7 Ludicrous Ways To Spend Money In Japan - #3 Is Really Very Interesting

If you have extra cash and doesn’t know where to swipe it, then you shouldn’t miss a visit to Japan. Here is a quick compilation of the things you can try it out in Japan only if you have a bag full of money (extra cash).

6 years ago
7 Ludicrous Ways To Spend Money In Japan - #3 Is Really Very Interesting

Planning for a vacay? Head off to Japan to experience amazing roller coaster ride of busy shopping malls, delectable meals and a company on a boring day. If you love traveling alone or with family, you can’t miss your tour to Japan. The country enfolds beauty, craziness and allows you spending lots and lots of bucks (if you extra cash) in ridiculous ways. Whether you are seeking for something yummy to eat or want a strange and crazy way to spend your entire day, the Land of Rising Sun has got everything covered.

1. Spend Your Time In A Cat Cafe

Source = Tripadvisor

If you are visiting Japan for the first time, probably you are not aware that Japanese landlords are quite strict and don’t allow pets like cats to reside in their apartments. But if you are a big cat lover and missing your pet take a visit to the cat cafe in Taiwan. While the first cat cafe was introduced in 90’s the kitten clubs have taken the city by storm. But today there are more than 150 cat cafes in the country. Stressed out? Feeling low? Visit the cafe’s and you will love spending time with kitties.

The café invites people across the world. Office workers, family, traveler all stop by to relax and have fun with the kittens.

2. Buy A Mini Version Of Yourself

Source = Byu

Have you ever wished of getting a twin of you? Wish there was a mini version of you!!! You can be happy as Tokyo’s Clone Factory, your Dr. Evil has made this true. The clone is created after a client sits in a chair, pictures are taken from multiple cameras with different angle, when the shoot is finished the artisans edit the picture and print it on the plaster to create a clone. You can take up your clone home and talk with the little version of yourself when you are getting bored. You might have to pay a hefty amount to by your clone, but who cares you are already spending the extra cash right? (10.1)

3. Want A Company For A Day?

Source = Aolcdn

Feeling alone? Well, there are many people in Japan who are also facing the lonely blues too. In a report, it was also headlined that over a million people in Japan are suffering from ‘Hikikomori’ – a kind of loneliness where people cut off all communication and lock themselves in a bedroom. There’s a business in Japan like Hagemashi (I want to Cheer you up) who hire up the people who can take any role. For instance, you can call out fake friends at your weddings to be the bridesmaid. A single parent can hire mother or father) to attend PTM at their kid's school. Wow! This one is really exciting! I wish I would have extra cash so that I can buy a bf and make my friend’s jealous!!

4. Ear Cleaning Parlor

Source = Jpninfo

You have never thought of getting a warm welcome at ear cleaning parlor. But when you visit an ear cleaning parlor in Japan, you would first enter a room adorned with Japanese fashion. A beautiful young girl wearing a kimono would chat a bit with you, make a tea for you. Put your head on lap, lay a napkin over your face and slowly clean your ear wax with a special scoop. This service lasts for nearly an hour and can cost you nearly $100. There’s also a sexual element added, and the workers are freely allowed to walk away if they insecure by the customer.

5. Girls with Crooked Teeth Are Considered Beautiful in Japan

Source = Dunn-orthodontics

Are you a girl with crooked teeth? Great! Book your ticket to Japan. Girls with snaggletooth are considered beautiful in the Land of Rising Sun. In fact, they are considered damn cute and attractive that many are ruining their smiles just to hear beautiful. This tsuke-yaeba (teeth style) became fashion because of singer Tomomi Itano whose twisted teeth made guys go weak in their knees. So, if you want to spend your extra cash in Japan buy temporary teeth or go for permanent if you are in mood to stay Japan for long.

6. Fake Finger – Only If You Are A Criminal

Source = Toptenz

You might be wondering how a fake finger is only related to criminal. This fake finger story has something to do with the past ritual that is called as yubitsume. During the ancient times it was said that if a gangster offends his superior there only one way to compensate that is by chopping off the last joint of the left little finger. But if the gangster does it again he has to cut off finger. Today, in Japan it is a sign of criminality and if a gangster leave the group it is really difficult for him getting honest job.

A big thanks to Yukako Fukushima and Shintaro Hayashi who initiated creating artificial body parts for victims of breast cancer or accidents. Though the Japan Government cracked down on the gangs, the two are getting more and more business from Japan’s criminals. Fake criminals can cost anywhere from $1000 to $5000. Made of silicone the fingers look natural.

7. Take A Dive Into A Wine Filled Spa

Located outside Tokyo, the Yunessun Spa Resort entertains visitors only for 12 days. The resort offers pools filled with liquids and attracts a large number of visitors. For instance, green colored pool is full of green tea which is undoubtedly great for your skin. The most popular is red wine spa which constantly flows from a huge Merlot bottle. When you step into Japan don’t miss visit Yunessun on Valentine's Day when the place offers a sticky chocolate bath. How Romantic!!


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