5 Best Summer Lip Shades for Women Who Like to Dress up & Show up

Do you want to glam up your look? Check out here the latest and best lip colors you should try this summer season.

7 years ago
5 Best Summer Lip Shades for Women Who Like to Dress up & Show up

Most women love to keep their fashion game on point by staying informed about what's hot and what's not! And when it comes to choosing the right color, our lip color choices change based on the season it is. 

In winter or cold months, we usually prefer shades of brown, burgundy, and terracotta. But in summer, everything becomes brighter - from the skin to makeup. Moreover, vivid pop colors are the go-to colors with hues varying as per the current trend.  

So as summer is here, update your make-up kit with the perfect lipstick shades that perfectly suit the season. Wear any of these latest lip shades that complement the cool and pretty attires that you choose to flaunt this summer.

1. Coral

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Coral (or red-orange shade) suits all skin complexions, adding a dewy touch to the skin. Also, it adds a spark to your face and brings a radiant glow. 

A hot and bold color for summer, you can either go for a glossy or matte version of coral lipstick (whichever you like better). Make sure you define your lip line well and also smooth out the imperfections.

2. Peach

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The most preferred lipstick shade for the summer is peach. It gives a beachy vibe that is perfect for vacations. 

If you have light or fair skin, peach is a warm color that could be a flattering choice. Both dark and light peach shades of lipstick come in matte, creme, glossy, and other forms. 

3. Orange

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An orange lipstick can instantly perk up your mood. From subtle to glam, orange is a lovely shade that suits all complexions. It is a bold color to carry but looks very beautiful on all occasions. 

On blonde and caramel-skinned women, the true orange shades look flattering, while red-orange shade works wonders on a woman of any skin tone. And on women with medium skin tone, a red-orange or deep peach hue will look most beautiful on your medium skin. 

Women with warm undertones should paint their pout with a brilliant orange shade for a long-lasting, matte finish.

4. Tangerine

Source = Thedivineaddiction

Do you want to try a unique lip shade? Do try out this Tangerine shade! It's a very poppy color that suits well on fair complexion. 

Neither too orange nor too pink, the tangerine shade looks perfect when paired with cream blush. You can call it one similar to a shade of warm peachy pink.

5. Red

Source = Vagabomb

Hot red is the most popular and trendiest color in lipstick that is loved by most women. It is suitable for use at any time of the day: be it morning, evening, or night. 

While there are lots of lip shades in red to choose from, you should consider pink-red lip color. Without a second thought, you can go for pink as it is always good to go in the summer months, so look for a red shade that is more on the side of pink. It will not only tone down the red's formality but also give you the bright summery feel you want.

Concluding Thoughts

So these are a few of the best lip shades from which you can choose to look bright and beautiful in the summer season. Figure out how you can complement the lip beauty by choosing the right lip color based on your skin complexion. 

Also, to amp up your look, know what works best for you when it comes to doing the right makeup, and donning the right outfit. 

Make sure you put your best face forward and use only organic, chemical-free lipstick brands rather than a lipstick brand that is full of chemical ingredients.  


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