30 Pictures Of Hurricane’s Wrath That Will Melt Strongest Of Hearts

Pictures that capture the real havoc that hurricanes causes and how people come to each other’s rescue show that we need humanity more than ever.

6 years ago
30 Pictures Of Hurricane’s Wrath That  Will Melt Strongest Of Hearts

Nature has its way of saying NO!

So when a natural calamity wreaks havoc upon us, it's telling us no; no for we are doing wrong to the planet that is our safe haven.

These are the pictures of one such disastrous calamity and the aftermath it leaves behind.

1) Three Boys Standing Over The Wreck Hurricane Matthew Left In Haiti

Source = Businessinsider

2) A Family Waiting For Help Over The Stairs Where Their Cottage Once Stood

Source = Huffpost

3) Couple Rejoicing After Having Caught The Eye Of A Rescue Team

Source = Izismile

4) As Water Rose People Were Seen Signaling As Impactfully As They Could

Source = Ibtimes

5) Hurricane Matthew Claimed Almost 1000 Lives In Haiti Last Year

Source = S-nbcnews

6) Even Homes Failed To Withstand The Wrath Of Hurricane Matthew

Source = Trbimg

7) People Looked For Higher Grounds, Meanwhile The Help Arrived

Source = Pinimg

8) A Mother Feeding Her Starving New Born

Source = Imgur

9) A Kid Questioning God's Ways Looking At The Aftermath

Source = Dailymail

10) Amongst The Wreckage Were Deads

Source = Huffingtonpost

11) Man Carries Drinkable Water To His Flood Water Surrounded Shelter

Source = Huffingtonpost

12) Stranded Dog Looking for Help On A Flooded House

Source = Huffingtonpost

13) Hopeful People Looking At Helicopters For Supplies

Source = Nyt

14) Handicapped Man Waiting For Help On His Roof

Source = Mymodernmet

15) Man Pulling His Boat Across The Road

Source = Esq.h-cdn

16) People Carrying Supplies Back From The Drop Site

Source = Mymodernmet

17) People Getting Restless For Food And Shelter

Source = Mymodernmet

18) A Mother's Only Concern Is Her Child

Source = Mymodernmet

19) People Helping An Injured Women

Source = Ibtimes

20) Help From Above

Source = Ibtimes

21) Cries Of Help

Source = Mymodernmet

22) Kids Who Can't Walk In Deep Flood Waters Were Carried By Good Samaritans

Source = Mymodernmet

23) A Man Getting Pulled Out Of His Home Where He Was Stuck

Source = Mymodernmet

24) Supplies Being Dropped With A Helicopter For The Needy

Source = Mymodernmet

25) Many People Came To The Rescue Of The Helpless

Source = Mymodernmet

26) A Police Officer Rescuing The Baby From The Wreckage

Source = Ibtimes

27) Powerful Image Of People Trying To Get To Their Shelters

Source = Ibtimes

28) Dead Bodies In The Water & A Woman Feeding A Starving Dog

Source = Ibtimes

29) Playgrounds Were Converted Into Shelters

Source = Ibtimes

30) A Man Holding On To His Life On His Van

Source = Ibtimes

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