10 Scientific And Other Interesting Facts About Mona Lisa: A Masterpiece Of Art

All the art lovers will be amused with the unknown facts about Mona Lisa Painting. A great piece of art which is the most famous oil painting in the world.

6 years ago
10 Scientific And Other Interesting Facts About Mona Lisa: A Masterpiece Of Art

The renaissance art work is greatly recognized by the people all over the world. The piece of art is known for its ultimate beauty and thus it is a great attraction and the most loving art among the art lovers. Though the history of Mona Lisa is shrouded in mystery. The painting was created by the Leonardo Da Vinci a celebrated artist. This master piece is been a great thing of interest in the whole world.

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For generations, Mona Lisa painting has captivated minds and heart of many people towards it by its creative and innovative picture of that time. This masterpiece is the best-painted artwork in all time. The world acknowledges this as the most beautiful art. The piece of art is about 500 years old so proper care and management techniques are required to protect the unbelievable piece with us for very long term.

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Leonardo was a genius in all the work he does. He was an all rounder perfect in every field. He was a famous artist who is known all around the world for his masterpiece. He is known for indicating some hidden elements in the painting. Thus it is required to find out the discoveries present in the art.

Everyone has keen interest to talk about the Mona Lisa masterpiece. The most common thing discussed the painting is that whether the Mona Lisa is happy or sad. The other thing which is most argued about is whether the painting reveals the presence of the alien or not?

Let’s see some interesting scientific facts about Monalisa given below:

1) Louvre Museum

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The Mona Lisa painting is kept in the Louvre Museum where it has its own room. The painting is kept in a temperature controlled room and encased in the bullet proof. The room was developed exclusively for the painting itself which cost them near about 7 million dollars.

2) Three Different Layers

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A study by an expert has revealed that the painting is composed of three different layers on canvas which means that the painting had three different ways of styles before the version came out. One version has her hands clutching the arms instead of touching the chair.

3) Incomplete Painting

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The woman in the painting has no eyebrows. According to some people, it is because may be Leonardo might have forgotten to paint them while engineers say that it got removed by the authorities accidentally. When they were trying to restore the piece of art. The high definition resolution reveals that the painting had eyebrows which but now they have been disappeared.

4) Miss Spelled Painting

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The name of the painting is misspelled by mistake, the original name of the painting is Madonna which means My lady. Thus the painting name slightly got changed due to the spelling error. But now it is recognized as Mona Lisa.

5) Mystery Of The Lady

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The people said that the painting which was created by Leonardo is a female representation of himself. The most popular theory about the painting is that the lady represents  Lisa Gherardini of 24 years.

6) Thirty Layer Of Paint

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The Leonardo Vinci painted the beautiful art with the help of the thirty layers of different shades. Some layers were thin as the human hair while the others were little thicker.

7) Instrumental Music

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Leonardo Vinci was trying to keep himself relaxed therefore he organized 6 musicians who played the fountain of the music for him to make him feel relaxed and entertained till the painting did not get finished.

8) Enigmatic Face

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The face of the Painting is often a hot topic of the debate. As some people think that the painting is showing the expression of sadness while others say the emotion portrayed is of happiness. Later on, it was revealed that the painting described various emotions such as happy, sad, angry and fearful. Thus the lady in the painting showing a mixture of emotions.

9) Worth Of 100 Million Dollar

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A lot of money is spent on its security as the valuable painting is stolen many times by the people. If we calculate the net worth of the painting, it is of 100 million dollars without the insurance.

10) 4 Years To Complete

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Things which are valuable takes time to create and therefore it took more than 4 years for the painter to complete the art. The painting thus created a landmark in the art and work field. The art work which is created with patience always give successful result later.

Although the painting has many imperfections still the painting is the most appreciated by the art lovers. Near about, more than 6 million people visit this master piece every year where they are able to see the art just for 15 seconds on an average. This statistic is enough to show how much precious and beautiful painting in the whole world. (2.1)


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