45 Funny Licensing Plates That People Cleverly Customized for Their Vehicles

License plates are not only a combination of letters and numbers. They also reflect the personality of the driver.

2 years ago
45 Funny Licensing Plates That People Cleverly Customized for Their Vehicles

There’s something about license plates that could cause an eye roll. Today, the majority of people use vanity plates or customized plates for their vehicles to make them attractive. Some of the license plates promote themselves; others lack a sense of humor. According to sources- 

"As Americans became more prosperous, custom or official vanity license plates became very popular."
"The increased fees for custom, personalized or vanity official license plates have earned the states hundreds of millions of dollars and a great source of tax revenue for education (colleges), wildlife conservation and other projects.”

While some licensing plates can be informational and inspirational, others could be the funniest and wittiest to capture. Idaho was the first state to design license plates with graphics. Later, Pennsylvania manufactured personalized license plates in 1931.

Let’s check out a few funny licensing plates captured on streets that caught pedestrians’ eyes. 

1. Is This Metallica or ET4LLIC?

Source = Boredpanda

2. Morons?

Source = Ranker

3. You’re blessed!

Source = Liveabout

4. In what sense?

Source = Boredpanda

5. The driver is up to something

Source = Boredpanda

6. Perfect name and number plate

Source = Boredpanda

7. Horse poop joke

Source = Liveabout

8. This duct tape made everything better

Source = Ranker

9. It seems that the car’s AC doesn’t work

Source = Townsquare

10. Upside down number plate

Source = Ranker

11. Clumsy and Dump! Really?

Source = Boredpanda

12. If Arted or I Farted?

Source = Carbuzz

13. It doesn’t matter! The car should be real.

Source = Pinimg

14. He must be lacking driving skills

Source = Imgur

15. Geek dad

Source = Funnylicenseplates

16. Wait for the karma to hit you back

Source = Huffingtonpost

17. I love my But Too (missed T accidentally)

Source = Funcage

18. The funniest licensing plate ever captured

Source = M3post

19. We owe everything to you, Dad

Source = Piximus

20. Not for women and children

Source = Liveabout

21. Heading back home

Source = Bestlifeonline

22. What else do you have?

Source = Pinimg

23. Which move is this?

Source = Pinimg

24. I am Lost, Too!

Source = Pinimg

25. What is allowed then?

Source = Pinimg

26. But I love them

Source = Pinimg

27. When you have a habit of messaging

Source = Hearstapps

28. Zoom on my number plate. Isn’t it attractive?

29. Yes, I am eligible to vote.

Source = Liveabout

30. We do, too!

31. This guy doesn’t chill much

Source = Pinimg

32. Excuse me! Can you give me some side?

Source = Pinimg

33. I am addicted to alcohol

Source = Pinimg

34. I don’t give a damn to anyone

Source = Pinimg

35. When you want to prove that you are not a gay

Source = Pinimg

36. Yes, I am absolutely fine!

Source = Chzbgr

37. Peas are my favorite

Source = Buzzkeys

38. Sorry! You can't mess with me.

Source = Demilked

39. Ah! You are so smart!

Source = Hotcarsimages

40. On point!

Source = Media-amazon

41. I left my heart for you

42. Women always win

Source = Definition

43. In case you don’t know

44. Only for the ones who are successful

Source = Hotcarsimages

45. I didn’t even notice

Source = Liveabout

Final Words

Every vehicle has to display a license plate. The first-state issued plate in Massachusetts was simple and read ‘1’. It was registered to Fredrick Tudor. His family still holds the active registration of this license plate. 

Have you ever used a funny licensing plate? Have you ever captured any license plate that is funnier than those we listed here?


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