10 Things You Should Know About Moby Dick's Captain Ahab

Moby Dick is a novel which is so popular that it has been read, studied and passed on to generations. These are some facts that you should know about its most famous character Captain Ahab

6 years ago
10 Things You Should Know About Moby Dick's Captain Ahab

Everybody knows who Captain Ahab is, from the famous classic novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville. We have curated a list of 10 lesser known facts about the fanatically heroic Captain Ahab.

1) The Name Ahab Was Derived From The 7th King Of Israel Who Was An Evil Worshipper

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Ahab was named by his insane, widowed mother, who died when he was twelve months old. At 18 years old, Ahab first took to sea as a boy-harpooner. Ahab is named for the Biblical story of Israel’s 7th King Ahab in the Books of Kings 16:28–22:40, the evil idol-worshiping ruler.

2) The Book Even Mentions His Name’s Association With The King’s

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The association with the evil king prompts Ishmael to ask, after first hearing Ahab's name: "When that wicked king was slain, the dogs, did they not lick his blood?" He is rebuked by one of Ahab's colleagues, who points out that "He did not name himself."

3) The Player in The Beginning of The Game Metal Gear Solid V is Called ‘Ahab’

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During the opening sequence in the 2015 game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the player is given the name "Ahab", while a bandaged man names himself as "Ishmael". In addition, the transport helicopter regularly used by the player is referred to as "Pequod". The story of Venom Snake (initially introduced as Ahab) also appears to be somewhat inspired by the fate Captain Ahab.

4) Ahab was Played by John Barrymore in The First Ever Film Adaptation of Moby Dick in A Silent Movie

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The first ever motion picture adaptation of the book Moby Dick was a silent movie, The Sea Beast, a romantic love story in which the character of Ahab (John Barrymore), is transformed into "a handsome young sailor"

5) Another Game ‘This Is The police’ Also Names its Main Character as Ahab

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In the game This is the Police, the main character - Jack Boyd - is frequently compared to Ahab.

6) Bob Dylan Also Refers Ahab in his Song ‘Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream’

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Singer Bob Dylan references the character in his 1965 song "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream" from the album Bringing It All Back Home.

7)There is a Superhero Ahab in Marvel Universe

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There is even the futuristic superhero Ahab, who has harpoons for weapons.

8) In French Movie Adaptations He is Referred as Capitaine Achab

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There have been two French film versions of Moby Dick, both entitled Capitaine Achab, one in 2004 starring Frédéric Bonpart and one in 2007 starring Denis Lavant.

9) Sir Patrick Stewart Played Ahab in a 1998 Adaption of The Moby Dick as a Mini-series

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Ahab has been portrayed a number of times on television, beginning with Victor Jory's portrayal in 1954 on the Hallmark Hall of Fame. The two most recent television portrayals have been with Patrick Stewart in the 1998 mini-series and William Hurt in the 2011 mini-series.

10) His Death in The Novel was Inspired by Real Life Events

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Ahab's death seems to be based on an actual event. On May 18, 1843, Melville was aboard The Star which sailed for Honolulu. Aboard were two sailors from the ship Nantucket who could have told him that they had seen their second mate "taken out of a whaleboat by a foul line and drowned, as is Captain Ahab of Moby-Dick."


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