10 Genius Parenting Hacks Your Ancestors Didn’t Tell You

Being a parent is the hardest job without getting paid. It is the hardest but also the most gratifying. If you are also a parent, try these parental hacks and make your life easier when kids are around.

5 years ago
10 Genius Parenting Hacks Your Ancestors Didn’t Tell You

Parenting is a daunting task. Don’t get me wrong but being a parent to a mischievous child is one of the most audacious things one can do.

Are you a parent or a to-be parent and looking for the best hacks to make your job easier? Do you also explore the internet for the best hacks to be used on kids to make your life easier?

If so, below are some best and approved parental hacks that may help you in enjoying a second cup of coffee.  

1. Put Stickers in Their Shoes

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Getting out early morning is a challenge. Adding stickers in their shoes will save your time as they would know which leg should be put at which side of the shoes. Cut the sticker from the middle, and put one half inside the shoes. In this way, they will know which shoes go on which foot.

Did you find this trick interesting? Yes or No? 

You can also try these cool shoe hacks to make yourself comfortable. 

2. Place Shower Caps Over the Wheels

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As a parent, you have a responsibility of keeping your kids room, toys and clothing clean. Sometimes their strollers go off-road, and the wheels get dirty. So how about placing shower caps over the wheels? Shower caps won’t allow the dirt and dust to stick on the wheels.  

3. Put a Roll of Drawing Paper Above Frame

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If your kid loves drawing, put a roll of drawing paper above the frame so that he/she can draw new art pieces every day.  Surprise them by adding a paper roll in their room. In this way, they will keep themselves busy and won’t disturb you.

4. Cupcake Liner Under a Popsicle (I Wish I Knew this Earlier!)

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Place cupcake liners under a popsicle and let the kids enjoy their ice cream. The popsicles won’t let ice cream melt all over their hand and ultimately save your time in washing their dress as well.

5. Use Cardboard Dividers to Make Kids Sit Silent in Car

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Being a parent comes with a couple of challenges. Kids think car also comes in there play area and jump here and there. Use cardboard dividers and let them sit alone in the car.  

This genius father used dividers and enjoyed his ride without getting disturbed.  

6. When Crib is Turned into Art and Homework Station

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When your kids grew up, their crib occupies unnecessary space as it is of no use now. So how about converting the crib into a beautiful art station? What you all need is chairs, crayons, and attracting drawing sheets to make them sit for a long time.

Alternatively, you can also use it as a memo board for walls or wall hanger for the organizer.

7. Use Monster Spray in Their Room

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Is your kid afraid of monsters? Use monster spray in their room; this will put your kid’s mind relaxed when you tell them that there are no monsters in the room. The spray will also make the room smell good.

Using monster spray is the best and effective way to help kids conquer their sleepless night and insecurities. Next time, if someone asks you an idea what to do when kids are afraid of the dark or monsters, help them by telling this monster spray trick.

Prepare a monster spray by using these steps:

  • Get a spray bottle and fill it halfway with water.
  • Add a non-toxic liquid like lemon juice in it. (Do you know monsters hate lemon juice?)

Yayy! You are done. Spray this monster spray in your kid’s room and tell them how this monster spray promises to keep them away from their room.

8. Soften the Sharp Edges with Cushion

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Use cushion for sharp edges to keep kids safe from accidents. Buy some foam pipe insulation from the local hardware store and fix them around the corners of tea table and bed. This is the cheapest and the best idea to keep your kids safe from the corners.

Alternatively, you can also use old tennis balls for the same. Cut a slit in a tennis ball and cover the sharp edges. 

Do you know that tennis balls are also widely used for a massage? After a tiring schedule of office, lie down on that tennis ball and get a back massage. Wow! Tennis ball hacks also work for adults. 

You can also try these simple life hacks to add comfort in your life. 

9. Use Kitchen Spoons to Keep the Drawers Locked

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Do you know the kitchen spoons are not only used for eating, but they also work as a lock for the drawers? Kids love spending time in the kitchen, keep the drawer safe by placing these spoons on the drawers handle. You can also take the help of the guide to install kitchen cabinets to make your kitchen look unique and beautiful. 

Have you ever tried this trick? I am still wondering why I am not this genius! 

10. Shower Rod and Beautiful Plastic Baskets to Store Your Kid’s Bath Toys

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Are you tired of a messy bathtub? Store your kid’s bath toys uniquely in your bathroom and let them have fun. Add a metal hanging basket to keep the toys; it also drains the extra water. You can also create a bath toy bag matching with your bathroom décor to give a beautiful look to it.  

BONUS TIP: Put some hanging baskets to keep toys and replace them with soaps or towels when your guests use the bathroom.  

Concluding Thoughts 

If you are also a parent and appreciate a good hack what your friends do, try these above hacks and share with struggling parents who are still trying to understand their kids.

Tell us out of these parent hacks which one did you like the most? Or have you ever tried any of these hacks on your kids?


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