10 Biggest Beauty and Fashion Trends of 2019 to Impress Your Valentine

This year impress your Valentine not only with gifts and surprises but also show your unique fashion sense and make them fall for you.

5 years ago
10 Biggest Beauty and Fashion Trends of 2019 to Impress Your Valentine

It doesn’t matter whether you are single or in a relationship, 14th February is the day of LOVE. Fall in love with yourself or propose your love for a happy forever. Make this day extra special by spending time with your partner or do the things you love doing. So, whether you have planned for a romantic dinner date or sharing a pizza with a friend, a little makeover on Valentine’s Day can transform your evening.

You are probably wrong if you think that only gifts and surprises can impress your bae. Follow the biggest beauty and fashion trends of 2019 and let him/her fall for your choices.

So, if you are looking for fashion trends and makeup looks to impress your Valentine, here are some tips you can follow to look glamorous and attractive on the V-Day.

1. Dramatic Combination of Eye Shadows

Source = Thebrunettediaries

Your eye makeup speaks about your style. It has the power to connect someone instantly. But don’t be upset if you are not a fashion follower or a makeup pro because only one stroke of eyeliner and smudge proof mascara can attract your Valentine.

Apply the amazing mix of brown and gold soft eyeshadow to get an alluring look. Pair it with nude lips, and you are good to go. If this traditional and casual eye makeup is not your choice to go for the shimmery look because sometimes it is fun switching from traditional to glossy and shimmery eyeshadows.

2. Tattoos

Source = Inkme

A person whom you love is not just a friend or family, he/she means the world to you. Trends for a sexy maxi dress, evening gowns and jackets come and go but, tattoos are something special and always make you remember your loved ones. Ink your partner’s name or choose a tattoo that connects you two. For instance, tattoos like ‘infinity and beyond’ and ‘heart and key’ are the best tattoos that describe the connection and never-ending love for each other. Get inspired by the tattoo ideas and show how much you love your partner.

3. Wavy Eyebrows

Source = Ytimg

I don’t know about your fashion choices, but to be honest, the wavy eyebrows are doing the rounds on the Internet. If buying expensive clothes and footwear are not on your list, try the wavy eyebrows and go unique on Valentine’s day.

I don’t like this wavy trend, but if you are looking for something stylish and out of the bo, these wavy eyebrows variations may help you. Remember that the shape of the eyebrows completely changes your look, so you better take the help of professional before you opt for wavy eyebrows.

4. Retro Chic and Curly Hairs

Source = Pinimg

Forget that nude lip, Valentine’s day calls for a bold red lip. Apply a red-toned lipstick with minimal makeup and add a glamorous touch to your date night. If wavy eyebrows don’t attract you, go for wavy and slightly messy hairs to look more charming and beautiful.

Sometimes curly hairs seem frizzy and messy, but with the right kind of styling, your curls can add a glamorous touch to your looks.

Tip: Make sure that you apply light eye makeup and focus on red lips.

5. Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

Source = Frendsbeauty

Whether you are spending this Valentine’s day with your boyfriend, husband or with friends, these makeup ideas would inspire everyone around you.

  • Matching Lips Shade with Manicure

Wear a party dress and match the lip shade with your manicure to enhance your look. Red colored lipstick with red nail paint looks beautiful and attractive. You can also choose his favorite color to show your love.

  • Day to Night Look

Are you also the one who doesn’t have time to apply makeup after work? Don’t worry! Apply a neutral berry lip and a quick swipe of gold eyeshadow to look fresh all day long.

A nude lip shade and light eye shadow color is the perfect combination that would go all valentine day without any mess.

Tip: Add thick coats of mascara to add a glamorous touch to your morning look.

  • Smokey Eyes and Glowing Skin

It’s not at all hard to get smokey eyes. A caramel–toned eye, glowing skin and a touch of gloss on the lips is an ideal combination for the Valentine’s Day.  This black smokey is perfect for a night out and parties.

