Make a Virtual Visit to the Coast City of Green Lanterns

Coast City is a fictional city of DC Comics located in the California urban center. It is less than half an hour from Edwa...

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Make a Virtual Visit to the Coast City of Green Lanterns

Coast City is a fictional city of DC Comics located in the California urban center. It is less than half an hour from Edwards Air Force Base and 20 minutes from Fort Rock. It most often appears as the home of superhero Green Lantern “Hal Jordan”. Ferris Aircraft aerospace company is one of the biggest employers in the city. Jordan worked as a test pilot here and his love interest worked as the company manager.

Coast City made its first appearance in Showcase #22 in September-October of the year 1959. Let’s know about its destruction, reconstruction, and role in the “Blackest Night” comic miniseries.

The Mongul Demolished Coast City & its 7 Million Citizens in the 1990s

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During the 1990s, Coast City was wrecked by Mongul, and its 7 million were put to death. Mongul’s giant ship emerged over the Coast City dropping numerous bombs that exploded immediately. Later, it was revealed that Mongul was following the orders of former astronaut Hank Henshaw aka Cyborg Superman.

In the Coast City’s ashes, Mongul and Henshaw constructed Engine City to turn Earth into a new Warworld. The real Superman put a stop to the plan with the help of Superboy, Steel, and Hal Jordan.

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Out of grief caused because of the city’s destruction, Hal Jordan became the villain Parallax. Later it was revealed that he was under the influence of the yellow emotional being called Parallax. Jordan killed all the Green Lanterns absorbing the energies of the Power Battery created history. So a new Green Lantern Kyle Rayner was appointed.

A memorial was established with prominent superheroes’ help. Jordan was also memorialized upon his death. For some amount of time, an alien city named Haven existed on the top of the Coast City ruins.

Coast City’s Reconstruction Was an Aftermath of Jordan’s Resurrection

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The Coast City was subsequently reconstructed under Horne’s presidency, but it took at a slow pace. For most of the initial days, it stood as a ghost town. The United States Navy, later on, built a naval yard. James Jordan established an insurance firm, but the business had been unsteady.

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One year post the events of the Infinite Crisis, the reconstruction was concluded. As the city had an association with Hal Jordan, it was targeted during Sinestro Corps War and had been under the threat of demolition.

Coast City Was Now Dubbed as “The City Without Fear”

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The city’s population turned down evacuation and morally supported their hero by illuminating green lights in the wide sky. Called "The City Without Fear", the Coast city witnessed an influx of several businesses and people. At the time of the Final Crisis, its population touched 2 million.

Over 2 Million Populated the City in "Blackest Night" Miniseries

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At the start of the 2010 comic miniseries “Blackest Night”, its population reached 2,765,321. Because of his death history, it was chosen as the location for the Black Lantern Central Power Battery. Nekron unleashed the population of Coast City, many weren’t found ever and remained buried under the city. With the help of Lantern Corps, the Earth’s heroes crushed Nekron and brought it back into order.


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