7 Impossible Colors That Fittest Of The Eyes Can't See

Colors exist purely in mind. Illusions and imagination result in a visualization of colors. There are some forbidden as well as impossible colors which cannot be perceived by a normal eye.

6 years ago
7 Impossible Colors That Fittest Of The Eyes Can't See

Have you ever looked at red and green color simultaneously? Did you ever see blue and yellow color at the same time? You might have found it difficult or nearly impossible to look at them. You might be wondering why?

It is because of the opponent process. The combination of these colors is called forbidden or Impossible colors. A human eye can see white color in spite of having a wavelength of all colors in it. This is only due to opponent process. The human eye has three clones which are responsible for registering color in antagonistic fashion. 

Although these colors cannot be seen by a normal fit eye under certain circumstances it is possible for a human eye to see them. 

These colors are said to have different intensities and wavelengths which made it impossible to see them. Hold a banana in your hand and try to find out its color. It will appear yellow because colors are not emitted from objects rather colors are reflected. 

Here is the list of colors which cannot be seen by normal eyes :

1) Blue Vs Yellow

Source = Wikimedia

Blue and yellow are such that they can cancel out each other. When mixed together they would produce a grey color. You might not have ever seen bluish yellow? Isn’t it is because it is impossible for a human eye to look at? But in some circumstances, people are able to see the colors which seem impossible to a normal eye.

2) Red Vs Green

Source = Tinypic

Red and green are similar to blue and yellow they cancel out one another and therefore it becomes impossible for an eye to look at the reddish green. Such a color is said to be impossible because of the opponent process. But under some situations, people can look at them with naked eyes. But in reality, there is no hue to produce red green together. 

3) Black Vs White

Source = Devianart

Black is an absence of light while white color contains the combination of all the wavelengths because of which a person is able to see a white colored light with a normal eye. Thus it can also be considered in dark Vs light form. Both of them are complementary color and thus they cancel out each other.

4) Impossible Dark

Source = Pinterest

Staring at dark for a long period will create an image of dark colors. For example, if you are continuously staring at black then when you will switch your eyes to blue, you will see a dark blue color in front of you. Which is impossible because blue always have lightness in it. 

You can see a stygian blue color by staring at yellow and then black the image which you will get will be of dark blue. There are certain neurons in the mind which only fires in dark.

5) Impossible Bright

Source = Designtrends

Staring at a color and then at white can create the after an image of the color with a bright glow of the complementary colors. You can easily try them out by looking at blue continuously and then shift your sight with white. The color which you will see will be bright colored blue.

6) Hyperbolic Colors

Source = Zyzixun

Hyperbolic colors are supersaturated in nature. So if you wish to see hyperbolic color then keep your eyes on any of the bright colors and then view its complementary color. 

Let us understand with an example: Staring at magenta color will produce the after an image of the green color. 

And if a person sees more green color just after that the eye will be able to see the impossible hyperbolic green with its normal eye. So if you view at cyan, you will get an after the image of an orange. Seeing more orange color will produce hyperbolic orange.

7) Self Luminous Colors

Source = Alibaba

Self Luminous Colors appear to glow in spite of emitting no light. Let us learn it with an example: A self-luminous red can be seen after watching or staring at green color and then at white. When the green color cones of the retina get fatigued; the red color will appear. If white color is seen simultaneously then bright red color will appear.

These are some of the colors which are not visible by a naked eye. It is only because of the ability of normal eyes that we are able to see the colorful world and its ultimate beauty.


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