This Girl Bakes Beautiful Pies That Are Mostly Inspired By Pop Culture

Nowadays everyone takes photographs of their food; hence it has to be pretty. And, this girl takes care of this. Yes, she makes these most beautiful pies that you will feel sorry to eat. Have a look!

5 years ago
This Girl Bakes Beautiful Pies That Are Mostly Inspired By Pop Culture

No wonder that pie making is an art. And this girl takes it to the next level.

Well, this girl who I have mentioned above is Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin. Jessica is one of the world’s most skilled pie bakers. And you know why because she creates pies that are literally out of this world.

As we know, pie making is not something new but is widely popular since medieval times. So in an interview, Clark-Bojin said that she’s trying to bring it back with her modern designs. It can be seen that her designs of pies are mostly encouraged by pop culture as well as from her favorite TV shows, comic strips, and video games.

In an interview, she said,

“I started out making the things that I love, like pixel art and Star Trek things and bands that I like from the ’80s.”

About her work, she added,

“ All of them are based on different properties that are near and dear to my heart…”,

My favorite video games, books, movies, music, TV series – mostly nerdy, but these things put a smile on my face. I hope they put a smile on your face too!”

The most interesting thing about her pie-making is that she learned it only a few years ago. Unbelievable, right? But that is true! There was a time when this talented woman didn’t know how to bake anything. And, now she is a master of baking.

The moment she learned to bake, she didn’t stop. In fact, after that, she used her creative skills to create unusual but great desserts that would become popular around the world. She was a filmmaker earlier and again became a true artist in pie making, which is not at all surprising considering her background.

She added,

“I suppose it’s pie art in the sense that it’s using pie as an artistic medium, but really what I want to do is encourage other people to be creative and think outside the box with how they approach any of the food that they love.”

Since 2016, Clark-Bojin initiated her adventures of pie titled “Pies are awesome,” and since then she has been advancing her skills of pie decoration up to the next level. Anyway, she says it’s all because of her love for desserts.

Inspired by all characters of pop culture, this artist represents famous characters, scenes, or people, sometimes turning them into jokes that she loves too, like “Live And Let Pie” or “Pie hard.”

She continued saying,

“My mission is to show the world that not only can pies go head-to-head against the poshest wedding cakes and fancy-pants desserts on the most discerning buffet tables of the world, but that they can be fun and easy to pull off too!”

On social media, she is famous with another name ‘ThePieous.’

Scroll down and have a look at her delicious and beautifully created pies.

1. One for Potterheads

Source = Boredpanda

No wonder you will love this creation if you are a Harry Potter fan. And, at the same point, you would hate to cut this. Truly! Amazing work it is!

2. Love for Stranger Things

Source = Userapi

And, the nose bleed effect makes it even real. Fantastic, right?

3. A Pooh-Pie

Source = Shopify

The favorite duo of childhood on the pie is nothing less than a blessing! This is just precious!

4. A Little Mermaid on a Pie

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Undah dah seeeee!!! ??????????????????? I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time for this one... It’s Peach Ariel Pie! I suppose I could have chosen a more aquatic-themed flavor for a Little Mermaid fan art pie. Then again, there aren’t a lot of sweet things in the ocean, are there? (Is “sea fruit” a thing? It should be a thing! ????) Anyhoo - thank you for coming along on my Disney Princess fan art journey this month... and thanks for all your votes! There’s only one princess pie to come before I switch into full on Pumpkin Spice Halloween mode... so tag your princess-lovin’ buddies and let me know who you just have to see in that final slot! ???????????????? ....... #piepics #edibleart #foodfun #piegoals #thesugarfiles #hautecusines #bakedgoods #baker #psimadethis #desserttime #art #artfood #fooddesign #playwithyourfood #dessert #eatmorepie #magical #beautiful #beautifulfood #foodart #ariel #disney #disneyprincesses #thelittlemermaid #cherrypie #yummy #peachpie #cookies #cake #thanksgiving

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Such a beautiful pie it is. It makes me crave just after a single glance. What about you?

