What You Should Know About Thinx Period-Proof Underwear & How it works

You may have acknowledged much about the clothing pads and menstrual cups, but the most important element that is still missing ...

7 years ago
What You Should Know About Thinx Period-Proof Underwear & How it works

You may have acknowledged much about the clothing pads and menstrual cups, but the most important element that is still missing from your feminine hygiene is ‘period panties’. 

Many women will confess owing at least 1 pair of granny panties tucking at the back of their UG’s drawer. Although these panties are considered somewhat helpful at the period times as it help catch spotting, but they are the most unfavorable when compared to pad or a tampon. And here comes the solution as ‘period panties’ to those bacterial concerns and high leakage of blood with stain resistant properties. 

At the initial stage when these period panties were not so popular many women imagined wearing them would be like walking in a damp bathing suit after diving in a pool of blood. But as the time passed by period panties became somewhat common in the specific areas. Most women constantly feared about those surprising periods that comes every month and creates a mess with unwanted stains on cloth. Women calm themselves by using tampons and pads and hoping that they will use these period products whenever it comes. But these period products are found to be intrusive as they are not at all comfortable to wear


Thinx Underwear has now taken the most important part in the female’s lives. Many females still regret that why they didn’t found the pair of this underwear sooner. Thinx Underwear is actually more common in Asian countries and is not known by all. But now these protective panties have entered in the female’s lives, there’s no longer concern left about those over leaked pads and items of clothing. Period panties are just introduced to make things better and not uglier. 

How Thinx Underwear is different from Regular Underwear?

It is quite common to think that period underwear is same as those of regular underwear having same clothing material and same choices. But Thinx underwear or period panties are leaked proof and even these panties can be worn instead of tampon and a pad.

 There are some female’s who finds using pads as a heavyweight at the lower parts, period panties can help them in many ways. Even some brands offers underwears with a kangaroo pocket in the front so that you can place a heating pad to fight with the cramps. The main advantage of using Thinx underwear is that it offers you the biggest benefit of peace of mind over those leaks. 

Thinx underwears are made up of high quality materials and comforts you in all way. They are designed to provide protection for as long as 12 hours and are available in 6 different designs. Each style of Thinx panties has its own absorbency level. It protects you from over leaks and keeps you feeling dry all the time. They are little bit pricy but Thinx underwear is worth buying as it can be reused. Available in various designs Thinx panties are worth trusting for its comfort and quality. 

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Thinx panties can absorb up to 6 tsp of liquid. Women who are wishing to purchase Thinx underwear should note that the crotch area is made up of 4 layers, stain resistant layer, leak proof layer, absorption layer and the moisture wicking layer. These underwears are even helping the environment too as they are eliminating the use of pads and tampons. In general women throw approx 17000 pads and tampons in her life. 

You never know but you are also contributing in a social service by purchasing Thinx underwear. The company donates sanitary products to girls in Uganda, for every purchase of Thinx products where around 100 million of girls lacks in education during their period as they regularly misses the school during those days. 

According to science whether women uses a pad or tampon, it is advised to change it before it becomes soaked with blood. They should be changed after a regular interval of 6-7 hours. Because leaving them for a long period of time can increase women’s risk of exposure to bacteria. 

Thinx panties even rocked in heavy flow days. Wearing them don’t make you feel like diapers and sitting in your own blood. Yakk! That sound’s weird.  

They are completely reusable – 

  •  Rinse Thinx underwear immediately after use.
  • Cold wash and hang dry.
  • Never use bleach or any other washing material or fabric softener.

Know How to Care Thinx Period Panties

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Forgetting about the only use of period panties as the antibacterial and stain resistant, they even looked hot and are not meant only for blood capture.

Purchase Thinx Underwear and live in a free way without worrying about those instant periods and staining clothes. When it comes to period panties Thinx is surely a winner amongst the other brands. It offers both waterproofing and absorbency features, clearly Thinx panties are worth buying. They don’t look those granny panties and even you don’t have to worry about the line of a pad. Wear it under the tight pants and spring dress, fell free to treat yourself right with Thinx underclothes.

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