How Would Eminem Rhyme Words That Rhyme With Drugs?

No one can copy or make rhymes like Eminem does, not even modern rap legends let alone us feeble writer cum rhymers. Still we gave it a shot at instant rhyming like Eminem with ‘Drugs’. The meaning is open to interpretation, go ahead.

6 years ago
How Would Eminem Rhyme Words That Rhyme With Drugs?

This amateur rap is nowhere close to that of any eminem songs or instant rhymes, but this rap tells a story using Elliot Anderson played by Rami Malek in Mr.Robot; as the locus of the story that is of a drug addict.

Here goes nothing...

Would You Rather Catch Some Bugs

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That Came Of Chemical Hugs

Source = Pinimg

Spilled On Rugs

Source = Tumblr

Can’t Resist, Harder It Lugs

Source = Giphy

Lethargy In Coffee Mugs

Source = Giphy

Insomnia It Plugs

Source = Gearpatrol

To Dreams It Shrugs

Source = Netdna-ssl

Nightmares It Slugs

Source = Giphy

Of Criminals And Thugs

Source = Neondystopia

Deeper It Tugs

Source = Kociastrona

With Your Best John Does & Dougs

Source = Giphy

Plug In Your Earplugs

Source = Giphy

Noisy Are These Bedbugs

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Can’t Brush With Your Ughs!

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Just Wait While This Sick Rap Debugs

Source = Playbuzz

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