It is a misconception that black looks attractive in the night and couldn’t be applied in the daytime. Smokey eyes with light shade lipstick can be worn in the daytime with a sexy dress for brunch.

6. Manicure for Men

Source = Indianbeautyart

Who said manicure is only for women? Manicure enhances the health of finger and toenails and maintains well-moisturized cuticles. Even men should pay attention to their hands. So, this Valentine’s day, before you meet your sweetheart, check if your nails are well-trimmed and hands are clean. Don’t forget to add this in your beauty tips list and notice the change.

Not only this, but men should pay attention to their lips as well. Lips get chapped and look bad when we talk. Although men don’t have the advantage of hiding chapped lips with makeup, they should apply a lip balm during the day and a nourishing lip balm at night to cure all these problems.

7. Trendy Hats

Source = Nexcesscdn

As different trends are getting popular every day, wearing a hat never fades in fashion. When it comes to flaunting the style statement, we usually consider high heels, branded clothes and sunglasses. But you know what, hats and caps are creating a unique style statement and look glamorous when worn along with any traditional and western wear. Look out for the different types of hats and caps popping in the market and show your unique style. Overall, hats look classy and complete any ensemble in an elegant yet inspired way.

So, this Valentine’s if you have chosen your dress, add a stylish hat with it and compliment him/her in style.

8. Neon is Back

Source = Fashiongum

If regular black and red are not your choices, go for neon shades on Valentine’s Day because vibrant, dramatic hues are all set to make you drool in 2019 with their zingy shades. Forget the pastel colors and opt neon attires to wear on 14th February. The past year was largely dominated by nude color palette, but this time the fashion editors are showing only the neon outfits on their feeds. So, explore the Instagram feeds and look out for the neon inspiration you would be flaunting this year.

9. 50 Shades of Gray

Source = Kprofiles, Pinimg

Change your mind if you are thinking of coloring your gray hairs because according to the beauty trends in 2019, this might be the year to flaunt your gray hairs. Both natural and dyed gray hair are becoming popular than ever before. If you are already rocking your grays, make it shine by using mild shampoo and conditioner.

Now don’t freak out when you see gray hair popping off your head. Let it grow naturally because the gray hair trend has been doing the rounds everywhere on Instagram and among celebrities.

10. Almond Shape Nails

Source = Fustany

The time you sit down in the salon, you are asked to make a decision – oval or ballerina? And you say square. Though both square and oval are the most preferred choices, you should know that nail tech is not that simple anymore.

Tell us how many nail shapes do you know? Maybe 4-5, but you will be surprised to know that there are over 20 nail shapes you can choose from. Not round, not square, but almond shaped nails are doing the rounds on the internet and are attracting women of all ages. It always looks chic and stylish. So forget the old square, round shaped nails and select the almond-shaped variations ranging from 3D look to bold.

Whether you prefer to do a manicure at home or going a nail salon, opt for almond-shaped nail and make everyone jealous of your fashion choices. If you are going to a nail salon, make sure that you ask the manicurist for almond-shaped variations because there is a wide variety of options to ranging from geometric to dotted and copper foil to white marble.

Colors Trending This Valentine Season

If you are still confused about what to wear and which color will suit you, choose the subtle shades of orange and blue because these colors look simple yet elegant on every attire (traditional or western). Plus, blue and orange will set the trend in 2019.

But don’t forget RED is evergreen to wear on Valentine’s day.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to fashion, we usually consider accessories like handbags, jewelry and more to add in our wardrobe. But this V-day, choose something unique and stylish and surprise your sweetheart with lots of gifts on a dinner date.

No matter how you’re going to impress your bae, surprise him/her with presents and expensive rings, promise yourself that you won’t be choosing bizarre fashion trends and create a blunder.

So, are you all ready to embrace makeup tips and fashion trends this Valentine’s day?  Did any of these beauty tips impress you? If not, tell us what you have planned and what you will be doing to impress your partner.


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