25 Funniest Typos & Auto-Correct Fails That Went Viral (#10 is Hilarious)

No matter how intelligent or grammar nazi you are, before submitting the document, you also run a spell check or proofread the document. But, your one silly mistake can make people crazy.

4 years ago
25 Funniest Typos & Auto-Correct Fails That Went Viral (#10 is Hilarious)

Everybody makes mistakes, but some are born with bad luck, and their mistakes get highlighted to the world via social media. You might find this awkward, but everyone feels satisfied at spotting someone else’s mistakes. When it comes to grammar or typing, a silly mistake can alter the real meaning.

Once in a lifetime, you have also behaved like a grammar nazi by finding out someone’s silly mistake. Well, it is human nature to make mistakes. But sometimes these errors turn into hilarious jokes when posted on social media. From authors to scholars and writers to newscasters, no one is perfect.

In most cases, the typo or grammatical mistakes are ignored by the readers, but sometimes they make things uncomfortable for everyone involved. In the world of print media, the chances for typing mistakes are high. Sometimes when you read the newspaper and find errors, you overlook it.

It has a small space to include attention-grabbing headlines, and the editor has less time to think either. But these newspaper headlines errors were serious and might have lost someone’s job. Even if they didn’t, they would be sent back to the school to learn the spellings and grammar.

Typos make us laugh and are the best alerts to our embarrassing mistakes. We all are aware of the difference between their, they’re, and there. But sometimes these silly mistakes of using them in the wrong phrases gives hilarious results. Check out a few typing and grammatical errors that changed the entire meaning of the sentence and created an awkward situation.

1. Did You Notice That Mistake?

Source = Buzzfeed

Yes, the typist needs an extra hour of sleep.

2. Exist or Exit?

Source = Boredpanda

Now, I am sure I don’t want to EXIST!! Lol!

3. There are Many Things to Get Inspired From

Source = Ranker

I hope she hasn't read this journal.

4. True! Punctuation Saves Lives

Source = Zcache

That’s why you should be perfect in grammar.

5. Children are So Innocent and Funny

Source = Boredpanda

I hope his father has read it as Peanuts.

6. McDonalds’ is Looking for Someone With a Good Smile Who can Handle Those Afternoon Shits

Source = Jesper

Is there anyone who works at McDonalds’ in afternoon shifts? Best of luck!

7. I Won’t Take One

Source = Hubspot

Thank God! It is not Dead and ded.

8. I Am Interested in Buying This

Source = Hubspot

Are there other products with spelling mistakes? I would buy all.

9. And This Menu!

Source = Citymagazine

Yes, you read it right. I would prefer ordering fish.

10. Oops!

Source = Boredpanda

Men are doing some intense work.

11. This Romantic Novel is Not at All Romantic

Source = Buzzfeed

Read it till the end.

12. It's Good They Found Themselves Responsible for the Wrong Editing!

Source = Theatlantic

But again they spelled ‘correction’ wrong. Now, who is responsible for this?

13. I Don’t Even Want to Taste This RAPEFRUIT

Source = Interfaces

Have you ever heard about this fruit?

14. This is Hilarious!

Source = Oddee

Sometimes misplaced words also change the meaning.

15. I Don’t Like Dognuts Sorry Donuts

Source = Dailymail

Would you eat these Dognuts?

16. When the Warning Turns into a Joke

Source = Klimg

Walk into this lane only if you are 18 or above.

17. You Would Get it Only If You are a Keen Observer. I Got the Mistake

Source = Hubspot

Detail and Detal.

18. Yes, I Pay the Parking Fee

Source = Blazepress

I paid, so I am existing (exiting.)

19. When You Change the Correct Spelling

Source = Pinimg

The misspelled word is still not corrected here.

20. I Love Pancakes But Not This Way

Source = Ranker

The editor must be hiding his/her face. 

Some Funny Autocorrect Mistakes

Nowadays, people use autocorrect and other apps to correct the wrong spellings, but sometimes these kinds of apps do not work in the way we want. They often make spelling mistakes and create an embarrassing situation for the person reading the message.

Earlier, spell checking software were used only with word processing programs. Time has changed, now every software has a spell check built-in including the messaging app, desktop operating systems, and web browsers.

What do you think- with the use of spell check, would the errors decrease? Obviously, yes. But sometimes these tools and software make spelling mistakes and create uncomfortable situations for reader and sender.

Here are a few autocorrect mistakes that changed the meaning of the conversation.

1. Penis vs. Pencil

Source = Twelveskip

2. And There Was No Conversation Then

Source = Amazonaws

You better send your resume to another company.

3. Happy Birthday, Dear Husband!

Source = Freemake

Thank God! She has an understanding husband.

4. Auditioning the Kids and Auctioning Has a Huge Difference

Source = Buzzfeed

Do you also use autocorrect? Yes? Have you ever faced an embarrassing situation like this?

5. Hahaha!! COCKATTACK

Source = Autocorrectfail

What do you think? How many times did he type Cockatoo?

The smartphones autocorrect can drive you crazy with its new meaning. Do you know that autocorrect works differently on different phones? The DyAc explains- 

“Autocorrect behaves differently on everyone’s phone, and it “learns” words based on things you have typed in the past. If you can’t reproduce it on your phone after numerous tries, it doesn’t mean it is fake. It just means you have too much time on your hands.”

I didn't know that.

Final Words

That was our collection of hilarious errors that gives you a tip of reviewing a text before publishing. I wonder how the typist reacts after seeing their mistakes going viral on the internet. Have you ever done or noticed this kind of mistake? How was your reaction to it? Drop your comments below.

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