5. Oh, Disney Princess is here!

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Heeeere’s Jasmine! ???? The pie request I receive the most, hands down, is the Disney Princesses... ???????????? So here we go! Kickin’ things off with a lil’ Princess Jasmine action. Who is your favorite Princess? (And yes, Leia is a princess ????.) Tag a friend who digs the princesses and tell me who I should do next! (I’m open to villains and animal sidekicks too ????) ......... #????>? #piesareawesome #piestagram #pastryart #thepieous #ilovepie #disneyprincesscake #disneyprincessart #disneyprincess #pieart #yeahbutwhatdoesitlooklikebaked #abmlifeissweet #imsomartha #undiscoveredbaker #f52gram @thefeedfeed @thecupcakeproject @buzzfeedfood @tastemade @thebakefeed #thebakefeed #buzzfeast #gloobyfood #bakemag #bhgfood #bakeandshare #princessjasmine #food52 #huffposttaste #piemaker

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It's just so dreamy that you won't be able to cut and eat it. Will you?

6. Pie-Kachu

Source = Redd

The world is full of Pokemon lovers, and most probably they all will love it. Tempting, right?

7. Queen of Tarts

Source = Funtime

All I can say, “Off with her head!” Shouted the Queen of Hearts. LOL!

8. Captain Marvel Apple Pie

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If you’d like a little power-packed fandom with your pie this Pi Day (March 14th - 3.14) how about this Captain Marvel apple pie with sanding sugar brûlée topping? ? ?? I’ll post some video showing how to make her tomorrow in my stories - In a nutshell, her face is made with a food safe acetate stencil and cinnamon, and the rest with hand cut bits of pie dough. The filling is finely diced apple, tinted with yellow and orange natural food colors and dusted with sanding sugar that I then hit with a blow torch to make it extra sparkly! ?? I just saw the movie and I loved it - no spoilers but my favorite character was Goose ???? ???? The post credit scene was great too... Who’s seen it? What was your favorite part? Who’s just dying for Avengers: Endgame now? (Me me me me!!) ???? ?? #applepie #sugar #goosethecat #captainmarvel #brielarson #marvel #stars #superheroes #superhero #superheroparty #comicbooks #pie #cakedecorating #piday #piday2019 #geekgirl #geek #fanart

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THIS IS AMAZING! Nothing less than a photograph or a painting. Mind-blowing work!

9. Most Epic Tom & Jerry

Source = Userapi

No wonder that this Apple Cheddar Pie looks super appealing. Looks Wow!

10. Look There's Oprah!

Source = Brilio

Every pie of her is amazing but, this one makes me wonder- how is she doing this? Speechless!

11. Jack Nicholson from The Shining

Source = Boredpanda

If you have seen the movie, you will not take a minute to recognize the pie. Fully resembling!

12. Rick And Morty

Source = Shopify

The way it is made is outstanding. By the way, how is he standing? Hats-off lady!

13. Wonder Woman! Yay!

Source = Boredpanda

So, nicely she has held a sword. Most importantly the finishing is perfect.

14. Jessica Rabbit

Source = Userapi

By looking at her, all I can say is, this one is a great example of excellent filling as her hair.

15. The Most Notorious One

Source = Netdna-ssl

LoL! It's cute as well as the most notorious pie ever!

16. Max Leads the Wild Rumpus Where the Wild Things Are

Source = Boredpanda

This makes me recall kindergarten memories!

17. Nutcracker Pie

Source = Qpic

It is such a detailed pie. Isn’t it? I mean, the thing which caught my attention here is intricate details of the pie. Amazing!

18. A Tribute Pie

She posted with a caption,

“Happy Birthday my Goblin King! I’ve loved pretty much everything David Bowie has ever done, but my heart will always belong to Jareth...
What about you? What is your favorite incarnation of Bowie, and what songs will you be listening to today?
#davidbowie #goblinking #labyrinth #jimhenson #ripbowie #jareth #ziggystardust #thinwhiteduke #muppets #pie #pastryart #cakeart #cookieart #pieartist #edibleart #pietrait #pietraits #eatmorepie #bhgbaking #pastry #desserts
#tastemademedoit #gloobyfood #thrillist #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #eater”

19. I'm a Barbie Girl in the Barbie World!

Source = Twimg

Oh, every Girl’s dream pie it is!

