10 Worst CGI Movie Effects In History Of Cinema

You will enjoy the movie and its mood for whatever is played right in front of the your eyes. The moment CGI steps in the scenario the whole mood becomes hilarious regardless of the script and you just can’t help but laugh.

6 years ago
10 Worst CGI Movie Effects In History Of Cinema

The more you watch these movies the funnier it gets because the CGI is so bad that you won’t even… VFX and GDI has become an integral part of the modern movies. A Storyteller's dream is a Director’s nightmare, the things in these fictional movies are not easy to portray even with the computer generated imagery.

1) Liu Kang’s Transformation In Mortal Kombat Annihilation

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Liu Kang’s transformation in the second movie of the Mortal Kombat franchise is one of the major reasons of the failure of another movie adaptation of a successful gaming franchise. Given the fanbase of the Mortal Kombat, the movie adaptations had the potential to rake in some good amount of box office collections without the gaudy CGI.

2) Plastic Birds In Birdemic Shock and Terror

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The shock and terror in the movie Birdemic are the audience's: unbelievable shock at the horrific acting, direction, special effects, screenplay, script, and cinematography, and indescribable terror at the the thought of ever having to watch such an atrocity again.

These CGIs will make you feel nauseous.

3) Bruce Banner's Transformation Into Hulk in Hulk(2003)

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Eric Bana’s probably deserves the hate that fans throw at it because the superhero movies always seem to rely on the normal man’s transformation into a superhuman, and if the transformation sucks then the movie loses its selling USP.

The transformation of Bruce Banner into the Hulk is just terrible and tasteless.

4) Weird Snakes In Snakes On A Plane

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Snakes on a plane is your typical no-brainer movie and viewers should expect nothing more than that from the CGI used in the movie too. The movie features Samuel L. Jackson and even he couldn’t make for the CGI mess the production team made.

5) Red Cape Animation In Spawn

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The much loved comic book anti-hero Spawn has a pretty big cult following that has been following the development of the 2018 version of train wreck of an origin film.

The red-cape scenes are a trademark of Spawn and the CGI ruined it with the flimsy cape scenes.

6) Aerial Sharks In Sharknado

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Sharknado is so bad that it’s hilariously good. The CGI sharks are just ridiculously overpowered, biting limbs off of people out of nowhere. Some scenes are so poorly made that even a 5th grader can tell that flying sharks are not real.

You can have a really good time watching this movie, if you’re in for a stupid no-brainer of a movie.

7) Parallax In Green Lantern

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he Green Lantern overall was a good movie but the CGI was average. Because nobody expected the main antagonist of the movie “Parallax” to look like an animated storm cloud.

8) Jabba The Hutt In Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition

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For a movie that was made in the 70s, Star Wars was almost perfect. The movie accomplished what no movie ever could. But the special edition and the tweaks that came with these editions ruined the infamous villain Jabba The Hutt and what not.

The love for Star Wars trumps all CGI mishaps. It can’t possibly ruin the greatest movie franchise of all-time.

9) Mary Jane In Scooby Doo

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To no one’s surprise, the silver screen adaptation of the famous mystery cartoon Scooby Doo relied heavily on CGI. The Scooby Doo part was forgivable but the transformation of Mary Jane Monster played by Isla Fisher was blasphemous mistake in the name of computer generated imagery.

10) Superman’s Upper Lip In Justice League

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The latest movie to join the CGI nightmare bandwagon is Justice League. With digitally removed moustache the superman’s upper lip looked like a result of a plastic surgery gone bad.

Justice League brought something new to the table when it comes to superhero genre but critics seemed to be inclined towards colorful extravaganza with some alien invasion from Marvel movies.


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