20 Funny Situations Describing What Parents are Facing in Quarantine (#7 is Hilarious)

Take a look at the hilarious pictures shared by parents when they are working from home and have kids that are creating all kinds of troubles.

4 years ago
20 Funny Situations Describing What Parents are Facing in Quarantine (#7 is Hilarious)

It's been a month that everyone is in their home and waiting for life to get back to normal. Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone in several ways. Some are searching for movies to prevent panicky situations; others are finding ways to protect their mental health

Amidst of these critical times, people are finding ways to celebrate life. They are improving their cooking skills, spending time on their hobbies like reading books, and learning difficult languages

No doubt, being quarantined along with kids is challenging and hilarious at the same time. The Quarantine period is improving family bonds, people are discovering their other sides, and also experiencing nightmares when kids are around.

Kids have nothing to do; they have no school, no homework, and are also not allowed to go outside. Imagine what they would do? They would annoy their parents. Being a parent is not an easy task. And when you have the most mischievous kids in the world, you wish that you know parenting hacks to make your life easier. 

Currently, the situation is that working parents are doing work from home and also spending more time with kids than ever before. If you would scroll the internet, then you would find several wonderful stories shared during the quarantine.

During these sad times, everyone needs something that could encourage them and uplift their spirit. Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lifestyle in several ways. People are connecting their friends via video calls and greeting everyone by not hugging and rather folding hands. 

Let's see how parents are dealing with their kids when you are 24* 7 with them. 

Hilarious Situations That Parents are Facing While Handling Kids in Quarantine

1. These Parents are Genius

Source = Boredpanda

Try this idea, and make them learn manners. Ask them to clean their room, and you would add $20 in their piggy bank. Other activities that you could ask them to do is washing dishes, laundry, sweeping, reading a book, and more.

2. I am Wondering What She Would Do in the Kitchen

Source = Boredpanda

I can’t argue about this.

3. This is What Working Parents are Facing Right Now

She must be thinking about how long she would have to survive this lockdown. 

4. OMG! I Can’t Even Imagine This

Source = Redd.it

Thank god! My parents are not like this. But what would you do when you have kids like these, and you have to attend an important meeting?

5. A Letter from a Kid Who is Sharing his Experience of First Homeschool Day

Source = Demilked

I hope everything will be fine in a couple of days. 

6. When Your Kids Want to See How You Looked at Your Wedding

Do you have other reasons not to wear your wedding dress at home? 

7. Hahaha! This is Epic!

Source = Redd.it

Is there anyone who could help them? Maybe you can adopt their kids until lockdown. I think this is a good idea! 

8. I Think She is Planning Something Serious!

Source = Demilked

Maybe she is planning for WWIII. But against who?

9. A Story of Every Mother in Quarantine

Source = Demilked

Who makes pancakes every day for breakfast? Imagine what will happen after quarantine will be over, and mom would serve corn flakes for breakfast! 

10. When Your Kid is Trying to Improve his Haircut Skills at Home

Source = Demilked

Smart kid, at least he is doing something. Don’t worry! Hair will grow till quarantine gets over. 

11. When Your Kids Love Wearing Pajamas All Day Long

When would things go normal? I don’t know. 

12. To the Point!

This would be every mother’s wish. 

13. Damn! These Kids Look Serious

Source = Boredpanda

Don’t ever try to mess with them. 

14. Every Parent is Like!

Happy napping!

15. When You Have No Option Other Than Working Out at Home

This is a brilliant idea.

16. Parents Would Always Be Busy When They Have a Kid Like This

Source = Demilked

Hats off to her parents.

17. I Can’t Control Laughing

Must say, their parents would be proud of their creativity. 

18. I Will Have to Wait to Get a New TV Until This Lockdown Gets Over

Source = Boredpanda

When your kids think that TV is their new video game

19. God! This is Hilarious

Source = Boredpanda

I am wondering what she will do next morning!

20. When Your Kid Thinks his Homework is More Important Than Reading an Email from the Boss

Source = Boredpanda

Wait, Dad! Let me do my work first. You can check your email later.

Final Words 

If you are currently playing with your kids, then you are doing a great job. Also, if you are reading this, then feel blessed that you are ALIVE. 

Tell us if you are facing the same hilarious situation on your side? If yes, then don’t forget to share pictures with your kids below.


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