10 Safe Driving Tips For Indian Roads You Shouldn’t Ignore

Not only highway but city driving is also a major cause of stress, particularly during rush hours. A rapid increase in cities and suburbs has caused a dramatic escalation in the number of people using vehicles to get around.

6 years ago
10 Safe Driving Tips For Indian Roads You Shouldn’t Ignore

Driving on roads is more of a kind of adventure for those who love spinning on a pavement. Road safety rules are crucial for any automobile user especially in the country like India. The country is often known for major accidents due to the poor combination of vehicle maintenance, worse infrastructure and sometimes of poor traffic regulations.

You might have seen the commercials featuring a powerful sports car, thrashing around the road with so much of ease. Unless you are a trained and skilled driver, the adventuring scenarios that are heightened in advertisements can be life-threatening. Both curvy and straight roads don’t leads to a particular type of accidents, in fact, it causes all types of accidents, and particularly those which are not driven carefully. Though the defensive driving is all about knowledge and common sense, there are some people, better you call them idiots who don’t care what life is!!

Here is the list of safe driving tips in order to stay safe and guarded on Indian roads.

1. Do Not Overreach Speed Limit

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The major cause of accidents is the over speeding. Exceeding the speed limit is not illegal but also life-threatening. Driving at 50-60 kmph on a road when the limit is 40 kmph will only save your minutes, but it would increase the chances of the accident. Choose a speed in which you are comfortable and most importantly could control your vehicle in case of emergency.

2. Keep A Check Of Road Signs

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Watch out for the road signs approaching for the curves, so that you can slow down your vehicle before reaching the curve. Keep a check on the speed junctions and dividers on the road, this will allow you to slow down the speed at the right time. Well, it is advisable to drive below the speed limit as you reach the curves.

3. Keep A Normal Distance

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Though it is advised to follow the vehicle ahead, it is also warned to keep a safe distance when you follow the vehicle. Stay nearly 5-6 car lengths away as it gives you enough time to take action whenever car ahead stops. This is more so, because not all vehicles running ahead may have brake lights that are on. (10.1)

4. Be In Your Lane

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There is a reason why lanes are created on roads and especially on highways. Well, it is a rule that fast moving traffic overtakes from the right and slow vehicles are kept to the left, but in India opposite rule applies. LOL…Buses and heavy vehicles like truck refuse to shift and you are left with no choice just to slip into the left lane and overtake. It is advised to switch on indicator whenever you are overtaking or switching the lanes.

5. Slow Down Your Speed – Bad Weather And Wet Road

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Don’t try to show off when girls are driving next to your vehicle. The most sensible things you should do in harsh weather conditions and heavy rainfall is to slow down your speed. You might not aware but driving at over speed in heavy rain could lead to car hydroplaning. Just make sure that when you drive, the tires have right pressure so that it could make easy contact with the road.

6. Wear A Helmet

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Wearing a helmet is not only strict to biker’s stunt; instead, it should be applied by all 2-wheeler riders. No matter how you feel after wearing a helmet, it is the essential accessory to be put when you drive. Very few know that human skull is quite risky but it protects all important brain functioning. However, there is a certain limit to the number of physical injuries it can take. Thus, it is advised to wear a helmet as you step out of your home, it may save your life one day. (10.2)

7. Take Breaks

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Continuous driving for hours can be dangerous in some situations. If you are planning a road trip to somewhere (15-20) hours away from your location, its best to take a nap for 10-15 minutes after every 4-5 hours to re-energize yourself. When you stop for a nap, put on lights and make sure you are in the safe area.

8. A Good Sense of Turn Indicators

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Indicators are added to indicate that the vehicle ahead is just about to turn. When you want to overtake observe the indicators used by the vehicle ahead, drivers usually hint that it is safe for you to overtake – sometimes common sense plays a crucial role in driving. Sometimes he switches right indicator to tell that you can overtake, and in some cases, he’s actually indicating that he is taking a right turn, stay alert. Be careful and use your own judgment.

9. Follow The Traffic Light And Limit Honking

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Rules of the traffic light are something you must have learned in your first grade. Remember that you follow the traffic rules as jumping one can lead you presenting a gift to cops for crossing the light (maybe 500-1000 INR). Moreover, it may cause an accident. In addition, honking should be used rarely just to alert pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

Tip: in case, if your car possesses auto start or stop functionality, stopping at the signal could also save your fuel. (10.3)

10. Better Equipped Right Features In Your Vehicle

A note to all - safety should be the major concern of all vehicle owners. Understand the importance of adding prime quality of safety features viz. reverse parking camera, anti-lock braking system, airbags etc.

Driving tips are something people of all ages should be aware of. Whether you are walking on a road, driving a two-wheeler or car, safe driving tips for Indian roads should be entrenched in the mind of all using roads anyway.


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