20. And, Who Loves Ron Weasley?

Source = Tumblr

Everyone was a Harry Potter fan but, at heart, everyone loved Ron. So, this pie is for them!

Have a Look at Some More of Her Creations

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At last the Mushroom Kingdom has its revenge! ???? Toad is taking matters into his own hands and will make short work of this Bowser cherry pie... ???????? ? I thought this was a fitting pie given that Doug Bowser was just named president of Nintendo America ???? ?? We’re definitely a “Switch” family and I really love playing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle with my son... digging the new direction Nintendo is going with these crossover titles! ?? What’s your favorite Nintendo character/game? Let me know in the comments below! And let me know if you’d like me to post the making-of video for this pie too ???? ?? #nintendo #toadstool #mushroomkingdom #bowser #koopa #nintendoswitch #supermario #supermariobros #cherrypie #videogames #supernintendo #retrogaming #fanart #familybaking #marioparty #cakedecorating #cookiedecorating #piecrust #piesofinstagram #eatmorepie #ilovepie

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A little Nightmare Before Christmas fan art (in cherry pie form) to brighten your morning! ???????????????? Not only is N.B.C. my favorite Halloween movie, it’s in the running for my favorite movie of all time... the characters, art direction, lighting, animation, songs... and the story! All so original, and magical, and disturbing. Many brilliant people dumped their brains and souls out to bring this film to life, and of course the Tim Burton aesthetic presides over all. But enough about my love of the film - how about you? Where my Nightmare Before Christmas fans at? Tag a friend who loves NBC and Burton and let me know what your favorite part of the film is in the comments below! #nightmarebeforechristmas #jackandsally #jackskellington #cake #sallynightmarebeforechristmas #halloweenpie #nightmarebeforechristmascake #baroque #baroquestyle #thanksgivingdinner #halloweentreats #tastemademedoit #desserttable #weddingpie #timburton #timburtonfan #checkerboard #sepia #pumpkinspice #woodenspoon #cakeart #cookieart #fanart

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It was a toss up between blueberry or apple spice for this Princess Merida fan art Pie... she eats apples a lot in the film, but she also serves her mum a magical blueberry tart. In the end, ???? won out because that’s what I felt like eating for breakfast! ???? Thank you for voting for your favorite Disney princesses this month! My series of fan art pies is complete (for now) and these were the top 6 princesses as voted by you: Jasmine, Mulan, Tiana, Belle, Ariel and Merida! ???????????? Rapunzel, Moana, and Pocahontas got a fair number of votes too but they never quite made the cut... No one voted for Elsa at all! ???? Shocking! Maybe I’ll do her for Christmas anyway... So, now it’s time to move into the realm of the spooktacular! ???????????? What do you want to see? Gore and guts? Classic movie monsters? Kid-friendly pie pops? All Tim Burton, all the time? Let me know in the comments below what I just gotta bake this October and tag a friend who’s into the spooky stuff too! ???? ... #piepics #edibleart #foodfun #piegoals #thesugarfiles #hautecusines #bakedgoods #baker #psimadethis #desserttime #art #artfood #fooddesign #playwithyourfood #dessert #eatmorepie #magical #beautiful #beautifulfood #foodart #merida #disney #disneyprincesses #brave #applepie #pieart #halloweenpie #cookies #cake #thanksgiving

