Legendary Yoda: 10 Life Teachings From A Famous Fictional Character

The Galactic history describes the character and the role which he plays in the star war series with the valuable teachings mentioned in the context here.

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Legendary Yoda: 10 Life Teachings From A Famous Fictional Character

It is one of the most famous Star War characters in the series. He is a male member of one of the mysterious species created by George Lucas. The Yoda is one of the protagonists in the Dark Horse comic and even seen in some of the novels such as Star War Universe. Yoda is one of the oldest creatures in the Star Wars. (12.1)

Early Life

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The origin of Yoda was from a remote planet. He left his home planet with his human friend in search of the job where they get struck by a large asteroid. Repairing the space ship and landing it in some place was a difficult task.

Somehow they managed to land the spaceship to the nearby planet with the strength and the wisdom they had. The spent few days in the swampy planet covered with fog.

Later on, he encountered the Hysalrian the Jedi master who gave preaching to Yoda. Soon after that, he discovered by the Jedi master to be force sensitive.

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Jedi master invited Yoda to become his apprentice also known as Padawan. He taught him different ways of the force. When training of the Yoda got completed he with the help of some distress signals was rescued from the planet along with his friend. Till that moment of time, he himself became one of the Jedi masters.

He trains the Luke Skywalker in such a way that he can fight against the Galactic Empire. He with other Jedi fought with the witches of the Dathomir. He has the ability to foresee that the Skywalker would remove the darkness of the planet.

Some of the life teachings of the legendary Yoda helps here:

1) Do not judge

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Nobody can be judged by the size of the outer appearance they have. Because wisdom and knowledge cannot be seen by looking at someone.

Sometimes things remain hidden and cannot be predicted what matters is the intellectual rather than the size, color and height.

2) Stop focusing on negative and commit

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He says it in reference to Jedi that they must always stay positive and move ahead without letting negative thoughts to cover open you.

3) Do not be Impulsive and selfish

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One must not be selfish and do things only for themselves, sharing and caring are the qualities which should be in very individual and utilize them for others.

4) Stop Predicting your fate

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The future is in motion, you cannot predict what will happen in the near future. So do not predicate the fate as nothing is permanent in this world.

5) Learn and Let it go

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"Train yourself to let to let go of everything you fear to lose"

His aim is to inculcate a feeling to learn and let go the other things which you have encountered in life. Because circumstance will change so as days will. Do not fear of losing things. Always share the things you have learned with others.

6) Take time to make decisions

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Do not hurry up and rush to make the decisions. Because decisions taken in rush can sometimes be fruitful while the other time it can be disastrous. So before taking decisions think at every point.

7) Be patient

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"Patience you must have young Padawan" this is stated by Yoda. Patience help us to come and peaceful during the time of aggression and help us to remain serene. A Jedi uses force for Knowledge and defense, never use it to attack other people.

8) Do it at all cost

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Even at times when you feel you have tried hard many a times but you do not succeed. So do not try, do it completely and you will accomplish your goal soon. Instead of trying things, do it.

9) Be mindful

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The Jedi must be serious in his commitments. Live in the present situation rather than dreaming all the day long. He said it in Luke's Lesson in handstand assisted stone stacking.

10) Choose your own path

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No one can guide you to the path of success or failure. You yourself have to decide one which will take you to the destination you want to reach. Therefore never depend on others for anything in life. Jedi must choose their own path.

These are some of the great teachings taught to his apprentice Skywalker as a Jedi Master by the Yoda. He doesn't quit to give knowledge to his last Padawan.


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