Comedian-Writer Beth Newell Delivers a Baby at the Backseat of Honda Fit

Babies are the gift of God. They are adorable, cute, and make you forget your pain with their lovely smile. Read here the story of a baby who took birth in a very miraculous way.

7 years ago
Comedian-Writer Beth Newell Delivers a Baby at the Backseat of Honda Fit

The cute little fingers and the tiny toes make you smile every moment. Babies are the gift of God, but delivering them is not an easy job. Beth Newell, a comedy writer and the creator of a popular website, Reductress delivered a baby girl in a baffling way.

She is also a performer and in the comedy world and lives in New York with her husband and son. While she was on her way to the hospital for delivery, the water bag broke down, and the head of the baby came out.

It is a nightmare for the mother-to-be to get stuck in the traffic while going for the delivery. But it seems that her baby was not in the mood to wait, and things happened quickly. Mom-to-be Beth Newell’s water bag broke down, and she delivered the baby at the back seat of her car. 

Thankfully her doula helped her in safely delivering the child, and her husband called the ambulance for further assistance. 

She shared her selfie on social media and wrote: 

“Earlier today I gave birth to my daughter in the back of a Honda Fit. It is a mess. Can I have a free car?”

In reply to her question, Twiterrati congratulated her, and her account was flooded with replies, likes, and retweets. Many people agreed that she should get a new car. Her tweet went viral on the internet, and her baby received blessings from around the world. 

Twitterati posted:

Most of the comments and reactions on social media were positive; however, some people accused her of using social media for free a handout. 

Beth said - 

“We quickly got into the car but didn’t make it five minutes down the road before my daughter’s head was out.” 

Beth Newell and her Husband Peter Were Surprised and Excited at the Same Time

Everything from decorating a home for the baby to deciding for his/her school, everything is precious and shouldn’t be rushed. But delivering a baby all of a sudden can come as a surprise to many. 

She said about her daughter: 

“She’s healthy and happy and hungry, and clearly does what she wants when she wants to.” 

Both Beth’s husband, Peter McNerny, and she were surprised and excited to see their baby. 

Final Words  

Couples are always excited to meet their bundle of joy. Those nine months of struggle and wait for the baby can only be understood by the mother who is carrying a baby in her womb. 

What do you think- did Honda give her a new car? Yes, the company gave her Free 3 years Lease on a 2016  LX Accord.

Did you like this story? Do you know any such story of a baby being delivered at unexpected places? If so, then share the story with us below.


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