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Princess Tiana is positively scrumptious as a caramelized bourbon poached pear pie! ???????????? A new flavour for me and the aroma is fantastic... I’m glad I could make good use of all the pears from my Mum’s tree! Tiana was the most voted for princess by you folks last day... now it’s up to you to pick who I Pie up next! Tag a friend who digs the Disney Princesses and let me know your pick in the comments below ???? ......... #????>? #piesareawesome #piestagram #pastryart #thepieous #ilovepie #pieart #edibleart #abmlifeissweet #disneyprincesses #disneyprincesscake #princesstiana @thefeedfeed @thecupcakeproject @buzzfeedfood @tastemade @thebakefeed #thebakefeed #buzzfeast #gloobyfood #bakemag #theprincessandthefrog #bakeandshare #onmytable #food52 #huffposttaste

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Do you think I over did it on the sparkles? Nahhh!! ???? ?? Hands up if you’ve seen Brie Larson’s “Unicorn Store” on Netflix yet ???????? I just watched it and as a someone perpetually covered in glitter as a child I loved it!? Like her character in the film, I also went to art school, and was often criticized for making art that wasn’t “deep” enough - but it was mine and it made me happy! ?? Since my last pie was a tad on the dark side, I was inspired to swing in the completely opposite direction with this “rainbow apple pie” (with ample sanding sugar hit with the brûlée torch.) I had a ton of fun styling the background for this photo too - after a rough week it was cathartic to bust out every color in the crayon box and lose myself in a little rainbow magic ???????? ?? Have you seen the film yet? Did you relate to the main character, Kit? Love to hear what you thought! ?? #theunicornstore #unicornstore #brielarson @brielarson @samuelljackson #rainbows #pieart #pieartist #pietrait #pietraits #unicorn #unicorncake #unicornparty #netflixandchill #sparkles #sprinkles #fun #happiness #rainbowhair #applepie #unicornstorefanart

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You know nothing Jon Dough... I mean Snow... ?????? ?? I’m so excited to be doing another Pie Art collab with the incredibly talented Liz Joy of @inspiredtotaste - and of course we just had to do something Game of Thrones related what with the final season premiere just a week away... So tell me, are you a Jon/Dany shipper? Or is it “Jon & Ygritte 4eva” for you? ???? Head on over to Liz’s profile to check out our pick for the ideal match for young Jon... ?? This pie is blueberry with black sanding sugar and little crow “pie dough cookies”, also covered in black sanding sugar. I had a lot of fun making (and eating!) this one - the crows were fun to dip into the filling like little sparkly nachos. ???? ?? Now the real question... Who’s your favorite character on the show, and who do you think will be left standing at the end? (I’m guessing probably just HotPie and a couple of chickens walking around ????) ?? #pie #pieart #GRRM #kitharington #kitharrington #blueberrypie #gameofthrones #gameofthronesmemes #crows #got #gotfanart #goth #medieval #cakedecorating #pastryart #foodart #georgerrmartin #jonsnow #youknownothingjonsnow #winteriscoming #pietrait #pietraits #cookiedecorating #hbo #forthethrone

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New Open Pie Art Collab - Springtime Animals! ???????????? ?? Post your “Springtime Animal” Pie Art photo any time between now and May 12th with the tag @thePieous and #PieArtAnimalsCollab in the description. ?? Three winners will be selected by random draw on May 12th, 2019 to receive one of my favorite “Baroque-style” food safe silicon molds for making beautiful molded pie dough decorations (check out my “skull pie” and “Piggy & Kermit” pie to see them in action!) ?? What is a “Springtime Animal”? Baby animals, Easter animals, animals with flower crowns...? You tell me! Let’s kick Winter to the curb and flood Instagram with our happy Springy pies! ???????????? ?? Have questions? Let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait to see your delicious creations! ???? ——- Boring fine print stuff: this giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. Winner is selected by random draw. Closes May 12th 2019 midnight PST. 18+ Open to US, Canada, and the EU. #springtime #beatrixpotter #easterbunny #eastereggs #easter #eastercookies #easterdecor #eggdecorating #bunnies #bunniesofinstagram #flowers #flowerstagram #applepie

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Take Home Thoughts

Well, this is not it! You can have a look at all of her creations on her Instagram page @thepieous. (2.1)

Which one did you like the most? And, which one you find the most tempting one? What characters do you think she should "pie up" next? Tell us through a comment!

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