16 Animals Facing Camera & Posing Like Pros Will Make You Feel Jealous

These animal poses are captured at the right moment. The pictures are rare to see and adorable. It looks like they are trained and are professional models.

7 years ago
16 Animals Facing Camera & Posing Like Pros Will Make You Feel Jealous

If you are an animal lover, you will agree that they are the best companions on earth. Whether you are upset or stay alone, animals know how to entertain you. While some people are crazy about animals and like twinning with them, others find them dangerous to keep as a pet.

Models or professionals know how to look, walk, and pose in front of the camera. They are paid high to look glamorous and to endorse a brand. But when it comes to animals, they behave like humans in several ways. They eat, show emotions, and express anger. They can laugh and show love.

But do you know animals also love cameras and could pose in a better way than humans? When models need proper training and practice to pose like a pro in front of the camera, animals are natural and are great posers. You might not know, but animals have a great sense of atmosphere around them and know how to react accordingly.

When it comes to the photoshoot, some people don’t know how to pose, wink, or make facial expressions. But some animal poses would make you think if they are trained or have come from modeling school.

For instance, when people click their pictures, they feel good when the reaction is positive and pose nicely for the camera. Try this anytime, and you will see animals are like babies who like to have positive surroundings. Below is a compilation of animals, facing the camera like a pro, and the result is hilarious but cute.

Animal Poses That are Amazingly Adorable and Rare to See

1. Yes, I am Ready!

Source = Boredpanda

Cats are adorable. But this cat pose looks like it is trained. The pose is sexy and should be the cover page of a magazine. Just like humans have preferences in making friends, cats too are choosy and behave differently with people and animals.

So next time, if the cat doesn’t pose for your camera, chances are it doesn’t like your personality. Check out more psychological facts about cats.

2. This Kangaroo Pose is Too Cute to Handle

Source = Earthporm

Kangaroos are the cutest creatures found in Australia. I am wondering what was he thinking when the camera turned towards it. Did you check out its biceps?

3. This Bear Relaxing on the Tree is What Everyone Needs from Their Life

Source = Boredpanda

Bear is relaxing or posing for the camera! No matter what, the pose is extremely good. But what is he looking at?

4. Do You Like My Haircut?

Source = Brightside

It seems that this cute dog has just come from the salon. It is looking cool with long hair. You won’t believe, but some dogs are not only posers but also employed and earning good money.

Read how these dogs are earning bread for themselves and motivate others to do work sincerely.

5. Hello People! How are You?

Source = Top13

I can’t agree more. Cats are dramatic and are brilliant expression makers.

6. I am the Selfie King

Source = Earthporm

Monkeys are known to be the naughtiest animals in the world. It is amazing to note that when animals see the camera, they show extra expressions that you might not see through a bare eye. This monkey selfie is hilarious and cute.

7. Hie! How Are You Doing?

Source = Staticflickr

What a beauty! Squirrel usually climb and dig, and rarely sit. But it seems that this squirrel knows when to stand still.

8. Let Me Relax for a While

Source = Boredpanda

It looks like this cute panda is tired and needs to relax.

9. I am Not Exercising; I am Posing!

Source = Kickvick

Cool, it is!

10. Is He Flirting with his GF? He is Too Cute.

Source = Brightside

This dog’s wink is adorable.

11. Yes, I am the King of the Jungle

Source = Earthporm

Sometimes I am not dangerous, but cool to play with.

12. I am Waiting for My Friends to Come

Source = Top13

It seems that she is having a perfect weekend.

13. How Do I Look?

Source = Kickvick

Oh! Did I forget to smile? Ok, take the next shot.

14. This Gorilla Knows Everything

Source = Kickvick

I know everything, don’t tell me a lie.

15. Not in Mood Today, Let Me Relax

Source = Chzbgr

I wonder- does he has a bed in the jungle? How did he come out?

16. Did You Say CHEESE?

Source = Kickvick

Yes, I am ready.

Final Words

Let us agree that animals are more intelligent and elegant than humans. The most important thing in photography is timing. Capturing an animal is difficult and requires patience and sometimes luck. But it looks like these animals are professionals and know how to pose when seeing the camera.

Often we think that animals are very different from humans. They can’t speak and don’t show the characteristics of humans. But when you closely observe them, you get to know that their traits relate to humans in several ways. As a fact, they are more honest and loyal than humans.

The next time you see animals anywhere in the forest or zoo, keep your camera ready. Maybe they could strike a pose after seeing a camera. After all, they are great posers. If you are an animal lover, you can't miss these animal pictures that prove nature is filled with surprises.

Which of the animal pose did you like the most? Have you ever clicked a picture of an animal posing like a pro? How was your reaction to it? Share it with us below.


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