One Eyed Minion | 8 Fun Facts About Stuart

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One Eyed Minion | 8 Fun Facts About Stuart


Everytime somebody mentions Minions, this song starts playing in our heads. Tiny yellow harmless henchmen of a former criminal mastermind Felonius Gru. Minions are one of the most successful characters of a movie franchise Universal & Illumination has ever made, where 48 distinct personalities of these adorable banana maniacs made their way to the people’s heart; kids and adults alike.

Stuart is one of the few One-Eyed minions. He appeared in almost all the movies of the franchise. He is very talented, funny, and mischievous of a minion who made his mark in the  Despicable Me movies as the most recognized minion amongst the sea of yellow cuteness.

He is playful, friendly, and intelligent. He is skillful at video games like his friend Dave. He can also be the most sincere and innocent out of all the minions. He seems to have a rebellious attitude too. He's considered to be a slacker among the other Minions, preferring to chill out and play the ukulele than listen to the rules.

Check out Some fun facts about him

1. The name Stuart is derived From The Latin Word "Stuartalumni"

The most chill Minion of all who is either lounging on a recliner chair somewhere or mischievously imitating some actress' half naked butt walk; Stuart got his name from the Latin word "Stuartalumni", which loosely translates as "the one who slacks".

But he is a slacker that everybody loves.

2. Stuart Dodged The Mighty Supervillain El Macho

A Mexican restaurant owner named Eduardo Perez who also happens to be an undercover supervillain El Macho stole a serum named  PX-41 which turns people into an evil counterpart of them.

Now El Macho plans to kidnap Felonius Gru’s loyal henchmen Minions only to turn them into brainless killing machines. He successfully Kidnapped almost every Minions except for few, Stuart is one of those few lucky minions who were successful in outsmarting the kidnapping tactics of El Macho.

Minions are physically invincible and immortal. In the film Minions, when Stuart, Bob and Kevin were tortured on the rack, their bodies were able to stretch easily; throughout all three films, they've been hit by various objects on their bodies, got their head stuck in a jar, and etc., without any ill effect. That is reason why El Macho thought to abduct the Minions who could prove to be perfect henchmen; literally in his case.

3. Stuart Is The Tritagonist

Stuart is a ‘Despicable Me’ Tritagonist who made a significant appearance in every movie of the franchise.

In ‘Despicable Me Stuart is seen playing with the girls, throwing toilet paper around in the living room. He is also seen moaning and cheering when Gru talks briefly about bedtime.

In ‘Despicable Me 2’ Stuart, alongside Phil, are cleaning up from Agnes' party when they see Gru being abducted by Lucy. Stuart and Dave chase after Lucy's car, and they end up following her to the AVL. Stuart makes fun of the AVL's director, Silas Ramsbottom, because the last part of his last name has a similar meaning to the word "butt".

In the Despicable Me spinoff ‘Minions Stuart was the first minion picked by Kevin to help join him on his quest to gain a new master. Stuart, though not paying attention to Kevin's speech, agrees to join despite not knowing anything about what's coming ahead. Bob is then picked after him, and they all head out to find a new master.

He also appeared in some bonus short movies like Orientation Day & Minions Paradise .

4. Stuart Is Basically Edith Of Minions

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Stuart bears a slight resemblance to Edith Gru, which is why he was given a major role in Minions along with Kevin and Bob.

There are some incident in the movie where you can see the similarity between the personalities of Stuart and Edith, Like when She breaks glass bottles with foreign substances in them, plays with Gru's weapons, and at one point pokes at one of the bottles and asks, "Can I drink this?" at which Dr. Nefario responds with, "Do you want to explode?". In response to his answer, she kicks him in the shin and runs off. Edith is also good at ballet, and loves doing it with her sisters.

Stuart is basically Minion version of Edith.

5. He Is Gru’s Favourite Undercover Agent

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Whenever Gru needs someone for a sneaky mission, he almost always voluntarily or involuntarily chooses Stuart to sneak in the enemy territory disguised as someone they think might be their ally and save other minions from the captivity.

At one point Stuart disguises as a girl, though his dress gets ripped (revealing his pink knickers which came with the disguise), which forces him to hide in a flower pot out of embarrassment.

6. Stuart Is One In 10400 Minion

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Unbelievable as it may sound but there is a whopping amount of 10400 minions, amongst which 899 have got a considerable screen time and voice by the Director/Voice artist Pierre Coffin.

It seems like a practical approach of naming only a few important Minions that reoccur in the franchise several times but there are six names of minions (Carl, Jerry, Kevin, Phil, Tim, and Tom) that can refer to two different minions among all the films, like 'Kevin' from the first part of the franchise was a one-eyed minion but in the rest a two eyed taller minion was shown.

7. Stuart Is Proficient In Playing Guitar

Stuart loves to perform, with his remarkable shredding skills at guitar he steals the show every now and then in the movies. In the climax of Minions, Stuart can be seen rocking the audience, where he is handed an Electric Guitar which he later breaks in the heat of the moment but his audiences absolutely adore his talents while they head bang and groove, totally crushing over him.

8. Stuart Has A Wilde Crush

Lucy Wilde has bright orange hair that is pulled back in a bun with short bangs. She has large green eyes, fair skin and freckles. Lucy is one of the very few women that made it in Gru’s life. She is portrayed as attractive and a beautiful person, catching the eyes of Minions like Stuart and Dave.

No matter if there are 10400 minions or just 2, if stuart gets enough screen time or not, he will still hold a irreplaceable place in all our hearts

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