7 Meaningful Tattoo Ideas You’ve Been Looking for All This While

Tattoos are a beautiful way to depict something through art without the use of words. People around the world love to ink their bodies with meaningful tattoos.

7 years ago
7 Meaningful Tattoo Ideas You’ve Been Looking for All This While

Art satisfies the mind, body, and soul. Tattooing is one such form of art that helps express inner self. Without even knowing a person or talking to them, you could figure out things related to their life, interests, and beliefs only by looking at their tattoo. Some people also like to dedicate a tattoo to someone they love or admire. A tattoo is considered a type of trendsetter in pop culture.

Are you thinking of having a tattoo but are confused about what to get inked on your body? If you prefer the tattoos that mean something, here we are giving you some ideas that will help you choose better. These tattoos depict different life virtues such as strength, love, balance, power, peace, and others.

Here are Some Meaningful Tattoos Ideas for You to Get Inked!

1. The Ankh

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According to ancient Egypt, it is regarded as a symbol of “life” or “breath of life.” It is an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that resembles a cross but has an oval loop instead of the upper bar. The ancient Egyptian myths and legends suggest that a person’s earthly journey is a part of eternal life, so the Ankh symbolizes the afterlife, immortality, physical life, and death.  

Also, as an amulet or talisman, it is believed to bring good fortune. So if you believe in live your life to the fullest, opt for this as a tattoo. You can also go for these unique cross tattoo designs if you’re looking to get one inked on the chest.

2. An Elephant

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An elephant is one of the biggest and strongest animals on Earth and highly social animals. An elephant tattoo has a positive symbolic meaning and represents the strength of character, prosperity, good luck, wisdom, experience, unity, longevity, and success. 

So get this one inked on your ankle, foot, wrist, leg, or forearm. One of the world’s most popular tattoos is the elephant tattoo, and it is a great way to express patience, power, dignity, determination, and loyalty.

3. A Tiger

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A tiger may be one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, but you would not dare to mess with it. Power and strength are the two most common meanings associated with the tiger. 

As a tiger is considered the best predator in its environment, a tattoo of this ferocious animal can symbolize a free spirit or independence. Besides these positive connotations, it could also signify danger, vengeance, or punishment.

4. Stars

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Stars are a truly beautiful adornment on the body and have a whole set of connotations that provide power, security, direction, and remove darkness. As most stars are seen at night, they represent the fight against darkness. 

For some people, stars signify truth and spirituality. They also show the divine relationship between humans and God.

5. The Hamsa

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The Hamsa is a popular Middle Eastern symbol that indicates the hand of God. Its tattoo has a deep spiritual meaning and symbolizes better fortune, happiness, health, and luck. 

This tattoo includes particular symbols that have spiritual relevance. The tattoo features a hand with an eye on it. This eye, which is referred to as ‘evil eye,’ is believed to depict specific powers like getting rid off bad things in life. 

6. Anchor

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Anchor tattoo is usually placed on the neck, right below the ears. Stability, security, reliability, and strong foundation are the different meanings of anchor tattoo. It depicts that an individual wearing the tattoo is in harmony with themselves and holds on to the values they firmly believe.

7. Nature-inspired Tattoo

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If you are a nature lover, you could opt for a nature-inspired tattoo. You could get feathers inked on your body, which means freedom, or leaves that indicate growth, rebirth, and impermanence. A tree depicts longevity, strength, and wisdom, while power represents power and grandeur.

Final Thoughts

Some tattoos can also have a hidden story to tell, just like the tattoos that these celebrities got inked on themselves. As tattoos reflect one’s personality, people also like to get their favorite quotes inked besides the symbols.

We hope you found these meaningful tattoo ideas attractive and inspiring and would consider when you think of getting one. Here are some other best tattoos you could get inked on your body. 

Happy tattooing!


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