Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye in Scotland is Something You Can’t Afford to Miss

Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye is a naturally wonderful waterfall in Glen Brittle. It is a famous place amongst swimmers, who are fearless of the frigid waters.

4 years ago
Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye in Scotland is Something You Can’t Afford to Miss

Have you ever heard of Fairy Pools? The Fairy Pools are one of the most frequently visited tourist destination in Scotland. It is set at the foot of the Black Cuillin and is fed by the River Brittle. The pool is a series of blue ponds surrounded by granite crags. 

The pool has crystal blue water flowing all over. It resembles a magical fairyland. Most of the adventure seekers visit this place for swimming and to enjoy the stunning landscape around.

Amazing Rock Pools of Crystal That are Fed by Series of Waterfall

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You could visit this amazing site at any time of the year. On a sunny day, the water of the pool is clear, and you could witness the stones at the bottom. The water flows between pools with waterfalls of different sizes and shapes. The water of the pool could be cold, but this natural waterfall has been the world’s most attractive waterfalls. 

If you are daring enough to dive into this bone-chilling water, you are most welcome. It is recommended to bring a wetsuit if you are planning to swim. Fairy Pools are becoming popular because of several reasons. The second pool in the Fairy Pools is well known. Quiraing is the place you should go to capture the stunning views. The hidden plateaus and the high cliffs here is the best place to capture the entire Fairy pools. 

The best thing you can’t miss experiencing is flying around in the Seaplane. Enjoy the incredible thrill of take-off and landing and capture the scenic view of the pools. If you don’t mind getting dirty, then crawl along the coast. The Isle of Skye could be a difficult place to visit in winters, but the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) bring millions of visitors every winter. 

The Sky Sailing Club here offers windsurfing, rowing, and powerboating. If you don’t own a bike, hire a bicycle to explore the beautiful roads. After you witness these stunning waterfalls, at night, sleep beneath the canvas, and do the wild camping. Enjoy the views of stars in the sky and wake up to the incredible views surrounded by nature. 

The Old Man of Storr is the captivating rock that stands tall and lets you explore the island from one place. The Isle of Skye has covered everything, right from the beautiful views to delicious cuisines. Plenty of seafood outlets and several cozy restaurants welcome people from around the world. 

How to Reach the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye?

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The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye could be reached easily. Carbost is the nearest village to Fairy Pools. It is around 6 miles from the destination. Head south towards Glenbrittle. You would see a few pools signs on the roads. Drive towards Glenbrittle, and you would see a car park on the right side. 

From the parking lot, cross the path road and find a path named Sligagham. N.B The Fairy Pools carpark is owned by a private community organization called the Minguish Community Hall Association. If you are traveling from Portree, then it would take you 30 minutes to drive to reach the point. 

Final Words 

The place is worth visiting destination for climbers, adventure seekers, and walkers. The Fairy Pools are a must place to be added on every traveler’s bucket list. The blue water flowing over the rocks and surrounded by beautiful flowers makes you feel like you are in a different world. 

Apart from the Fairy pools, these beautiful spots are also well-known for their beauty and are a must-visit destination with your folks. 

Do you ever wish to visit such a place? When are you planning to visit this amazing place in Scotland? Or have you ever been to the Isle of Skye? How was your experience - Yay or Nay? 


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