Think You are Having a Bad Day? These People Are Having Even Worse

If you think you are having a bad day, then these pictures of people would make you feel better. These would put a smile on your face and brighten your day.

4 years ago
Think You are Having a Bad Day? These People Are Having Even Worse

We all have a bad day when everything goes wrong, and you think about what's happening in your life and why. Having some good and bad days is a part of life. When there are bad days, we hope for good days to come. No matter who you are, if something bad happens, it changes your mood.

When you watch someone getting stuck in a lift, you feel happy that you are not that guy. Sometimes it happens, it is Monday, and you are late for work, the car battery is down, or you feel sleepy. It feels weird and full of self-pity that your bad mood is also affecting your colleagues and friends.

You might find this weird, but sometimes we laugh when someone is going through a bad day! Also, it makes you realize that you are not the only one who has a bad day.

What is a Bad Day?

On a bad day, you could hear serious news of terrible accident or one of someone sitting on wet paint. We have been living a similar life and know that it gets better and worse.

Sometimes our bad days make us think, do we deserve this? But before you feel bad for your life, look at the pictures below that can change your mind about your bad day.

1. When Your Car is the Favorite Spot of Birds for Poop

Source = Thetalkoimages

It is not funny when you come back to the car and find thousands of bird poop everywhere. No matter how much cleaning spray you use or wash the car through washing fluid, it would waste your time.

I am wondering how and why the birds found this car attractive.

2. OMG! He Hit Him Hard

Source = Thethingsimages

Every athlete when enters the ground knows that he/she can get injured anytime. Therefore, they are trained to minimize those accidents and to live a different lifestyle. But sometimes they can’t avoid accidents.

In this picture, we are sure this man didn’t try to kick him, but he accidentally did. I hope that this block was successful and worth it.

3. I Don’t Know How to React If This Had Happened with Me

Source = Hearstapps

Imagine your passport chewed by a dog, just before the day of your trip. I guess this dog feels sorry about it.

4. When a Cat Spills the Litter Bag and Poops on it

Source = Boredpanda

Cats are adorable creatures, but sometimes they do things that are weird and unavoidable. See how this cat spilled the litter bag and pooped on it as if it doesn’t know where the toilet is.

5. Epic Family Photo – This Shouldn’t be Framed

Source = Thetalkoimages

Taking pictures on an exotic location is fun, but when a picture turns into an epic failure, it becomes hilarious.

This couple decided to have fun with their kids on the beach. They tried to capture the best picture of their trip, but see what happened when they swung their kids in arms. The swing got out of control, and unfortunately, the photographer snapped it.

I don’t know how the woman reacted after seeing her husband’s laughing face in the picture.

6. Thank God, I Don’t Have Apple

Source = Cultofmac

Sitting at home with some burning candles around the room is a peaceful feeling. While working, a guy suddenly felt that there was a spot on the screen and was changing the color and texture fast.

When investigated, it was found that the laptop was kept close to the candles, and that burned a hole. Now, this guy not only had a bad day but the entire bad month.

I have learned candlelight dinner is much better than candlelight work.

7. I Will Never Make Ice-cream at Home

Source = Hearstapps

Who doesn’t want to eat home-made ice-cream? Things went wrong when this tiny chef tried to make ice cream at home. Instead, he should have asked his mom to buy it from the store.

8. It is Summer Time! I Hope You Enjoyed This Shower

Source = Thethingsimages

I thought this happens in movies only until I saw this picture when a driver drenches this person with water. After seeing the drivers’ reaction, I am sure that he did this purposely.

This may happen with you, but wish that you are not the person standing on the side of the road.

9. Epic Pizza Fail

Source = Liveabout

This pizza image has made me upset. Don’t you dare to mess with my pizza! I would kill you.

10. I Wonder What This Dog is Doing.

Source = Liveabout

It is not a bad day, but I would say a picture is taken at the right moment. Check more pictures that are captured at the perfect timings.

11. What is the Correct Answer Then?

Source = Buzznick

The person would scratch his/her head after this result.

After seeing these pictures, I think these people should post their pictures on serials like America’s funniest pictures and videos to earn money.

Final Words

Most of the time, when you are having a bad day, someone is standing there with a camera. But be glad that you have never become a part of these hilarious situations. You know that you are having a bad day when nothing is going right.

I sometimes wish I could go to bed and start the day again. These pictures show people having a bad day, but what happens when your entire week is terrible? I would only look forward to the weekend so that I can take a rest and enjoy with friends.

What do you think about these pictures? Have you ever had a bad day like this? If so, share your experience below.


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