Paintings Or Photographs? These 10 Most Realistic Paintings Will Leave You in Dilemma

Talented artists know how to illustrate their deep emotions, thoughts, and visions so beautifully that it seems realistic. Explore such realistic and evergreen art pieces from around the world.

6 years ago
Paintings Or Photographs? These 10 Most Realistic Paintings Will Leave You in Dilemma

Paintings are the deep ocean of emotions, imagination, and creativity. A beautiful painting can take your breath away, its unique theme, style, and colors are something that makes it stand out in the crowded field.

Though, there are countless paintings around the world but, it takes a really talented and imaginative artist to pick pencil, paint, canvas, brush to illustrate their thoughts and visions in a realistic manner.

Among millions of paintings that are created in history, only a few have become the timeless icon. These paintings look unbelievable and too realistic that you cannot take off your eyes from it. This article is all about that realistic paintings. Let’s check out here the 10 most realistic paintings.

1) Fruit Oil Paintings By Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Source = Wordpress

Dennis Wojtkiewicz is a prominent hyper-realistic painter from America, his painting is highly associated with the realistic movement. But Dennis took his artwork and paintings to the next level when he decided to work with fruit.

He painted the piece of many fruits, its inside beauty, seeds, etc using oil on canvas. The way he incorporated the colors and brightness into the painting is just unmatched and seems so realistic.

2) Soft Pastel Finger Drawing By Zaria Forman

Source = Cloudfront

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of the painting piece that looked so stunning but you could not manage to express it by words? No, ok I guess you haven't seen the deep and realistic artwork of Zaria Forman. She is inspired by many beautiful places (world's most remote landscapes) and wants to capture it in her paintings, and she is doing exactly that.

Actually, she traveled a lot with her family and visited the most remote and beautiful landscape which became the subject of her mother’s fine art photography. For Zaria, the act of drawing is like meditation and it reflects in her art pieces.

3) Pencil Drawing By Diego Fazio(2/100)

Source = Artpeople

Have you ever heard about the great artist who just used a pencil to make epic paintings? Yes, you guessed it we are talking about the famous artist Diego Fazio. We bet you will get confused when you see the pictures made by Diego, well it is hard to evaluate whether it is a painting or the image captured by a camera. He used only pencil to draw his imagination and learned and developed a precise and refined technique to create his art piece.

4) Oil Painting By Nathan Walsh

Source = Thisiscolossal

The British artist Nathan Walsh is also famous for creating the hyper-realistic oil painting. He first creates the blueprint (horizon lines) with the help of his own photographic references and then switch to the oil painting work. The whole art piece takes several months to complete. it's amazing style and great photorealistic paintings make him one of the prominent, hyper-realistic painter.

5) Oil Painting By Yigal Ozeri

Source = Missmoss

The New-York based Israeli painter Yigal Ozeri is widely known for its photorealistic paintings of young women in the rich and natural landscape. In order to make the best painting Ozeri first takes photograph and then use it for reference. His highly efficient and beautiful painting includes so much fantasy in it. Due to his striking art pieces, he is now one of the most noticed hyper-realistic painters in the world.

6) Oil Paintings By Luciano Ventrone

Source = Oilpaintings-supplier

Drawing with a pencil on the canvas, sounds interesting right? The next hyper-realistic painter follows the same technique in order to make the beautiful paintings. Yes, he is Luciano Ventrone who born in Rome in 1942. His paintings are filled with so many vibrant colors, perfection, and realistic effects. The process starts with taking beautiful snaps of the subject and then drawing with pencil on the canvas is just breathtaking and the hard work reflects on his paintings.

Basically, he is an ArtFruit painter because he likes to paint that kind of images followed by realistic effects.

7) Charcoal And Graphite Drawing By Emanuele Dascanio

Source = Saatchiart

At first glance, you will find these portraits just like the photographs. Yes, we are talking about the intense and hyper-realistic paintings by Emanuele Dascanio. His painting will leave you tongue-tied, as it seems so damn realistic. He draws his art pieces with the help of charcoal and granite followed by the magic of oil. You can see in this picture, isn’t the painting is looking real snaps?

8) Oil On Canvas By Young-Sung Kim

Source = Boredpanda

What are the value and meaning of living organisms in the modern civilization and in humans’ life? The next hyper-realistic artist Young-Sung Kim is all set to define this with his exceptional and beautiful portraits based on living organism. He used the oil canvas technique to create the art piece and no wonder all of his art pieces look too stunning.

9) Realistic Paintings On Wooden Board By Ivan Hoo

Source = Boredpanda

Have you ever heard paintings, the hyper-realistic paintings on Wooden board? Ivan Hoo has an astonishing collection of beautiful paintings, that he actually draw on wood. He uses wood for the background followed by the colored pencils, pastels, and ink to create his realistic artwork.

10) Oil Painting By Oda And Kit King

Source = Somuchviral

Kit King is the finest artist born on November 29th, 1987, she was raised in the creative environment because she belongs to two artist parents. Her paintings seem too realistic that it is really hard to take your eyes away from it. It will take you to another world of thoughts and vision. She spends her days painting full time with her husband, Oda and creates some great art pieces.

The world is filled with so many beautiful painting that reflects the unbelievable skill and talent of many artists from different parts of the world. These few paintings are reflecting the real talent of some artists, we would say they illustrate their thoughts and vision pretty decently, that’s why the paintings are looking damn beautiful and realistic too.


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