No Legs No Limit! See How The 23 Year Old Model Actually Flaunting this Moto in Her Life

It is incredible to see how a 23-year-woman, who was born without legs is now a multi-sport athlete and a famous model and living her life on her own terms.

6 years ago
No Legs No Limit! See How The 23 Year Old Model Actually Flaunting this Moto in Her Life

Often people inspire us with their words, actions, and stories. Right? It's a pretty peaceful thing to hear personal tales of inspiration and innovation. But, the story of Kanya Amberlee Sesser will amaze you for sure.

An inspiration for many, an athlete and a famous model Kanya Amberlee Sesser born with no legs.

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When Kanya Sesser was born her parents abandoned her on the steps of a Buddhist temple in Thailand. The monks had found her and when they unwrapped her from the blanket they realize that she has no legs. She has no legal documents either, said sources. Reportedly, the monks raised her until she was 2 years old, after that when she was five, she was brought to America by her adoptive parents. Unfortunately, Kanya experienced a hard time since her birth.

It is quite interesting to unfold that how does she manage to earn happy, successful and independent life for herself?

This girl has something very unique that she made herself and everyone proud around her. She believes, Society’s got nothing on us, it’s just how you feel,”. “Be confident. Life’s still going, life is valuable. She has one moto in her life to live it fullest with one statement no legs no limits!

I'm in love. ??????

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She is now 23 and uniquely ruling the modeling industry.  Perhaps, the most surprising thing about her is that she is lingerie model and she makes $1,000 a day. Isn’t it astonishing?

Even in an interview, she spoke that, It's about women empowerment be comfortable in your skin, she also added that don’t need legs to feel sexy, I'm sexy in my own skin! OMG, the confidence is actually stunning!

She believes having someone like her within the modeling industry is important to show a different side of beauty.

It will be quite unfair to call her disabled, as she herself refuses to acknowledge this term, rather we can say that she is born unique and flaunting her uniqueness in every step of her life.

I honestly don’t use the term ‘disabled’, more like uniquely different. Disabled to me seems like a word which prevents you being what you are.”, she said.

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For some glance, the world seems full of trolls and bullies for her. And it would have been pretty understandable if Kanya had shut herself away from the world. But hold on! Surprisingly she has some different thoughts about the same.

But her thinking about these trolls and bullies will melt your heart like she is the strong woman who is ready to face anything in her own terms. Hug Respect!

She said, we can’t change anybody’s thinking especially those who are small minded and spread negative energy in the surroundings. Life goes on.

Thankfully, her adopted family supporting her thoughts and  helping her to fulfill all goals.

Her confidence, determination and powerful attitude is Setting great example to the youth. That’s the reason she possess the power to live positively.

We hope Kanya’s story will inspire you and will give you encouragement to live life without limits and not to make any excuses.


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