30 Epic Police Memes to Make You Forget Your Monday Blues

While you think the police is strict and always ready to cut a ticket, what you don’t know is they can even be funny. See how people involved them in memes.

4 years ago
30 Epic Police Memes to Make You Forget Your Monday Blues

What do you search on the internet? Maybe you search for new project ideas, parenting hacks for an easier life, and hilarious jokes to make your day. But one thing you can’t ignore is memes. It seems that memes have taken the internet by storm and we are living in a world of trolls.

If you are following the trolling pages or have liked their posts, you know how memes are a perfect mix of sarcasm and humor. Memes are entertaining the users and have become a part of everyone's lives. But who would have thought of seeing the memes on police?

We hear a lot of negative comments on police and fear of getting arrested by the man in uniform. But they are not that dangerous, sometimes they are funny, especially when they are involved in the memes.

Delhi Police and others created several hilarious memes after getting inspired from Bollywood movies to manage social problems, and they are catching the attention of the youth. Sometimes memes not only make you laugh but also become a medium to connect with youth.

Here is a compilation of the best police memes that will make you laugh today.

Are You Ready to Laugh Harder? Here We Go!

1. Hey! You Can’t Give Me a Ticket

Source = Worldwideinterweb

I am underage, and that’s my toy car.

2. They are Police or Superheroes

Source = Askideas

I guess these cops were bored of wearing their regular dress and wore their favorite superhero costumes. Maybe there’s a fancy dress competition!

3. When You Won the Medal in a Race, But Cross Red Signals on Your Way

Source = Fbcdn

How can I forget my license! :(

4. This is EPIC!

Source = Askideas

Next time if you see the police coming near you for a ticket, try this idea. Have a nice day!

5. Now You Know Where He Used His Bullets?

Source = Askideas

I wonder how did he score well?

6. The Last Option to Win a Bicycle

Source = Sayingimages

When you didn’t get anything in a lottery, collect four speeding tickets (maybe you have to pay a few extra dollars for that).

7. Hey! Is There Anyone Who Can Help Me Out, I Lost My Car From My Home

Source = Sayingimages

Sorry, but we don’t have anyone at the job right now. Cool! It seems that McDonald's is paying them higher.

8. Hey! You Come Out. You Can’t Park Your Car Like This.

Source = Sayingimages

Let me message my wife that I will be home late.

9. Men will be Men

Source = Worldwideinterweb

True AF! I agree.

10. Hahaha! That’s Hilarious

Source = Worldwideinterweb

Run and see what happens next (be prepared to spend a night in the jail).

11. Does This Picture Make Young People Think About the Minimal Usage of Drugs?

Source = Hindustantimes

This meme is inspired from the Bollywood movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. I think saying important things in a fun way that people can understand is nice.

What are your thoughts?

12. Can This Be Real?

Source = Memedroid

A great idea to catch thieves.

13. Hahaha! This is Too Much

Source = Memedroid

I must say, this boy is far more intelligent than other policemen.

14. Sorry, But I Am Not That Girl.

Source = Memedroid

You can’t do this, man! Maybe a girl you are dating now is the sister of a police officer. Think twice before you take her on a DATE.

15. Did I Read it Right?

Source = Pics

You might not know, but there’s a town named SANDWICH in Massachusetts. Next time when you read SANDWICH POLICE in on the cars, don’t get surprised.

16. Is This Planned?

Source = Worldwideinterweb

Maybe! I am not sure.

17. Either He is Short, or He is Very Tall

Source = Worldwideinterweb

He didn’t look like a policeman in front of this tall guy.

18. Even Google Can’t Rescue You if You are Arrested (They have Proof).

Source = Fbcdn

19. This Norwegian Police Uniform Looks Summer-Cool. Would You Try it?

Source = Ballmemes

Obviously, why should GIRLS have all the fun?

20. I Can Also Scare

Source = Memecreator

Even police are human.

21. F*** the Police Station or Police?

Source = Pics

Maybe, I heard it wrong.

22. You are Nobody to Ask this Question

Source = Pinimg

Okay, I got it.

23. Maybe He is Quitting His Job

Source = Imgur

Are you interested in buying his car?

24. When He Tries to Cross the Red Signal

Source = Sayingimages

You can’t trick me.

25. This is to the Point

Source = Chzbgr

Did you get the difference?

26. Is it Legal?

Source = Sayingimages

This should not be the case.

27. Genius + Clever

Source = Loldamn

I can learn how to trick the public from him. He is a genius.

28. I Didn’t Know Ukraine Has Such Beautiful Women Police

Source = Wp

I would not mind even if they arrest me. I can take some beauty tips from them.

29. Yes, I Have Everything.

Source = Vitamin-ha

Sometimes you can be funny with the police too.

30. Oh God! This Man is Talented

Source = Pics

Hahaha! This made my day.

Final Words

If you think cops are humorless, these memes proved this wrong. Delhi cops took the initiative of making people aware of the bad effects of drugs, alcohol, and other social problems by the memes. This is impressive.

Do you know what other memes are trending on the internet? I have already laughed on memes of Donald Trump and Priya Varrier and are looking for something new.

Do you know any police meme that is not listed here, but made you laugh? If so, share below.


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