10 Sports Fans Spotted Doing Inappropriate & Embarrassing Activities

Take a look at these pictures captured in a stadium. They are hilarious and embarrassing at the same time.

7 years ago
10 Sports Fans Spotted Doing Inappropriate & Embarrassing Activities

How would you react when you are in the stadium and watching cricket or football match live and see a couple doing s*x? It would be awkward, right? While people buy tickets to enjoy the match live, others find the stadium a cool place for a hookup. Some people are so much addicted to s*x that they can’t stop doing even in public places.

Cameras are implemented in the stadium for security purposes and also to capture the game live. But sometimes this surveillance camera record people in an awkward situation and doing disgusting activities.

Sports fans have a simple job of cheering for their favorite team. But some fans are eager to do S** and start in public. They forget where they are and do something that is prohibited.

I sometimes wonder- how do people feel when they see themselves recorded in public? No matter what they feel, we have compiled hilarious and embarrassing pictures of people in the stadium. Check below.

1. Couple Caught in a Camera Doing S** During Brazilian Music Festival

Source = Blogspot

Music fans were shocked after they saw a woman’s leg in the air at the Governador Magalhães Pinto Stadium. Dozens of people saw them, but they didn’t stop. According to Article 233 of the Brazilan Penal Code, doing obscene acts in public places is punishable.  Later the event organizers identified the couple, and they were jailed.

2. Randy Couple Caught Doing S** Outside the Stadium

Source = Thesun

The match between Dynamo Dresden and Erzgebirge Aue's derby ended with a score of 0-0, but a couple caught doing s*x outside the stadium gained everyone’s attention. The couple paid no attention to people who were sitting beside them and continued doing it. The pictures gained mixed reviews from the audience after they went on the internet.

3. British Model Stripped Off During the Match and Got Arrested

Source = Dailymail

Heather McCartney, a British model, stripped off during the AFL Grand Final between Sydney Swans and Hawthorn. She took off her clothes in front of the public and even lashed on the officers who stopped her. She spent a night in jail and was fined $300 for her bad behavior.

4. Inappropriate Oral Activities Captured at an Event

Source = Totalprosports

Here’s a case from an event that took place in the mid-90s. Couples got caught getting nasty at an event, and the pictures were shared on the internet.

5. Marlins Baseball Game in 1993

Source = Stillunfold

Here’s another couple caught doing an inappropriate activity during the game in 1993.

I don’t know what this couple is doing or want to do, but it looks like they are having intercourse. What do you think?

6. Rainbow Man (Rollen Stewart) Who Planned to Murder the President

Source = Tmz

Rollen Stewart made appearances in several events like the World Series and World Cup. But 1992 was the worst year of his life. It was reported that he was planning to murder Clinton and President George Bush. He also received three life sentences after he attempted to kidnap a maid in a California hotel.

7. This Couple Was Drunk (Maybe Bored) and Kissed in Public

Source = Totalprosports

It was in 2011 when this couple was noticed doing intimate activities during the match between the Phillies and Marlins in Philadelphia. The couple was getting bored and even drunk. They couldn’t wait to reach home and started getting intimate in public.

8. When Cameraman Caught Two Chicks and a Guy Getting Frisky in the Stadium

Source = Totalprosports

In 1995, a cameraman caught two girls and a guy doing inappropriate actions in the historic Fenway Park. The camera recorded the girls’ shorts unbuttoned and the couple getting involved in the shameful activity.

9. The Most Famous Case of Stadium S**

Source = Totalprosports

This most famous case of stadium s*x was recorded in 1997 during a baseball match in Oakland Coliseum. The couple was recorded having s*x in the stadium and enjoying it to the fullest.

10. S** on the Bathroom Floor

Source = Kinja-img

A couple did s*x in the stadium’s bathroom. The short video of the couple doing s*x on the floor was recorded by a journalist.

Soon, this news spread in the stadium, and other people came to the washroom to capture them live. After they finished and came out of the bathroom, people greeted them with a broad smile.

One onlooker said, “See you on YouTube!" and the man replied, "Bring it on!" The couple was spotted wearing Michael Irvin Jersey.

Final Words

Have you ever wondered how tough the cameraman's job is? After watching these pictures, I feel sad for him. Have you ever watched incidents like these in the stadium? How was your reaction to it? Drop your comments below.


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