Compilation of Hilarious Horror Pranks That Will Give You Nightmare

A harmless prank is an excellent way to have fun. See how these people pranked others and left them scared and laughing at the same time.

7 years ago
Compilation of Hilarious Horror Pranks That Will Give You Nightmare

Have you ever pranked someone? Yes, you might have pranked your friends or teachers in school. It is hilarious to see the reaction of the person getting pranked.

Sometimes when you plan a prank, it fails; other times, it gets successful and also makes everyone laugh. Are you planning to play a trick on someone? Yes? But you don’t know how and when? So, check out this compilation of a few horror pranks to scare them.

Note: Horror stories may scare you, but these horror pranks are not spooky, they are fun and hilarious.

1. White Lady Scare Prank

Source - My Old Channel

What will you do if you randomly see someone at night or dark in a white dress, with candles, open hairs, and coming near to you making bizarre sounds and actions? You will run, right?

I don’t know about you, but I would run and save my life. See how this white lady scared everyone and made them run.

2. Dead Sisters Prank

Source - Scary Prank Show

See how these two sisters scared people on the road. The reaction of people is worth watching. The video is hilarious and will make you plan a prank soon.

I was scared! These two sisters have acted brilliantly in the video. Thank god, I have never been part of such horror pranks. Would you like to try this prank?

Try this horror prank with your siblings. After all, siblings are the best people in the family with whom you can laugh, gossip, and can do a lot more things than traveling. Have you ever tried any prank with your siblings? If yes, what was it?

3. Flying Ghost Sisters

Whenever you hear about the ghost, you get a little scared. But, what happens when you see ghosts coming near you and flying? See how these sisters are making people scared. This video is hilarious.

Some Non-Horror Pranks That Went Viral on the Internet

When you prank, make sure that it is harmless and only hilarious.

See how this son put his dad’s number on a billboard on his birthday and got over 10000 calls on the day. How will you react if this happens with you? I guess I will not pick any phone calls that day.

Another prank that went viral on the internet is of the girl holding hands of random people in public. The shocking reactions of man will make you laugh to tears.

Final Words

If you think that your friends and family have not been pranked for a long time, then this is the right time. Take the idea from the Internet or check our pranks that will make you laugh harder.

Also, let us know- have you ever been pranked? How was your reaction after you got to know that you were being watched and were the part of prank? Would you try something like these horror pranks on your friends or family - Yes or No?

Also, don’t forget that horror pranks are not for faint-hearted. So you better don’t play a prank on a random person walking on the streets.


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