6 Mind-Blowing Stone Nail Art Designs to Beautify Your Toenails & Fingernails

Nail art is a great way to add a sense of style to your persona. These brilliant stone nail art designs would leave you awestruck with the royal beauty they bring.

7 years ago
6 Mind-Blowing Stone Nail Art Designs to Beautify Your Toenails & Fingernails

Nail art is in fashion, as it is a great way to paint, decorate, and enhance your nails. A type of artwork, nail art is usually done after manicure or pedicure on the fingernails and toenails. Using acrylics, nail gel, nail polish/nail varnish, glitters, accessories, water marbling, nail dotters & various others are nail art techniques. 

Nowadays, stone nail art is in vogue. The manicurists or pedicurists add accessories like studs, rhinestones, miniature plastic bow-ties, beads, dried flowers, and aluminum foil. Check out how wonderfully the nail artists have embellished the finger- and toe-nails with brilliant stones. 

Have a Look at These Stunning Stone Nail Art Designs!

1. Decorating Nails with Delicate Jewellery Pieces

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How about jeweled stone nails? Well, we know they look elegant! You could either apply a single nail color or a combination of many (make sure they’re well-coordinated). It could either be matte or shimmery.  

As you can see here, all the nails are designed differently. To top that, remember that not all nails need to be decorated with precious stones (like marble): you could go alternate or choose any single nail for the purpose. And for other nails, you could try out various polishes only or glitters or stamping.  

2. This Trend is Spreading Like a Wildfire

Source = Fashionisers

Marbling can help achieve the perfect look for the new-age girls. This gorgeous stone nail art can add to your beauty, charm, and royalty. After applying nail paint of your color choice, you can play around with some marble that looks smooth and see how it does wonders to your fingernails.  

3. The Latest Craze in Nail Art

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Instagram is filled with hashtags on nail art! And if you follow these trends, you may have stumbled upon this stone nail art design. Painted in all-white color, a few fingernails are adorned with golden accessories and precious blue stones. And the other nails can be streaked with myriad colors.

4. Simply Beautiful!

Source = Pouted

Did you know that you could boost your mood with lovely nail art? Well, yes! You can add a twinkling touch and feel by embellishing your nails with golden accessories and silvery, glassy studs and stones. Marbling is also done here on two of the fingernails on both hands. So this one has a mix of both matte and sparkle. 

5. Closer to Nature

Source = Minikar

A great design, finish, and technique of nail art can look vibrant. As this design is closer to nature, it looks fabulous in all seasons- spring, summer, winter, and fall. Go for gel nails with a dash of glitter to make them last longer. 

6. Stunning Polish with Precious Stones

Source = Iakosmetolog

Wow! Gemstone nail art is the most royal and classy technique of nail art. Studded with colorful beads and pretty precious stones, it could go with any dress code theme. You could easily become the talking point of any party or event and garner some more social media followers.

Concluding Thoughts 

In the beauty industry, nail art has become a popular trend and a favorite choice of beauticians. No doubt, women are showing their creativity and talent by decorating their toe & fingernails across the world.

Stone nails are dominating the Instagram stories and feed of fashionistas and fashion lovers. This festive season, these cool nail art designs could a very amazing DIY nail art technique to try out without even a professional’s help. 

Aren’t these stone nail art designs marvelous? Do you have any DIY ideas to embellish the finger and toenails using stones? Please do share them in the comment section below!


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