10 Ridiculously Practical Things A Grown Up Woman Would Totally Want

There are somethings that you want but are not so sure about, and somethings that you look for but you never seem to find. Inter...

7 years ago
10 Ridiculously Practical Things A Grown Up Woman Would Totally Want

There are somethings that you want but are not so sure about, and somethings that you look for but you never seem to find. Internet is a vast place that will cater to your needs accordingly, you won’t have to roam hundreds of places just to buy those ‘Cute Cat-Ear Rings’.

Though some of these things might not seem very practical to you or it doesn’t present itself as the stuff of dire need. But trust me these cool things are dope and you’ll be glad that we suggested these to you.

This list of 10 practical things that grown up women want, will help you one way or another, and something here does nothing it will be a nice accessory to have.

1) Tea Cup With A Strainer

Source = Amazon

A Tea Cup for those lazy rainy days when you want to pour yourself a hot one but don’t wanna go through all the trouble of mixing the in your prefered liquid and then straining it.

This Tea cup with a strainer like compartment allows you directly pour the water/milk through the leaves releasing the flavor without the tea leaves which stay in the little strainer compartment.

2) Scissor With A Tape Dispenser

Source = Amazon

This Scissor with a tape dispenser is easily the best invention ever. Imagine having a scissor with tape dispenser mounted on a scissor while you’re wrapping gifts for a bunch of people.

3) A Casual Cozy Coat

Source = Assets

There should be an all purpose casual coat for the ladies who have a low tolerance for cold and dependency on men to give up their coats.

A cozy coat will keep you warm against the cold and cold against the dependency on men to give up their coats out of chivalry. 

4) Rain Shoe Cover

Source = Imgix

Okay, now this is the second best invention after the scissors with tape dispensers, so when you are out and about strolling back to home and it rains, every body else will be untying their costly Yeezy sneakers to protect it from getting wet but not you, because you have your “Raincoat” for shoes in your pockets.

5) No-tie Elastic Laces

Source = Shopify

Another shoe invention for all the lazy people out there, who don’t want to go through the frivolous and archaic task of tying untying the shoes on daily.

These ‘Hickies’ No-tie elastic laces will save you the trouble of tying and untying your shoes, which is such a time consuming task, especially on the days when you’re running late. Just slide your feet in and walk away.

6) Cat-Ears Ring

Source = Thefancy

This is not at all such a practical thing that you will need if you’re are a grown up. But who cares this might become your next favourite and go to accessory which in turn saves you a lot of hassle to decide with what you wanna accessorize yourself.

Not so impractical after all, huh!

7) Shower Curtain With Pockets

Source = Amazon

You’re showering and suddenly remember that you forgot to bring your shampoos and other 50 personal care product in the shower. Now, either you will yell to someone to bring your shower necessities to you or you will just bath without them.

Or you can get yourself a Shower Curtain with numerous pockets where you can keep all your personal care necessities.

8) Ice Cream Door Stopper

Source = Amazon

This one is practical in all sense and it’s cuteness is a big plus. This door stopper will prevent you from getting yourself locked out and also put a smile on your face on a weary day.

9) Unicorn Wine Holder

Source = Amazon

One of those products that you’d definitely want if you’re a frequent party host. 

This unicorn is cute plus it will hold your wine bottle for you.

10) Glow In The Dark Nail Paint

Source = Thefancy

For the dark nights when you can’t see where your hands are going.

With this glow in the dark nail paint you’ll be able to spot your hands as they reach for things in the dark. 

Jokes apart, Glow In the Dark Nail Paint will be a nice addition to your accessories for spooky Halloween themed parties.


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