19 COVID-19 Memes That are a Stress-Buster in These Critical Times

Right from toilet paper to hand sanitizer shortage memes, here are some people that are finding ways to make everyone smile through the COVID-19 crisis.

4 years ago
19 COVID-19 Memes That are a Stress-Buster in These Critical Times

Every day, COVID-19 cases are rising worldwide. People are finding measures to slow its spread and are promoting social distancing. Currently, people are self-quarantining or self-isolating. This means that they are not going outside or playing sports and not socializing anymore.

While some communities are taking this isolation seriously and giving time to their hobbies, others are spending this quarantine period by creating memes and making people laugh. In this connected world, where socializing is avoided by people (especially teens) & they prefer using digital devices, this has become a vital solution to this coronavirus outbreak. 

Unfortunately, this coronavirus outbreak has affected people's mental health, and they are scared. While some are searching for movies to watch in COVID-19 lockdown, others are finding ways to protect their mental health

So, let us take a break from this critical situation and laugh a little. Look at a few memes that could distract your minds during COVID-19. 

1. When You are Ready to Date Again!

Source = Rebelmouse

But COVID-19 doesn’t allow you to interact with anyone!

2. You Would Get This Only If You are Married

Source = Rebelmouse

Maybe she finds him...after digging a little.

3. Is There Anything Left in the Kitchen?

Source = Pittsburghmagazine

I hope I can find something.

4. Yes, They Are Using it as a Toilet Paper

Source = Pittsburghmagazine

I am shocked. 

5. This is the Time to Watch Your Favorite Movie on Netflix

Source = Pittsburghmagazine

Sit on the couch, relax, and watch your favorite series.

6. 10 People, One Metre, One Singapore

Source = Ytimg

Mr. Brown or bloggers Lee Kin Mun and Benjamin Miyagi Lee teamed up and filmed from their homes. The pair sang couplets like “And when the time comes for the test/ we work from home but never rest" and “Cinema and makan place/ kena close and contact trace."

They are encouraging people to stay at home and to work from home. 

7. Social Distancing is for Everyone

Source = Straitstimes

Even animals are maintaining social distance. 

8. The Choice is Yours

Source = Straitstimes

This is a hilarious comparison that focuses on the importance of isolating and safe distancing measures. At last, the choice is yours, where you have to stay.

9. A Powerful Message on Containing COVID

Source = Straitstimes

I and U could break this coronavirus chain. This simple meme shares a powerful message to make a distance and to fight together.

10. UK PM and Queen Are Talking on Phone During This Quarantine Period

Source = Thesun

Boris Johnson is diagnosed Corona-positive and is currently quarantined. The queen is also isolating herself from her son, who was also found positive for the coronavirus. This meme shares a hilarious conversation between the UK’s PM and Queen.

11. When You Don’t Have Any Other Option Left

Source = Straitstimes

I feel pity for those who think Dettol is for external wounds. While whiskey helps release stress, Dettol could also become your friend in hard times. 

The entertainment outlets are shut for one month across the world, and people are finding alternatives to their drinks.

12. Relatable!

Source = News18

Are you also working from home?

13. When You Spend Most of the Time at Home and Forget Who Your Boss is

Source = News18

Yes, Boss! I will share the report soon.

14. When You Have Decided to Leave the Job

Source = News18

I am learning how to cook. 

15. Meanwhile, Uber Drivers are Working from Home

Source = News18

RIP his car!

16. You Would Relate to it (If You are a Student)

Source = Usask

Follow this schedule and get back to school. 

17. When You are on Diet But Can’t Stop Eating

Source = News18

18. When You Have An Urgent Meeting!

Source = News18

When you are a parent, and your kids are naughty!

19. When Sanitizer and Paper Roll Become More Important Than Money

Source = Pittsburghmagazine

Do you want to join them?

Why Do We Need Humor in This Tough Time?

Source = Theconversation

Have you ever wondered why everyone is talking about humor in this critical situation? In times of stress, humor helps us pull through. The British Australian Comedian and actor, Tim Minchin said, 

“We don’t laugh at scary things because we don’t understand their seriousness. We laugh because they’re serious. Making jokes gives us a sense of power over the threat.”

The late Robert R. Provine, a professor at the University of Maryland who became the world’s expert on laughter after studying how and why people laugh, concluded that it is a way of bonding. 

“Most people think of laughter as a simple response to comedy, or a cathartic mood-lifter. Instead … I concluded that laughter is primarily a social vocalization that binds people together. We laugh with others to give us the pleasure of acceptance.”

Matt Forde, the British Comedian, told that timing is important. He said, 

“If you're joking about how boring self-isolation is when the death rate is relatively low, then that probably won't offend too many people.”

Psychologists and comedians around say that laughter is the best medicine as long as it has good taste. American actress and comedian Erica Rodes says quarantined people need humor as toilet paper and amusing memes are healing people in several ways. 

Psychologist Sean Truman said that comedy is a safe passage through tragic times. He said, 

“It’s a really powerful way to manage the unmanageable. Just to make fun of it and to gain control by laughing at it. That’s a really powerful psychological move we can make.”

Final Words

COVID memes are encouraging people to stay inside at their homes. Several government agencies and police are using these COVID memes to create awareness among people. Hundreds of memes have been shared on social media and other platforms for those who are breaking the lockdown. 

You might find reading these COVID memes awkward this time, but humor is helping people to cope with this fear. Also, families are spending their time discussing these memes - most of which spread awareness about coronavirus. 

Do you know how this unprecedented coronavirus outbreak could be stopped? How can everyone cope with this isolating situation? How are you spending your time during the quarantine period? Have you ever come across these COVID memes before?


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