of the murders. This sounds crazy that he carried out the crime in the busiest location of London; still, no one noticed him. 

9. 13 Letters in the Name Means a Person Might be a Murderer

It is believed that if a person has 13 letters in his/her name, then he/she is cursed. Surprisingly, famous murderers like Theodore Bundy and Albert Desalvo have 13 letters in their names. Jack The Ripper also has 13 letters in his name. Do you know other superstitions related to number 13 that are scary? 

10. Some Say Jack The Ripper Never Existed At All

Over the years, several detectives spent sleepless nights figuring out the clues about the person behind the murders, but nothing important came out. Here comes the twist. Trevor Marriott, a detective, spent over ten years to solve this case. He concluded that it was a hoax. Marriott found that a drunken journalist Thomas Bullings forged the letters to the police to boost their career. Violence against prostitutes was common in those days, and this was nowhere related to Jack The Ripper. Several prostitutes were killed, and only five murders were noticed. 

So what do you think - the stories about Jack the Ripper are real or not? It doesn’t matter whether he existed or not, but surely his stories continue to frighten everyone. You could read about him in the book From Hell, written by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. The book is a modern masterpiece of the crime and covers details about the murders that happened at the Whitechapel. 

Final Words

What’s shocking is this serial killer is still not recognized by anyone! 

Do you know anyone as dangerous as this mysterious killer or about the incidents on the London streets? Apart from Jack the Ripper murder stories, these creepy stories are still unsolved and raise curiosity in individuals. And if you ever plan to visit London, don't forget to visit the unconventional museum named The Crime Museum or The Black Museum in New Scotland Yard, where weapons he used for committing murders are put on display. 

Do you know more facts about this serial killer, Jack the Ripper? If so, then drop your comments below. 


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