10 Ways To Improve Memory Power

Wondering how to increase memory power? Looking for easy things which can help you retain things. Need not to stress and worry as here you will get a solution for your problems.

5 years ago
10 Ways To Improve Memory Power

Are you among those who often find it difficult to retain names of the people, to recall back the grocery list, forget your cell in the car and things you kept. Do you find it hard to memorize paths, mobile numbers, birthdays or any special event? Are you facing problems to remind yourself some important things you need to do? 

All these factors are happening because of living a stressful life. You need an organized lifestyle which keeps you healthy and full of happiness.

The one in which you do not have to face any problem and can remember and memorize everything for a longer period of time. Be it remembering dates of history, some technical coding syntax, formulas or be it stories and events. These tips will help every individual to improve memory retention powers.

Here is a list of different ways which you can apply to improve your memory power are:

1) Get Sound Sleep

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Less and improper sleep can affect your office performance, activities and even can decline the memory retention powers. Sleep is the best time for the brain to solidify neurons and make us remember more of our tasks.

Take 7-8 hours of sleep daily, it will refresh you completely.  According to experts if you do one thing to increase memory then sleep should be it. Lack of sound sleep will affect memory, creativity, judgment and attention.

2) Meditation Is The Key

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According to UCLA brain mapping center, the brain of a person starts declining at the age of 20 and above both in size and volume. Mediation helps in preventing the brain from decline and reduces the chance of  neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.

Meditation relaxes the brain and produces a positive charge of thoughts which help in learning and memorizing. Mediation helps in reducing the stress of the person and fills enthusiasm and zeal in them. Meditation is a powerful tool to increase memory powers.

3) Use Mnemonic Devices

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Use of mnemonic device can help people to memorize things at faster rates. These devices help you to remember words, examples, information, facts, and concepts. It is because of these devices a person can perform and organize things in an easy manner.

Acronyms, rhymes, and chucking all these types of techniques will help you in retaining things for a longer period of time. Even the chances of forgetting them get lessen due to them.

4) Play Brain Games

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One of the most intriguing fact related to the brain is that if a person does not give surprising challenges, puzzles or riddles to be solved by the brain then it will start deteriorating on its own.

Some brain games such as luminosity can be played online, such type of games helps in retaining things which a person has gone through once without the help of repetition or remainders.

5) Visualise What You Need To

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Visualising things is very important part to sharpen your memories. It is because of visualization by which a person look at things once and cannot forget it soon. Imagination and visualization will help us to understand and bring things into practice.

For Example, you are in the kitchen and want to remember to close the window of the bedroom. Then you can visualize it by flipping curtains this will help you to remember the cause for which you entered the room.

6) Exercise More

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Exercising daily has many hidden benefits such as it helps in improving the cognitive function of the brain which is particularly good for enhancing the brain memory.

It is also said that exercising can increase the growth of the brain cells in Hippocampus. It is an area of the brain important for learning and memorizing things.

7) Look At Cute Kitten Pictures

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Looking at the cute images of kitten or baby animals will help you sharpen your memory. You might be thinking how can it be possible? But, some researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan proved it right.

They distributed 139 people in three groups and were asked to find a random sequence number. After the first attempt, they spent more time in looking at cute pictures of a kitten which helped them in improving to 44% in the next attempt.

8) Paint Your Room Red Or Blue

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You might not be aware of the fact that brain is highly susceptible to surrounding environment and therefore color plays a vital role in everyone’s life.

Thus,  scientists at the University of British Columbia tested 600 people to see the difference among them. It was found that red color enhances memories for proofreading and other activities while blue color is used when you wanna fight with obesity and smoking habits which can block your memory retainers.

9) Learn Another Language

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It has been observed that learning a different language can boost the memory even in adults. Research in Edinburg University found that verbal fluency and intelligence improved in 262 people.

Other studies also stated that being bilingual, a person can reduce the chance of getting dementia for several years. Bilingualism in adulthood can prove to be beneficial for the ageing brain.

10) Watch Your Food Intake

The right and proper intake of food are essential for memory as well as healthy body. Eating too much can increase the risk of memory loss and other brain diseases.  According to the study, high intake of calorie in food can result in increasing the chances of dementia, mild cognitive impairment, and MCI.

Do you know that food plays a very important role in giving energy? Food is responsible for generating good or bad thoughts. For increasing memory, a person should increase the intake of milk, chocolate, green tea, almonds, oranges etc. All these food will help you to sharpen your memory.

These are some of the ways to improve your memory power and excel in all the things you need to accomplish with high memory powers.


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