26 Funny Computer Errors That Would Make You Scratch Your Head

These computer errors, bugs, and failures would leave you amazed and amused. Do tell us if you have ever experienced any!

3 years ago
26 Funny Computer Errors That Would Make You Scratch Your Head

When it comes to technology, the computer and the internet have made a strong impact on the world. Over the years, new technologies and software are developed to reduce human efforts. Humans made computers and software, so it is not surprising to experience errors when you are working on it. 

You won’t believe it, but sometimes even the stable and the best software suffer from glitches. As long as there will be code, the chances of bugs can never be reduced. However, the errors sometimes leave us amused with embarrassing software fail and errors. 

Interestingly, over 1 million people belong to an online community and frequently share pictures and videos of the errors that occurred. Let’s see some hilarious computer errors that people experienced and shared on social media. 

1. I Should be Dead!

Source = Boredpanda

But this can give a heart attack to anyone. 

2. When the Computer Says- You Have to Wait for Infinity to See the File? What Does That Mean?

Source = Inteng-storage

As in, I have nothing to do in this universe. 

3. Task Failed Successfully - Whoa!

Source = Inteng-storage

I don’t understand if the computer is encouraging me or what. 

4. Please Change This Password Policy

Source = Boredpanda

Do you have a better password policy? If not, please find it then. I can’t even remember a 6-character password. 

5. When You Think Siri is More Intelligent Than You! (LOL)

Source = Greenlemon

Thank god, I don’t have an apple or any Apple device.  

6. What is Mila Rodino Then?

Source = Greenlemon

When the software has read more books than you 

7. And You are Telling Me After We Broke Up!

Source = Boredpanda

Nicely played

8. Is it a Bonus Time?

Source = Boredpanda

I hope this offer comes again. 

9. I Don’t Want Any Error Message Now and in the Future Too

Source = Hongkiat

I hope you got it! 

10. When the Computer is in a Mood to Take Some REVENGE!

Source = Boredpanda

No means No! 

11. Even Computers have Emotions

Source = Picdn

I am wondering what the guy was doing. 

12. Haha! This is Epic!

Source = Boredpanda

Don’t ever mess with me. 

13. You Don’t Have to Worry About the Battery Running Out.

Source = Inteng-storage

This device’s battery seems ancient. 

14. Is This an Error?

Source = Hongkiat

How will I work then?

15. OMG!

Source = Hongkiat

Thank God! This message was not read by my husband. 

16. As I Have to Participate in the Olympics

Source = Mojly

Who knows? 

17. When the Computer Threatens You With This Message

Source = Kym-cdn

Should I file a complaint against it? 

18. But How Do You Know?

Source = Hongkiat

Yes, I am screwed. 

19. Thanks, But No Thanks to Siri

Source = Boredpanda

Instead, I should Google it. 

20. So I Have to Call the Police?

Source = Shortlist

I am wondering who will do the investigation then? 

21. That was Rude!

Source = Quoracdn

Sorry, I won’t do this again. 

22. What Should I Do Now?

Source = Inteng-storage

Should I connect another keyboard? 

23. I am Already 80 Years Old!

Source = Makeuseof

I don’t have these days left. 

24. Can You Tell Me What?

Source = Inteng-storage

I know something has happened. 

25. Thanks for the Warning

Source = Hongkiat

But I started the computer 10 minutes ago. 

26. As in, I Don’t Have Any Work to Do!

Source = Pinimg

This is too random. 

Final Words

Error messages are extremely annoying, especially when you are doing important work. The next time, you see any of these error messages, smile & turn off your computer (LOL). 

These computer errors might not have made you laugh, but these typos and auto-correct fails are hilarious.

Have you ever experienced any of these funny computer errors? What was your reaction to it? Share your experience. 


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