10 Smarter Ways For Obesity Prevention

Cautious about your looks? If yes then here we give you some lifestyle tips which will help you to be healthier and would prevent an epidemic of obesity from your life.

6 years ago
10 Smarter Ways For Obesity Prevention

Obesity is an epidemic which ruins a person by its intervening effect though it is slow. But it has harmful effects on the body of an individual. Mostly this chronic disease is affecting children and adults. The newspapers are surging with the increase in the number of individuals who are under the effect of obesity.

It has been observed that the obesity rate in the United States has doubled since 1980. Even many other countries are facing similar consequences of the disease.

The percentage of death due to obesity has increased and will continue to skyrocket if measures are not taken for its prevention.

The lifestyle of an individual plays an important role to fight obesity. If we adopt preventive methods we will be away from the chronic disease in future.

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“A person cannot control anything in life but he can control his eating Habits”.

Here are some prevention measures which will be beneficial for you to avoid obesity:

1) Balanced Diet At Proper Time

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Always keep in mind that you must eat at a particular time daily and have a proper diet containing grains, pulses, milk and salad and other healthy items. Avoid food which contains fats and calorie in it. Eating at a proper time will definitely help you to be healthy.

These items will not only help you to make your immune strong but will also help you remain healthy and grow without worries to full potential.

2) Exercise Daily

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Just a half hour walk as soon as you get up early morning will give you fresh air to breathe and will help you to remain healthy and will even burn extra fat present in the body. You might not be aware of the fact that fat burns in a rapid speed in the early morning since you have not eaten anything since you slept.

Or else you can do a daily exercise to prevent obesity and laziness inside you. This will help you to be active throughout the day.

3) Be Aware Of False Advertisements

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Many times we get attracted towards the alluring advertisement of the junk food. It looks tasty and delicious to us and we get trapped in the loop of the having junk food. This will not only increase the fat but will also make you weaker and weaker day by day.

It would be better if you be aware of such false advertisement and have a control on your tongue.

4) Avoid Smoking And Drinking

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You might have read posters and campaigns of smoking and drinking is injurious to health. It is rightly said intake of such harmful things can give side effects in the majority of the disease which even includes the obesity under it.

According to the researchers, it is said that even smoking and drinking beverages can result in an increase in the fat metabolism as it will increase laziness and will stop your growth.

5) Sleep Well

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You might think how can sleep contribute to obesity? Sleep also plays an important role to prevent obesity.  At least 8-hour sleep is necessary for every individual and it is sufficient to bring you back the other day on track.

So it is advised to everyone to sleep 8 hours at night. Try it and see the positive changes in life. It will bring new vibes to work and grow at the same time.

6) Be Stress Less

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Stress and hypertension have always proved to give a negative impact in life. So why not avoid taking tension on small things and live a life free from tension.

It is said to worry can not give you anything except destroying your inner self-confidence. So try to be happy always and taking this prevention will keep you far away from obesity.

7) Avoid Eating Late At Night

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We often feel hunger late in the night while studying or watching a movie. But this is not the right time to eat something as it will increase fatty acid in the body which will later result in the obesity.

Eating late at night is not suggested because there is a possibility that we do not chew it properly and thus will cause a problem later. So, therefore, it is advisable to eat in the evening rather than at night.

8) Drink Water

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It is said that a person should drink 5-6 liter water daily. The water helps to remove all the unwanted useless substance present in the body. It is even beneficial to lover the abdominal obesity of an individual.

It also helps in maintaining the body fluids which includes digestion, circulation, secretion of saliva, and transportation of nutrients. Thus it is recommended to drink a lot of water.

9) Eat Ideal Nutritions

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Fruits are low in fat and calories they do not contain cholesterol and thus it is essential for the body. Diet rich in nutritional items will maintain blood pressure in the body.

Fruits contain vitamins, folic acid, potassium and fiber which helps in the growth of the body. It should be included in the healthy diet of every individual.

10) Check Cholesterol Level

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To check cholesterol level in every person is a preventive measure to stay away from the epidemic of obesity and overweight. It is a chemical that is made in the cells of the body.

The person who is between 45 to 50 should have a cholesterol level between 200 mg/dl. With the help of the blood test, the cholesterol level can be checked. This will help you to prevent obesity. Monitoring the weight will also help you out to prevent overweight one of the consequences of Obesity.

If you take these simple steps carefully, then we are sure you will never face the problem of obesity in the future.


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