20 Good Questions You Should Consider Asking on Your First Date

Do you remember your first date? For some, it might be a memorable experience; for others, it could be a nightmare.

2 years ago
20 Good Questions You Should Consider Asking on Your First Date

What comes to your mind when you hear of the first date? You feel nervous and excited at the same time. The first date is a learning experience. You get to know several things about your partner when you date him/her/them. Whether you are divorced or experiencing heartbreak, meeting a new person always creates a spark. The first impression plays an important role when you are seeing a person as your life partner. 

According to experts, the best way to decrease anxiety when you are meeting the person for the first time is by being prepared with a set of questions. No, you don’t need a script to rehearse, but several first-date questions to end the meeting with beautiful memories.

So, if you are going on a date for the first time, then this guide to first date questions could help you a lot in knowing the partner. 

1. What’s your schedule for the day?

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Asking anyone’s schedule could give you the best answers and help you in knowing the person better. You can know if he/she is an early riser, what they do in their free time, and what their hobbies are. I guess asking about the career comes up naturally, and you don’t have to force them to do this. 

2. What’s something you wish you were good at?

You can get a range of answers to this question. Do not ask about their dreams; in fact, ask if there’s something they wish they could practice more or learn to enhance their skills. If you are serious about him/her/them, then ask yourself whether you can help him/her/them in achieving their dreams or not?

3. What kind of vacation do you like to take?

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The most general question anyone asks on the date is, have you gone on vacation recently? You can get the answer to this frequently. Instead, ask them- what kind of vacation would you like to take? This would start a great conversation and would give you surprising answers. While some would prefer taking a solo trip, others would like to go on a great adventurous trip with family and friends. 

4. Is there something you are proud of?

Keeping the jokes apart, sometimes getting serious in between the conversion is also important.  Ask them about the decisions or achievements they are proud of. This would help you determine the things they value and things they could work hard for. 

5. What attracted you the most about me?

If someone is ready to go on a date with you, that means he/she has liked something about you. Wouldn’t you mind asking what made them do so? Ask them, as it is an excellent topic to start with. This way, you would get to know what they think about you and whether they are planning a future with you or not. 

6. What is your wildest fantasy?

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Now, this is one of the most compulsory questions that you should ask on your first date. Knowing the wildest fantasy of your partner would help you get closer and make them reveal the secret that should be revealed to closed ones. 

If they answer, that means they are having a good time with you, and there are no judgments at the moment. Here are other facts and differences between men and women that could help you understand your partner better. 

7. How many sexual partners have you had?

This might not be the first date question, but if you think you are going with the flow, then asking about sexual partners could reveal a lot. However, if they are not comfortable answering this, change the topic. 

8. What are your thoughts on dating a younger man and an older woman?

Society accepts you if you are dating an older man. But what if a man wants to date an older woman? In a good relationship, honesty, loyalty, and respect matter the most, and not age differences. 

Age is a number, as long as there is love and commitment. Remember, when there is true love, everything is right. If you feel a connection with a young man, then here are excellent tips to date a young man. Ask what their thoughts are on this to know them better. 

9. Would you like a planned kiss or a random one?

Kissing on the first date sounds interesting! But not everyone has the guts to make a move. Therefore, it is better to ask them about their thoughts on kissing on the first date. It is difficult to find a balance between enjoying the moment and respecting boundaries. 

A kiss could be spontaneous, and most importantly, should be done with the next person’s consent. No matter how long you are planning to do this, implementation matters a lot. 

10. Who is your closest friend & why?

This question would let you know about the person’s value, ongoing relationships, and thoughts on how they take life lessons. Learn how they engage with other people and their behavior. Ask them favorite things about their best friend and the values they hold to make their relationship stronger. 

11. What’s one question that you wish people should ask you more often?

This is another important first dating question that you should ask your partner-to-be. This simple question would tell you what they enjoy talking about, their passion, and other habits. Ensure that the conversation flows better and you enjoy spending time with each other. 

12. Have you forgotten everything about the past?

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Before you start dating someone, be clear that the next person wants to be with you and has forgotten everything about the past. Who would want to enter a relationship with someone who is not ready to enter a new phase and is still connected with the past? 

13. What are your long-term goals?

This is the most important question that should be asked on the first date. This question would give you a picture of their long-term goals and how they want to look at themselves in the next five years. With this, you would know if they are interested in taking the relationship with you to the next level or not. 

14. What are your biggest fears?

Asking what they like, their wildest fantasy, favorite movies, and passion are common questions that everyone asks on their first date. But knowing about their biggest fears could make them feel connected with you instantly. This would allow you to know their vulnerabilities and strengthen your relationship. 

15. What do you love most in your life?

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The person would not necessarily answer this question based on the relationship. Besides love, there could be anything like being passionate about business, completing important projects, spending time with loved ones, and anything. Questioning this could start a fun conversation and would tell their potential. 

16. What kind of relationship do you have with your family?

Not everyone has a good relationship with their family. But how they answer could speak about the relationship values they hold and want with their partner. 

17. Are you a TV person or prefer movies? 

If you want to spend time with someone, then you must know their favorite TV shows and movies. Knowing about their favorite past time would make you comfortable later. Ask about their favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink and other kinds of obsession. 

18. Who is your influencer & why?

This dating question could give you an insight into the person’s life value. For instance, if they say their mother is the biggest influencer because she single-handedly raised them, this means they value responsibility. If they say bad things about someone, it’s time to leave them. 

19. Is there any scariest moment in your life?

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This one is the most amazing and interesting question that could share the emotional side of the person.  How they answer would reveal their ability to overcome challenges. Follow up on several questions and know them as much as possible. 

20. Is there something that could make you cry?

Sometimes knowing the person’s soft side is also important. If they don’t cry, then they might not be sensitive. Know about their best qualities and emotions that make them sad, angry, cry, or laugh, to understand them better. 

Final Words

Dating is a beautiful relationship shared between people. It involves people who have decided to share intimate and romantic feelings. But wooing another person becomes a difficult task when you are not romantic at all. 

So, here are cheap date night ideas that are impressive and are perfect for every couple. Do you know other first dating questions that should be asked to know the person better? 

Have you ever dated someone? How was your first date experience - yay or nay? Share your views below.


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