9 Painful Confessions Of Men Being Raped By Women

Rape is a sexual offence that normally holds identity for female victims. But it is a lesser known fact that the crime is equall...

7 years ago
9 Painful Confessions Of Men Being Raped By Women

Rape is a sexual offence that normally holds identity for female victims. But it is a lesser known fact that the crime is equally done against the male victims. Little do the people know it’s not always females who are put on spot and threatened to death; it can also be males. More surprisingly, none of their age groups including children, teens, adults and even elderly are spared from this bothering experience. 

Because rape culture gives more focus on men’s strength over the weak and disadvantaged women, there is zero response in legal terms when a man is raped. 

The disturbing rape confessions of males will show you the other side of rape.

"Better enjoy than feeling hurt"

Source = Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hmq2e7GIsRs

This male was technically raped at a very tender age. He felt the worst of his emotions and wanted to get out of this unwanted event but could not do anything. The woman told him to enjoy it rather than feeling hurt. 

She just smiled and left the guy bleeding

Source = Http://www.salon.com/2011/08/03/male_rape/

He underwent a traumatic sexual experience at the age of 14. He did not want to sexually explore and head to this but he couldn’t say no since his girlfriend wanted to do it. The girl was mad over the whole act and left his guy’s penis bleeding. She only smiled and ignored his suffering. This incident made him in fear to the opposite sex. 

All he could do was shake his head

Source = Http://goingrampant.blogspot.in/2011/11/my-thoughts-on-supernatural-7x08-season.html

This young 16 year old boy was taken advantage by a big girl. The guy was at his friend’s house, deeply indulged into drugs and alcohol. He was vulnerable and powerless. Realizing about the boy’s state, the girl abused him. All the guy could remember was he was saying no and shaking his head the whole time. He couldn’t get out it because of the size of the girl and his condition. 

“I was crazily raped by my wife”

Source = Http://www.cracked.com/personal-experiences-1666-5-awful-realities-being-man-who-was-raped-by-woman.html

The guy and his wife were on the edge of divorce. They were not in good terms and the wife was always the worst person for him. His wife did not want to do so. She pressured him to make another baby after the death of their previous child. He did not want to do it but still gave in. He felt violated and disgusted.

He said no but the girl got on top

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His ex-girlfriend raped him at the age of 19. After being teased for a blow job, he gave in and got tied to a bed. When the girl was going above, he told her to stop and shouted “no” but she did not listen. He had no power to save himself since he was tied. People who he shared his feelings, did not believe the story. 

“You die if you complain”

Source = Https://mamaunabridged.com/tag/rape-culture/

He was suffocated with something through the act. Admitting to the pleasure he was enjoying out of sex but only in that time. He started hating women after bit.

Cops termed it ‘experimentation’

Source = Http://www.tv14.my/2016/02/16/wanita-rogol-lelaki-kerana-nafsu-dan-populariti/

This guy was raped when he was 4 while the rapist was his cousin who was 15. He was asked to do oral sex on her and she did the same to him. He confessed it his mom after a week and she called the cops. Authorities did not make any investigation. They did not consider it to be a crime, instead concluded as ‘experimentation’.

Emotions of a raped male

Source = Http://guardianlv.com/2014/04/rape-happens-almost-just-as-often-to-men/

The person felt pressured and drained after the act. He felt like losing his manliness and completely alone in the world. He got frustrated by the fact that the society admires males who are stronger than female.  Even after these many years, the event haunts him and invades deep in his self.

Mostly the young ones are targeted

Source = Http://forum.china.org.cn/viewthread.php?tid=45556

He stayed along with his friend in the family’s apartment with 13 year old babysitter. She took advantage of her youth and threatened them to shoot with their family gun if they denied her offers. She asked the kids to perform sexual acts on her. They did not like it but submitted because of being scared of the consequences. 


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