20 People Who Made a Laughing Stock of Themselves for Not Getting a Joke

Many times it happens that you don’t get the joke & later get embarrassed. You are not alone! These people have also faced the same and shared their experience on the internet.

4 years ago
20 People Who Made a Laughing Stock of Themselves for Not Getting a Joke

Whether you are talking about jokes or sarcastic moments, everyone has been in an awkward situation when they didn’t understand the jokes that are laughed by all. You are not alone who have faced this! 

Not all people you come across have high intelligence quotient and are top scorers. Some are dumb, while others understand the joke when everyone stops laughing. 

So, here are a few hilarious moments shared by people who felt embarrassed when they didn’t get the joke. 

1. Where’s the Cake?

Source = Boredpanda

I guess he forgot to send the recipe. Lol! 

2. On Point!

Source = Boredpanda

Not in a mood to know these things in-depth. Who cares?

3. Only Ice Cream Lovers Would Understand This

Source = Pinimg

This one was lame. 

4. Legalize or Legolize?

Source = Boredpanda

This was a facepalm moment. 

5. He is Going Straight to Hell

Source = Boredpanda

Rest in Piece! (lol) Here are other times when auto-correct went wrong.

6. When You Have No One Who Praises You

Source = Thoughtcatalog

I feel the same.

7. When You are a Pringles Fan

Source = Boredpanda

I hope the gym has specified not eating inside the gymming area. 

8. Who is Participating in this Challenge?

Source = Boredpanda

I am in! Share this challenge as much as possible. 

9. But Where Will I Go?

If I promise to miss you, will you go, like, really far away?

Just go far away from me, like 500 km away.

10. I Don’t Know How Should I Take This - as a Compliment or a Comment? 

Light travels faster than sound, which is why people like you appear bright—until they open their mouths. 

Well, it depends on who is saying.

11. Hahaha! I Hope You Get This

Source = Boredpanda

Yes, I am Gmail.

12. I am a Robot!

Hi there, I’m human. What are you?

Hey, Robot! How are you? 

13. Have You Ever Seen Bacteria Watching You?

Source = Boredpanda

I never have. 

14. Epic!

If you need so much space, there’s always NASA.

Is there anyone who wants to come with me?

15. I Have Never Been to New York

Source = Boredpanda

Maybe, it looks like this. 

16. I Wish I Knew This Before

Source = Boredpanda

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself laughing. 

17. One & the Same Thing

I didn’t say it was your fault; I said I was blaming you. 

Did you get it?

18. That’s a Nice Idea

If at first, you don’t succeed, blame someone else, and seek counseling.

Next time, if you don’t succeed, try this idea to save yourself. 

19. Genius Starts with G

Source = Boredpanda

May be for him J is Jenius and G is for Gug. 

20. Burnt Toast. Haha. I Loved This.

Source = Boredpanda

Many Conjralashion to you. 

The Study Published States That Morally Virtuous People Do Not Understand Joke At Once

A study reveals that morally virtuous people do not get jokes the same way in comparison to those with a great sense of humor. The researcher stated, 

“Although highly moral people are often viewed positively are often viewed for displaying admirable traits, they may also be disliked to the extent to which they are viewed as sanctimonious, prudish or unrelatable." 

The researcher further added-

“As noted in the opening quote by Mark Twain that there is no humor in heaven, people have long considered the idea that there is a tension between morality and humor."

Final Words 

Being sarcastic and sharing sarcasm is a different level of comedy. Have you ever come across these kinds of jokes and felt embarrassed? If so, then share your reaction.


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